Compassion and the Hope for Dialogue

If you follow me, you know that I don’t often reblog other people. It takes a special kind of post to get me to do that. The following is such a post. The author is my daughter, but I’m sharing this because it’s an important message. I am even going to do something I’ve never done – I’m going to close comments on my blog for this post. I think the discussion should happen over at her place. I will be checking in.

Sound of Swarming

I’m finding myself avoiding social media this week.

This is not a topical post, and I am not going to express my views on any given topic currently saturating the mainstream media. I’m not afraid to take a stand on an issue, but I want you to read this blog. I want you to read this blog even if – no, especially if – you don’t view the world through my lens and my filter of the day. I want you to read this blog because this post is about something I think many of us might be able to agree upon.

Social media promised to give us new tools to talk to each other. In a utopian fantasy, one could visit social networks to meet new people, broaden one’s understanding of the world and engage in fruitful dialogue about the issues of the day.

If that is happening anywhere on the Internet…

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