pigwa dreams

The “other” Dan, sorry “Hen” has been writing up a storm lately and putting some great posts out there for us. I love his writing style, the way his mind works and the things he shares with us. It was hard to choose just one post out of the last three to share, but hey, you can read as many as you like once you get there.


I’m not saying , for sure , that the pigwa had anything to do with it . Not necessarily . As Scrooge said , it could have been something I et .  It might well have simply been a coincidence that I happened to be relaxing with a little glass of pigwa when the ghost of Sister Agony revisited , out of the blue ( well , out of the darkness , actually ; it was just after midnight ) . Agony again , with her bullhorn .PIGWA 002

I’ll try not to pick on her too much , here . Let the old nun rest in peace. I will say , however ,  that the prospect of meeting her in heaven or hell did occur to me as I leaned back in the tub listening to the wind blow through the one tree out there behind the building ee. A…

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