Oh My God

socs-badge_thumb.jpgI don’t usually use that expression. I’ll say “Oh my goodness” or just plain “Oh my” but I usually don’t bring God into the picture. I almost never do the “OMG” thing because I’m not sure God wants to be reduced to an acronym, or, more accurately, a net-centric abbreviation. I think God still likes the respect due a Supreme Being. I can get away using this expression today, because Linda opened the door in her SoCS prompt.

“Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: “enthuse.” Add a prefix or suffix to it or leave it as it is and go to town with it! Enjoy!”

Etymology of Enthusiasm
Theos – enthous – enthusiasm

As soon as I read the prompt, every part of my brain turned to the memory and said “you got this” and I was back in the Wesley United Methodist Church on a hot Sunday morning with Peter (my favorite minister ever) talking about one of the readings. The reading had mentioned “enthusiasm” and Peter, a scholar at heart had to stop and give us a language lesson. Peter would talk and then pause and you knew the sermon was going to run long.

“…Enthusiasm. You know, Enthusiasm comes from the Greek word “enthous” which means to be with God, and to be inspired.”

I don’t know what verse had been read, maybe it was Ephesians 6:7-17

“Work with enthusiasm, as though you were working for the Lord rather than for people.”

That was an old standard when I was growing up, working on my Memory Verses. Memory Verses were a little pack of cards that we were given every year in Sunday School. In addition to reading the assigned Bible reading and completing the worksheet we had been given the previous week, we always had to memorize a few Bible verses. We were quizzed by the teacher, and if we could recite one of the verses, we got a cookie, or a brownie or something wonderful that had been baked by the teacher. I rocked Memory Verses.

PM Church
This is the church I was raised in.

Work with enthusiasm” was a popular mantra in Pittsburgh. It was a blue collar town and people who worked hard were respected. Working hard was a virtue, it’s what you did. The other thing you did in the church I grew up in was to sing with enthusiasm. I wrote an entire post about singing in that church. I won’t go back over that today, but we sang with enthusiasm for sure.

I still work with enthusiasm, but I have to say that I’m glad I like the people I work for because I don’t know if God considers pecking away at a computer to be work. Maybe He does. Maybe anything that produces something of value is work in His eyes. I spent a few days this past week working on a PowerPoint presentation on information security. Seriously, I can’t imagine God putting that in the “work” column. PowerPoint? I think if God had to sit through a PowerPoint presentation, He might be reaching for the smite button. If you were dumb enough to put a cheesy animation in there – boom – smite – gone.

Let me lower the blood pressure of the writers who follow me: your pecking away at a computer is work. People who create something beautiful or informative or thought provoking, yeah, they’re inspired, that’s work.

I took a vacation day yesterday. I spent a long day in my shop. I’m making a set of doors to replace a broken set of sliding closet doors. I won’t say any more about that project until it’s done ‘cuz, you know, doors. When I’m in my wood shop, I feel like I’m working with biblical enthusiasm. Taking a piece of wood, a product of nature, and turning it into something useful gives me a chance to be inspired. Most of the time, I’m working on a plan. You don’t build a set of doors without a plan, but I’m not going to talk about them.

One place in my shop where I sometimes let inspiration take over is at my lathe. I’ve turned a couple of bowls where I just chucked a piece of firewood onto the spindle and tried to find a bowl. The pictures show the progress of one such piece. Most people wouldn’t think it could be anything other than firewood.

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    1. Thanks John. I wasn’t sure where this was going (which I guess is the point of SoCS) but I knew it was starting with Peter’s sermon. My wife and I still say “you know, enthusiasm…” whenever we hear that word on TV or read it in an article.

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      1. I understand that completely. I have a passion to create something from cardboard boxes as I used to during my school days. I keep collecting those boxes, but eventually I have to throw them away because I don’t get enough time to create and the number of boxes just piles up.

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  1. Great post, Dan! I love that Bible verse. The sentiment is something I keep in mind every single day. I have a dear friend who is a terrible housekeeper. I mean, she’s a lovely person, but she verges on “slob” (her word), to be perfectly honest. And she asked me one time how I stay so motivated when it comes to cleaning. And I told her it was very simple: I just image that the Lord is coming over for tea. “If Jesus knocked on my door right this second, how would I want my house to look?” That is truly all the motivation I ever need. I’m never caught in the stereotypical “Someone just called/showed up at the door! Quick! Hide the junk in the closet!!” I’m not an OCD neat freak, but my house is never messy or dirty. And there are definitely no piles or boxes sitting around. Because as far as I’m concerned, Jesus always IS the unseen guest at my table. So whether it’s cleaning or making something beautiful, or any other kind of work, doing it for the Lord produces fantastic results.

    Looking forward to seeing these doors (of which we will not speak), and the bowl looks really good too!

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    1. Thanks Wendy. That is a great approach to keeping your house clean. Keeping God in your life means many things. Far more than most people understand. The doors are a few weeks away from being hung. Sanding and painting is next, and I am not looking forward to painting them.

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  2. Two words: smite and burl. Oh, please let me smite the next person who presents a PowerPoint with everything they want to say on that slide–and then proceeds to read it to us! SMITE! I love it. The bowls….beautiful, Dan. Is that a burl in the bowl? Any art show we go to, my husband has to talk to every woodcrafter about the burl. I might have to smite him if he keeps that up…. :D Seriously loved this post.

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    1. Thanks Lois. I don’t think it’s a burl, just a notch where a branch had come off the main trunk or a large branch. It’s very hard to work with because the grain goes every which way. If I had worked to avoid the “defect,” there wouldn’t have been much of a bowl left. I would have had a candy dish. Don’t be smiting your hubs for chatting up a wood worker. At least he’s not reading a slide to you.

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  3. As a wood-enthusiast, I can feel your enthusiasm. The ability to see something new and unique buried in a piece of firewood is right up my alley (though I can’t do it myself). I love the character of wood, the beauty in the “imperfections,” the splits and gaps and holes. Lovely work.

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  4. LOL! I laughed out loud when I read, “I think if God had to sit through a PowerPoint presentation, He might be reaching for the smite button. If you were dumb enough to put a cheesy animation in there – boom – smite – gone.”

    I think he would have a “That was Easy” button right next to that Smite button and hit that right after sending the PP presenter to where ever they go after getting hit with the Smite button.

    The comments have been quite enthusiastic and entertaining too!

    I love your bowl! I never would have seen that in the stump you brought in.

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  5. Dan, I’m new to your blog. Came by way of the other Dan, and I’m glad I did so. I admire the way your mind moved from a sermon regarding enthusiasm when you work to the result of your own enthusiastic work in your shop. I’m a handyman’s nightmare, so what you accomplish with wood, tools and a a big dose of creativity amazes me. Gorgeous candy dish. Sweet story behind it.

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    1. Thanks for dropping by. I just left a comment on your post about the other Dan. Other than my daughter, he’s the only person I’ve reblogged more than once. I love the way he writes. I also enjoyed your appreciation of pre-Internet history.

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  6. Now only you, Dan, would connect the dots from a Methodist “enthusiasm” to a workshop “enthusiasm”. LOVED this post!!! I am like you, rarely do I use OMG and when I do, I feel “guilty”. I like OMGOSH. As for your bowls, they are really beautiful. It is there within Creation, one finds God many times. That’s my take on it, anyways!!! (smile) Love, Amy <3

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    1. Thanks Amy. I think you’re right, in an act of creation we can channel our the energy and spirit of our own creation. I like OMGOSH, that conveys the element of surprise in a tasteful manner. I’d say that I was going to borrow it, but I’ll forget :) As for connecting the dots, I think that was the mission of those ladies in Sunday School. they wanted us to always remember those lessons and tie them to everything we do. Thanks again for you support Amy, it means a lot.

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      1. I was taught in private schools and I know what you mean when you say how you were taught to remember to connect the dots. A lot of what was taught I countered and stood up saying, “No, this is wrong.”. (yes this as a kid!) Of course I was punished. One thing I remember clearly is when I was taught about Limbo, and immediately I said “God would NEVER put babies who died in a place that was not Heaven.” Yes I was punished. Yet years later, and we are talking 30 years (?) when the Pope declared there was no place such as Limbo, then OH different story. Anywho …. I have lots of stories like that. And you are very welcome about supporting your work. I feel the same way about how you support me.
        I’m enjoying the sunshine and my gardens today. My Heart is in a very quiet place, much needed, after the months of toil I just walked through saving two of my cats. Sending Much Love, Amy <3

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          1. Groan. You said the “back” word. I have one entire month’s worth of backing up to do with my posts on Petals. I’ve been outside for the majority of the day ….. just Loving the sunshine, flowers and fresh air … if you can call it that. LOL


          1. GRINNING!!! I just knew in my Heart that what was being taught was so SOOOOOO wrong. I suppose I was a rebel even back then. I stayed quiet after that punishment was given (I was about 7 years old at that time), up until I was a Senior in high school. My tipping point burst. When a priest taught us the reason why people get married is to have children, I was SOOOOOO furious that I stood up, red in the face and shouted NO! The reason why people get married is because they LOVE one another. That man failed me in religion. That was the only F I ever received. (I was a straight A student.) But it was well worth it because I saw this man flinch and get really angry with me. Hope I made him think a bit …… LOL <3

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            1. Laughing out loud!! Thank you, Dan!! I will never forget that day for as long as I live! I even remember the priest’s name. LOL To give a student a failing grade just for independent thought, well, that is pretty low. Yet that was the mentality then IF you dare go up against authority. Come to think of it, every time I go up against “authority” present day to shout NO!!! I still get an F. See how that F has followed my entire life. LOL *still laughing*

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  7. Why do I read every word in every post? Because I know it is going to an enjoyable trip. :-) I had a hearty chuckle at God’s recall sign. My husband and I are celebrating a very big anniversary (in numbers) and I just told him I think we’re off the paved highway of life and are now on the dirt access road. :-) I LOVE the bowl – it has character. Happy weekend.

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    1. Audrey, I think you could handle making a bowl like that. You would be working with something that most people would ignore, that might break apart at any second but, if handled properly will turn out beautiful (to some – some people have told me that the bowl is “interesting” but weird). The process is, set it up carefully, take it slow and stay out of harm’s way as best you can.

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  8. My favorite post from you! I love the bowls. I don’t like perfect . . . not enough personality in it for me. Give me rugged any day and I’m happy. Thanks for sharing your faith, the Bible, God, and you beautiful craftsmanship! ~ Sandi

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  9. I enjoyed this peek into your life and thoughts plus an education on the word enthusiasm. When young, I wanted to be a carpenter; not because I had any aptitude or even interest, but because my friend’s dad had a carpentry shop and I loved how it smelled, couldn’t breathe deeply enough. Then I thought I’d marry a carpenter, but didn’t manage that either, though I tried twice.

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    1. Thank you. I do love the smell of sawdust and freshly cut wood. I tried to do this for a living but it just didn’t work out. I hope to keep it as a hobby for a long time.


  10. Are you kidding me? Bowls with missing sides are a hot commodity to mid century modern lovers like myself. I would pay lots for this, or, at least, buy you a few beers! Awesome. Eclectic post that I loved. Also, I just rewatched the movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding, and I was reminded of the father always finding the Greek origins of words when you broke down enthusiasm. Funny.


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  11. Those bowls have such ‘character’! Of course no one minds a piece missing, that’s what makes the item unique. God would be proud you used the gifts He bestowed upon you in such a marvelous way. We are all uniquely made by our creator, even though we have similarities no two of us are exactly the same. Great job! :)

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  12. ‘Work with Enthusiasm’ is a fantastic mantra and one that I’ll keep in mind.

    I absolutely love the bowl you made Dan – especially the fact that one one side there’s an imperfection and you can see the rough wood. And that you used the – um, I don’t know the term, the flat bit where there used to be a branch? – as the base of the bowl. Beautiful and very creative. And that’s definitely very worthwhile work!

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  13. Funny how the past and present all flow together and inform our art. I’m glad to see your finished product, both bowl and essay. Enthusiasm doesn’t come easily to me, taught to be silent in church and in most other times. I’ve learned to keep feelings inside, including enthusiasm. My blog is one place where I get to express that emotion. I think that is one of the blessings of the internet.

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    1. This community is a great place to be louder than normal. Thanks for the comment Brenda. We were never taught to be quiet in church. Respectful (no interrupting or distracting) but if you had something to say or ask, you were encouraged to do so. And, of course, sing with enthusiasm :)


    1. Thanks Peter. I was pretty sure I replied to this comment before, but it doesn’t show up here. Peter, the other Peter, led us through that derivation in church, and I have never forgotten it.


    1. “Your Ex-Husband/Ex-Wife carved onto a log you can burn on New Year’s Eve (while watching the Marathon of course). I bet those would sell better than my furniture did Paul :) Thanks for stopping by.


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