Thursday Doors–Babson College

Today's Door
There are several buildings on Park Manor Road. I think this is the “south” one. It was the strongest wooden door I saw on my walking tour.

I spent a couple of days this week on the campus of Babson College while attending an IT Security Workshop being held at the Babson Executive Education Center. I hope they don’t mind if I abbreviate the BECC because that’s a mouthful keyboardful. If you’re thinking, “wow, Dan is so organized, he knew he was going to be at Babson and planned a Doors post around that” you – would – be – wrong. Generous, but wrong.

The truth is, Dan forgot that the pictures of the door Dan wanted to feature this week, are on his personal laptop. Dan is carrying his work laptop. Dan is confused. My editor might add: “Dan is easily confused” so I’ll put that in for her.

As I am starting this, I don’t actually have any pictures of Babson doors. I am hoping that the rain will stop by tomorrow so I can walk around campus and snag a few pictures. I hope the clouds are gone and the sun is up too.

I did get some pictures, but they aren’t what I was hoping to find. It turns out, Babson isn’t one of the 60 or so stately old campuses that form the country’s most prestigious area of higher learning. I hope that’s appropriate homage to my Boston friends. As it turns out, Babson College isn’t even 100 years old. It was founded in 1919 in the former home of Roger and Grace Babson. Academically, Babson has always been focused on Business Administration. Although I wasn’t interested in Business Administration until I went to graduate school, I do like a couple of things that I read about Roger Babson.

Believing experience to be the best teacher, Roger Babson favored a combination of class work and actual business training.”

It's worth to keep in mind that neither success nor failure is ever final

However, there are things that would have steered me away from this campus in its early days:

The Institute also maintained a business environment as part of the students’ everyday life. The students, required to wear professional attire, kept regular business hours (8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, and 8:30 a.m. to noon on Saturday) and were monitored by punching in and out on a time clock.”

Of course, my grades and financial situation would have also kept me out of Babson at any point in my academic career but that’s not the story today either. The story is that I spent a day and a half talking about and listening to others talk about information security and I did learn a lot. The notion that “experience is the best teacher” is alive and well. I guess they picked a good place for this workshop.

This post is part of Norm Frampton’s Thursday Doors series. You can find a link tool on Norm’s post and join us on any given Thursday.

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    1. Thanks Judy. After this workshop.I was ready to go home, cut all the cables and toss my iPhone in the disposal. I might give some thought to doing such a post. It really is scary, but there are lots of things you can do.

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    1. I can’t Mary, the ‘B’ and the ‘V’ keep getting stuck in my teeth. I was trying to think of a simple way to say “it’s too much to type!” I did learn a few things though, so that was good. Thanks for dropping by.


    1. Thanks Norm. The trim and molding was beautiful on a lot of doorways where the door was a metal/glass or stamped steel door. I wish they had put a bit more energy into the doors. In any case, it was a fun walk and it was the only time I had been outside in over 24 hours.

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    1. Thanks – the Chapel was beautiful. Given the fact that is has to serve multiple religions, I wasn’t expecting church-like doors, but I was disappointed with the all glass deal. Still, the front of the building was beautiful. The lighting was terrible so my picture suffered by me not knowing how to compensate with camera settings.

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  1. Quite nice! The doors are great, but look at those arched windows! *swoon*
    When I was in college, business majors had to dress professionally for x amount for the last of their course work, and of course teachers did, too, intermittently, dependent on the profs and the classroom time. There was one teacher-teacher none of us girls wanted to get, because she insisted on dresses and skirts every single day, and Muncie winters made us want to wear trousers — Oh how the wind rips across flat land! We all wanted the guy who wore jeans and Birks and didn’t care what we wore!

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    1. Thanks. Chemistry was always a jeans and tee shirt thing, and you didn’t even want to wear good jeans to lab.

      It will probably show up in a future blog post, but when I was dating my wife I told her “you women are lucky because you get to wear stockings” – I honestly thought stockings had some miracle insulating power against winter winds and cold temps. I bought her a full-length down coat for Christmas that winter (after she set me straight).

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  2. You made me laugh once again. Dan, confused? Now, just to be on the safe side of things, I will not comment. I’ll leave it at that. As for these doors, fascinating. I stared and stared at that globe picture talking out loud, question HOW is this globe suspended. You are tricky, I have to hand it to you! LOL There is a stand that is supporting this globe with bushes hiding it. And YOU took a picture at such an angle that it looks like this globe is just suspended in mid-air! HA! You are good, I’ll grant you that! Another great post and so I thank you!!! Thanks for making the start of my day with a huge smile on my face!!!! <3

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    1. Thanks Amy. The globe had such an interesting story that I think it could be its own blog post. I was glad that such a business-oriented school was prodded into saving that from the dumpster. I’m always glad when my readers smile.

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      1. That globe jumped out at me right away! I am really happy for that school that someone thought to save it. In my opinion, it is fascinating.
        And I can also see why you did not attend this school. I just am not able to picture you in a tie and suit and punching in and out on a time clock. Um, I don’t think that is quite your style. LOL

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        1. I did the suit and tie thing for many years at work, but I fully embraced “business casual” and I love “jeans day.” But, it’s different if someone is paying me or I am paying them. To be paying them AND have to wear a suit and tie? No, not gonna happen.

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          1. I hope I didn’t insult you, Dan. I should have completed the thought that went like …. I couldn’t picture you in a classroom in suit and tie and having to punch in and out while in college. OH I am with you. If I am paying the bill, I will dress any way I want to. And if I was in business I know how to dress for the occasion and always always dressing down when at home. :)

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            1. No offense or insult taken. I can wear a suit with the best of them, but that’s only because I had to wear one everyday for so long. Putting on stuff I don’t need to wear (Jacket, tie) has never seemed like a good idea. I did enjoy wearing vests, but I think that goes back to my Bat Masterson Halloween Costume :)

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            2. Oh I am relieved I didn’t put my foot in my mouth. I at times have hoof in mouth disease. LOL As for vests, I used to ride and I had a custom made leather vest (with chaps) that I used to LOVE to wear. I went through a phase going through things I no longer wear, and so that vest with chaps was given to a friend who rides. I suppose as we age with um grace, some things we do outgrow. At least I did. :) Hope your day is a good one! I’m trying to decide whether or not to post. It’s such a beautiful day! Hmmmmm ….. Yes or no? LOL

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    1. I’m not sure they would last long in your climate John but I guess they hold up well inland in New England. I’m sure that there is an old building on campus with an interesting wooden door. I’m not usually a snob about my photos, but, hey, it is Babson College, so…

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  3. Nice save on your door challenge 😉 i’m always game for shots from any campus, and no matter what doors leading to education look like ohysically, they are some of our most cherished. Besides, these were beautiful doors !

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    1. Thanks Sammy. It is a beautiful campus. I went to school, mainly on two urban campuses, that only had tiny quads that looked anything like this. I enjoyed the time I spent walking around, especially since I had been cooped up inside for over 24 hours before this.

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  4. Beautiful doors (and windows) Dan. The strict environment (students, required to wear professional attire, keet regular business hours and monitored by punching in and out on a time clock) would have sent me running in the opposite direction, too. :o


  5. Hmm. A couple things jump out at me from this post, Dan. Not the doors — sorry, they’re fine, but you’ve kind of raised the bar with past entries!

    One is the Roger Babson quote. Partly, of course, because it’s true, but also because I had a boss for years that would say that (a variation, actually, along the lines of “just as there are no permanent defeats, there are no permanent victories”). I find it comforting, at least when things go wrong, and inspirational when things go right (that we need to work to maintain things).

    The other is how students were “required to wear professional attire.” I hate how people tend to dress like slobs nowadays. Sure, I like to shed a tie as much as the next guy, but we’ve gone too far the other way. On campuses across the country, you have stately doors that were built when people cared about their appearance being used by students who spend their days dressed like they just came from the gym. Quite a dissonance!

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    1. I actually have photos of three quotes Paul but that one stuck me as being the best. You’re right, it is comforting when things go wrong and it’s helpful because wrong isn’t always permanent even in the moment. I’ve made plenty of mistakes in woodworking that I’ve managed to turn into an improvement over the plan. That’s actually one of the posts on my previous blog that I’ve tagged to move over here at some point. You can’t let failure stop you.

      As for dress, I think I emphasize the casual part of business casual, but I always try to look good. Sometimes that means a denim shirt over my Pirates shirt, but I don’t want to look like a slob. I think the place where this has changed the most is with air travel. I’m old enough to remember getting a little dressed up for a flight. Now, I see people on planes and I wonder if they didn’t just roll out of bed and drive to the airport.

      Thanks as always for your support here.

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      1. Talking about quotes I recently saw this biographical movie of Manjhi. Where this guy chisels the mountain single handedly. So at the end a journalist asks him Sir, what made you do it? He replies “Love”. The journalist asks another question, “so you didn’t had any faith in God?” He replies, “No”. Journalist asks ” why?” He says “Never wait for God to act, what if God is waiting for you to act first”.


  6. I enjoy living in a university town and love visiting them, too. Dan. Your sharing sbout your two disparate computers made me smile. It is funny how your wife’s really the best in all ways, includung her patient position as editor and helpmate, too. Tell her my Dad used to claim his friendship, love and dependence on my Mom, as his “helpmate” transcended any other relationship of his life: even his abiding love for his mother. ♡

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    1. I really do appreciate her help, on these posts and in so many other ways. I try not to abuse that. I thought about asking her to start up my other laptop and send me the photos I needed, but it’s blog post about a door, it’s not something that’s about to fall out of orbit. Thanks for noticing my helpmate’s impact.

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  7. Let’s see : You forgot your door , couldn’t get shots of another door because of rain , yet manage to post a slew of interesting doors anyway …………I’ll have to re-read this one .

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