Fleas, Weeds and Bunnies

socs-badge_thumb.jpgYour Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: “fly/flies/flew/flu/flue.” Choose one, use ’em all, it’s up to you. Have fun!

I know that Linda’s alliterative and repetitive prompt doesn’t mention fleas, but as soon as I read it, I started reciting:

Through three cheese trees three free fleas flew
While these fleas flew, freezy breeze blew
Freezy breeze made these three trees freeze
Freezy trees made these trees’ cheese freeze
That’s what made these three free fleas sneeze

-Dr. Seuss

That’s from “Fox in Sox.” I could recite the whole thing. I’d be willing to bet that our daughter could recite the whole book, including the Tweetle Beetle’s saga.

Anyway, for a stream of consciousness post, I just handed the microphone to the voices in my head, and that’s what they came back with. Besides, the fleas did “flew,” so I got the prompt covered.

I loved reading Dr. Seuss books to Faith when she was little because they were a fun way to learn to read, to learn a few good lessons and to learn that reading is fun. Also, I like nonsense and goofy contraptions and when people like Yertle the Turtle get their comeuppance. Wow, I not only used comeuppance, I spelled it correctly without using spell-check. Yertle, on the other hand is causing Word to give me the red squiggle.

Oh, the prompt.

Shoo! Maddie has to pee. You have to be gone.

Usually, when Linda gives us multiple words, I try to use them all, but not this week. These words are not working. I could have forced something with the “fly” series if I worked in how Maddie likes chasing birds, but lately, the wildlife action around this place is dominated by bunnies.

Maddie hasn’t actually chased a bunny because we now have a two-stage take-the-dog-out process. Stage-one, walk the yard in search of bunnies. Did I mention that these are baby bunnies? Stage-one-and-a-half, shoo the bunnies into the bushes and hopefully the neighbor’s yard. One bunny shoos well. The other one shoos about five feet at a time. We have to shoo him (maybe her) several times.

Stage-two, bring Maddie out. Maddie runs around the yard pointing and looking as if to say “there was a bunny here, there was a bunny here and there was a bunny here.”

Yes, since I haven’t met a human who calls these fluffballs “rabbits,” I’m going to assume that dogs call them bunnies too.

We mostly stand there saying: “those are all from the same bunny and it’s been 12 hours since you peed!

These bunnies didn’t have the best real estate agent. They appear to be living in our neighbor’s yard. He has a veritable jungle of ground cover and perennial gardens. He also has a dog. The people behind him have a dog. We have a dog and the people behind us have two dogs. They seem to like to eat in our yard because we have bunny-friendly stuff growing. Our neighbors have lawns, with grass and few weeds. We have weeds and a few large sections of grass, but there are weeds in the grass.

We don’t worry about the grass, because…Maddie. Dogs absorb stuff through the pads on their feet, so we don’t want to put stuff down to kill the weeds that might also hurt her. Also, pollinators, bees, butterflies and even hornets and wasps like to dine on the flowers of those weeds. Finally, now we have bunnies. They seem to like clover and plantain. My father would cringe at the sight of our yard, but the animals like it, so I’m good.

Before I fly (see, I remembered why I’m here) let me remind you of the Cherished Blogfest which starts on Thursday the 23rd. I’ll be showing you a door on the 23rd, but I have a cherished object to share next Saturday. If you have a cherished object, tell us about it, show us a picture. If you have 15 cherished objects, pick one. Maybe we’ll do this again next year.


  1. I have a soft spot for bunnies since I am the care taker for my grandkids’, Herbert Menninger. Herbert lives in his own home and doesn’t roam the neighborhood. If he did roam, police would have be called to break up the ruckus when everyone tried to grab his cuteness and make him their own. We don’t spray our yard for all the reasons you mentioned, and our yard certainly is not pretty. But it is nature friendly, and I’m just fine with that. :-)

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    1. Thanks Judy. It’s good to know that it’s not just us (with the bunnies and the yard). My wife is close to giving these bunnies their own home, but it might be the one I’m using :)


  2. Wonderful pictures, as always!

    In my family, it’s:
    A flea and a fly in a flue
    Were trapped. So what could they do?
    “Let us fly,” said the flea.
    “Let us flee,” said the fly.
    So they flew through a flaw in the flue.

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  3. Your recitation of Fox in Sox stirred a swarm of memories, mostly of reading and reciting Green Eggs and Ham. My kids loved that book. I still have it somewhere around here, or what is left of it.

    As for bunnies, I am constantly at war with them. They have a thousand acres of native prairie to play in next door – but they prefer my garden. I built a six foot fence and strung chicken wire around the bottom – yet they still manage to get in. My only hope is to plant things so healthy for me, that no bunny would eat them.

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  4. The bunnies are so cute!! Oh my gosh–I have such a visual of Maddie sniffing and knowing (knowing!!) that bunnies have been here. These are wild rabbits? Be careful, Dan. Mrs Bun has her eye on you.

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    1. Maddie just looks at us as if to tell us how stupid we are. “There were bunnies here” Yes dear, we know. We even added a small fence around a group of bushes so they have a safe haven. We are hopeless. As for Mrs Bun, we haven’t seen much of her since the babies started foraging on their own.


  5. LOVED this!! Oh, Dan!!!! Dr. Seuss is a favorite of mine and I grew up with his books. Also, we don’t use weed killer either so your back yard looks like ours, critters and clover and bees. Bees are humming happily on my lavender and clover, bunnies happily munch on whatever they munch on (NOT my flowers because I use Liquid Fence!), and oh, yes we have woodchucks, squirrels, birds, chipmunks, deer (NOT in my flowers!!!), and let me see, did I forget anything here? Oh, yes cats. Yes I have cats from the barn next door who think my gardens and property are theirs. And yes one of them catches bunnies which just about breaks me to pieces because this cat will torture these bunnies, not mercy kill. Not letting me near these bunnies to mercy kill, I have to walk away and pray they die quickly. Sorry if this upset you. Thank YOU for chasing the bunnies away before you allow Maddie out!!
    What a great, uplifting, FUN post, Dan, just what the “doctor” ordered for me!!! LOVE your stream of consciousness posts. Keep going!!!! (((HUGS))) Amy <3

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      1. That’s the thing with bunnies. They multiply very quickly. It is heartbreaking to see Nature take its course. Believe me I know. I just hope the Mrs. is not around if one of those bunnies get caught. Dogs like cats like to “play” with their prey. It’s awful to witness.

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  6. Fun post, Dan. I enjoyed the photos.
    My neighborhood has lots of squirrels and a few bunnies. (And yes, nearly every household has at least one dog, usually 2, but they are leashed.) A few times over the past couple of years i have seen what I swear to God looks like a cross between a bunny and a squirrel… I kid you not. A bobtailed squirrel with longish ears…

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    1. You sound like Mr. Knox (from the book)

      Please, sir. I don’t like this trick, sir.
      My tongue isn’t quick or slick, sir.
      I get all those ticks and clocks, sir,
      mixed up with the chicks and tocks, sir.
      I can’t do it, Mr. Fox, sir.

      I’m so sorry, Mr. Knox, sir.

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  7. LOL! We are thinking alike today! I love Dr. Seuss too, and my children started reading with those books too. Hop on Pop, and Green Eggs, and Ham were their favorites. I’m reading them to #1 Grandson too.
    Did you guys ever read I can’t said the Ant? Another great book!

    Great series of wildlife photos. The bunny is adorable. I sure hope it/they make it this summer, and yes they need another agent!

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    1. When our dog Maddie jumps on me, I still say “you must not hop on pop” I don’t think we read “I can’t said the ant” our favorite Seuss was Green Eggs & ham and fav book was “20 elephant restaurant ”

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  8. A flea and a fly in a flue
    were imprisoned , so what could they do ?
    ” Let us fly , ” said the flea.
    ” Let us flee , ” said the fly .
    So they flew thorough a flaw in the flue .

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  9. Dan, I think I need a book entitled “Blogfest for Dummies.” I don’t know what to do with the code that is provided. Do I put it in my post? How will I get the list of links to appear in my post? Obviously, I am not smarter than a 5th grader and need some assistance or answers.

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    1. You have to add the code as HTML because WordPress doesn’t allow JavaScript. If you want to add the code, copy it as text. Edit your post in “text mode” and paste the code in.


  10. I don’t know why, but I love having bunnies in my yard – they are so cute. And I swear they deliberately tease Cody – a bunny will sit very still as she approaches and then suddenly make a run for it. You’d think the bunny would head straight for the nearest fence, but no, it runs around in circles with Cody right be behind it. Once Cody is showing signs of fatigue (no way could she ever catch a wild bunny), the bunny will then run under the fence. Where it will continue to hop around sedately just out of Cody’s reach.

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  11. I also used a bunny in my post, but I am sooooo jealous because your pictures are much better. I love the fact that you have a rabbit (I used that word) who chooses to move only a few feet at a time. When walking my beast I find it quite comical that our rabbit ( :) ) only hops a few feet and then looks back as if challenging me to undo the leash.
    Well tended grass yards are not natural. Avoid them at all costs. Weeds bring flowers, flowers bring critters. Critters are Heavenly!

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  12. You’ve got me thinking about how some folks refer to a rabbit…have you ever heard, “bunny rabbit”? Yep, some say bunny rabbit.
    We don’t have bunnies hopping around in our neck of the woods. We had a pet one for a day or two many years ago. Sadly, it passed away the same weekend we got it.
    Nice photos!

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    1. I have heard bunny rabbit. Whenever I say rabbit, I tend to say it like Porky Pig. My daughters cats sometimes have rabbit cat food and I’ll ask them if “you guys want some wabbit?”

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  13. I hate to sound daft, but I remain unclear on the Cherished Blogfest agenda. If you could share a link with more details, I’d be grateful.
    I love to see the bunnies and squirrels :)
    We don’t treat our yard, either. FIL does, and while we lived there, it took Sadie getting sick twice to figure out it was the lawn treatment that caused it. I guess they ask if there are any kids or pets on the lawn, and if you say no, as FIL did, they don’t put out that warning sign. :O It was pretty awful, she’d hack and choke and wheeze and then, well, you know.
    I’d hate to see what it does to kids.
    Anyway, One Fish, Two Fish was our staple Seuss book. By the time Sassy was 15 months old, we had to buy a new copy whose pages were intact. Small Moo “drew” in the new book, wouldn’t you know! I bet we all could recite it as well.

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    1. We tried a “pet safe” fertilizer but we think it made our dog sick too. We only used it once, If you want to join us in the Blogfest, it’s easy. I think you can sign up here: http://www.linkytools.com/wordpress_list.aspx?id=258008&type=basic&AspxAutoDetectCookieSupport=1 Then you just have to publish your post. The list will be made live on the 23rd and it should (I’m told) work like magic, pointing people to you post. Tell us about one cherished item, include a picture if you like and keep it under 500 words (agony for me).

      Damyanti explained it much better than I did. You can see her post here – https://damyantiwrites.wordpress.com/2015/06/27/want-make-new-blogging-friends-join-the-cherished-blogfest-today/

      I hope you join us.


  14. I loved “Yertle the Turtle,” which is not often mentioned when people talk about Dr. Seuss. So glad you told us about reading it to Faith. I lived on Mulberry Street in Lancaster, OH and my brother gave me the Dr. Seuss book, “To Think It Happened On Mulberry Street,” at a perfect time when my children were little. Dan.
    I love bunnies. We had three over the course of years in 4 H. My son never “showed” his at the fair but my 3 girls did. They all did art and handicraft projects. Our tomatoes and garden never were “show worthy.” My favorite boy bunny, Thumper, loved chasing around the yard with our silly peke-a-pom, Chrissy. The dog came as part of our stepchildren package. :)

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    1. That’s so cool that you live on Mulberry St and that he got you that book. I love connections like that. I’m not sure Maddie would be a good playmate for the bunnies, not yet anyway, they are really tiny. For now, we’re keeping the yard a safe haven for them, We often visit the 4-H fair and other agricultural fairs and we always look at the bunnies.

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      1. We only lived there for 2 years but it was a fun time. Yet, that book was full of so many adventures to keep us feeling like the circus parade might go right past our front door at any moment, Dan! :)

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  15. Very true, I had two pet bunnies…and I don’t think I ever called them “rabbits”…well maybe a few times in reference to them being “damn rabbits” after Jack continually attacked my kid. He’d hide under the sofa and wait for her…chased that poor kid all over the house. Anyway…how does the Cherished thing work…post on the day it starts and sign up on the linky page?

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    1. You can sign up now, or at any time. You can post on any of the three days. One post at any point. We’re hoping to give people time to post and read.

      Do bunnies bite? We don’t know anything other than these guys are cute.


  16. Hi Dan. On the Cherished Blog Fest how do we link back our posts. I signed up on the linky but I have a feeling there is more to it. Is there going to be a badge and/or rules? Appreciate your response. I may have missed this info.

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      1. Thanks Dan I am figuring it out slowly. After I asked you I noticed you had already explained part of it to another blogger. Do I need to link to the blog I am posting. I already linked my website to sign up. But I am thinking I should go back and link to the first post for Cherished as well? Sorry for this long question comment. :(

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    1. I’m hoping than my wife doesn’t read your comment. She won’t even buy our dog Rabbit dog food. These guys are still pretty small, not much of a meal. Thanks for the comment!


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