It’s Going to be 90, So…

Sunrise over tobacco field
The cooler overnight temps are bringing interesting sunrises.

When I left for work today, our weather station was showing an outside temperature of 66.6 f – perhaps not the best time to head out into traffic. Then again, Hell hath no fury like New England drivers on a Monday morning, so I took my chances. Hang onto that last phrase, it’s going to be important.

I was planning to write about the ways in which some companies seem to ignore technology, even the technology that they sell, in order to frustrate their customers. It’s a good topic. I have several real examples which are on-point. I have a draft of that, but I’m not sure enough time has passed since my last technical post. So then I decided to write about how summer is coming to a close: 66.6f, the last week of “wear jeans this summer” at work, back to school shopping and the neighbor’s tree is starting to turn. That tree is always the first to go. I wasn’t sure. Maybe it’s too early to be emotional about the changing seasons.

Maple St Exit
Exits on Rt-2

On the way into work, the guy on the radio said “blah blah blah, foggy start, blah blah a high of 90 degrees today, blah blah.” 90. That’s still summer. Somewhere in the next few minutes, a voice in a commercial said that some blah-blah-business was walking distance from some blah-blah-well-known-place. Shortly after that, I was getting off Route 2 in Glastonbury, CT at the Maple Street exit, and I couldn’t help but think of “The Monsters are Due on Maple Street” and “Walking Distance,” two of my favorite Twilight Zone episodes.

Since it’s still summer, let’s talk about words, phrases and scenes that spike our memory back to a particular scene in a movie or TV show, or a song.

That does happen to you, doesn’t it?

Come on, it can’t just be me.

The above mentioned “I’ll take my chances” for example, is forever glued in my head to Mary Chapin Carpenter’s campy song by the same name where she pushes back at fate. I don’t know why these connections are there, it just works that way. I can be in a serious as heck business meeting but if someone says something about “taking chances” Mary is playing in my head.

Other associations I am quick to make include:

Sorry” – not “I’m sorry” or “Sorry, I…” – just “Sorry” – short and cynical, the way John Belushi’s character Bluto said it in Animal House after smashing the folk singer’s guitar. Say it like that and I’m watching that scene in my mind.

Put your hand down” – Actually, I haven’t heard this very often since graduating from high school, but I was stuck in my dentist’s office last week when Judge Judy was on and she says that a lot. The link probably won’t last long (they keep taking it down for copyright issues) but if I hear that, or even “you’re sure?” I am reminded of team meeting scene from “Remember the Titans”

Football is Fun
In case the link is broken, but it’s better on video

Fine” – By itself, “fine” might bring back a teenage daughter moment, but two other variants take me to the movies. “It’s fine” will put me at the bottom of the escalator in RED when Helen Mirren’s character Victoria responds to the Secret Service agent who tells her she can’t come down. She says “Oh it’s fine, it’s fine” and then she renders him unconscious.

Frank Moses: Sarah, this is Victoria. Best wet work asset in the business and a true artist with an an RPN. Sarah Ross: Oh, wow. Um, what's that? Victoria: [smiling] I kill people, dear.Victoria: [pleasantly] In all the years I've known Francis, I've never seen him like this. So if you break his heart, I will kill you. And bury your body in the woods. Sarah Ross: Wow. Okay.

The other variation is “That’ll be fine” or anything close, which instantly puts me at the table with Jake and Elwood when Jake is ordering Champagne in the upper-crusty Chez Paul restaurant as they are trying to recruit Mr. Fabulous back into The Blues Brothers.

So, hear us now, we ain't wastin' time no more 'Cause time rolls by like hurricanes Runnin' after the subway train Don't forget the pourin' rainThe end of summer does bring one of these associations to mind. Here on the east coast, the forecast often includes a reference to a hurricane and that puts the Alman Brothers playing in my head. The song is “Ain’t Wastin’ Time No More” and it’s a very uplifting tribute to a couple of band members who died. A very good friend of mine used to like the line about “hurricanes – Runnin’ after subway trains” but I like the verse being sung to Miss Sally the best:

Lord, lord Miss Sally, why all your cryin’?
Been around here three long days, you’re lookin’ like you’re dyin’.
Just step yourself outside, and look up at the stars above
Go on downtown baby, find somebody to love.”

I can’t help but associate that verse with the south where people are able to move sentence parts around with impunity. I studied German in school and I imagine that: “step yourself outside” would send a German speaker (who normally see the verb at the end of a sentence) into spasms, and it makes me smile.

That’s what it’s all about, right? Finding a way to smile as August slides into September and we all start getting serious again. Do you have words or phrases that send you into a movie scene or start a tune playing in your head? Tell me about them.

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  1. When my daughter was in middle school, I must have heard the word ‘fine’ six times a day in response to any question I asked. I love Red probably because I can name every actor, and I get the sarcasm. One quote I always remember is from the John Wayne movie, Big Jake, when everyone keeps saying they thought he was dead and he replies ‘not hardly.’ There should be a period between summer and fall for us New Englanders to adjust going from gorgeous lush summer to being buried in leaves and then snow. :-)

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    1. Thanks Judy. I didn’t want to pick on Faith, but I had to mention ‘fine’ – I know you can hear it with the proper intonation. John Wayne had some great lines line that. This list could be quite long. September is always so busy, first with school and now with work. I am taking a lot of time off in October, that’s my favorite month of the year since moving to CT.

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  2. Oh gee, Dan, I only have words and tunes in my head all day long, every day. I don’t even know how I’d begin to describe that, lol!
    For instance, I follow a lady on Instagram, who goes by the moniker cal_dreaming, and virtually every time I scroll through, I end up singing “All the leaves are brown…” and so on. It’s subliminal, and I’m highly suggestive. Yesterday, The Mister wanted pancakes yesterday morning, so for the last 24 hours, I’ve been singing Tori Amos “Hurricane” since the last lines are about pancakes. “You coulda spared her oh but no, messiahs need people dying in their name, you say ‘I ordered you a pa-ah-an-ca-ah-ake.” Mercy.
    SO many of our family words and phrases are from shows and movies. This morning, Moo’s allergies are wild, and she said her head is “all chaotic and floopy” which is Phoebe’s line in “Friends.”
    The best ones have got to be lines from books. Half the time I don’t know who wrote the words and end up Googling because it drives me insane.
    There’s really no end to this. I could type forever. The words don’t stop.

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  3. I love Phoebe’s words and her logic. Cal_dreaming put that song in my head the instant I saw it n your comment. The mention of Pancakes also reminds me of the movie RED. In the end, after the crazy character kills the last bad guy, they ask him “feel better now?” and he says “Yes, can we get pancakes?” Thanks for adding to the list and sending the voices in my head into high gear.


  4. Oh Lord. Right now all of yours are blocking out all of mine. In a good way. I might come back later with a few or I might write my own post. That ok with you?

    Did i just hear you say “FINE”?!?

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    1. Actually, I’m prone to “whatEVER” but yes, that’ll be fine pal. Thanks for dropping by Sammy. I’d love to see your post. I’m trying to convince Faith to write her version. I’m betting that they all intersect at some classic reference like The Wizard of OZ or Singin’ in the Rain.

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  5. Oh Dan, you re in trouble. “Its a small world.” Reading this I thought about songs that I can’t get out of my head with a phrase and that damn ride at Disneyland, and its HORRID song, “Its a Small World After All” is now floating around. In our house it is banned from being said!
    Mary Carpenters is one that comes up for me as well. Also, and I include the video because this may be an LA thang (I am amazed at how many friend from outside LA did not know this song), when someone says “you’re so fine” Tony Basil’s campy song comes to mind then will not leave for days.
    Both Mitchell and I have many songs that do this for us and we share them — for better or worse — it is a game in our home . . .

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    1. Thanks Elizabeth. I wrote two rather technical blogs for years. It would be very easy to fall back into that pattern, but, based on the comments I usually get, I think I would bore the people over here to tears (and I really like you guys). I’m always a little wary of sharing stuff like this, but I try to make it interesting.


  6. I didn’t comment on the earlier post, that Simpson one because I couldn’t really connect with it. I don’t watch Simpsons. I usually hear many people say “I’ll be back” and that somehow reminds me of that iconic scene in Terminator where Arnold says this and walks out of the police station and smashes his vehicle through the front door. Astalavista baby!

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    1. Thanks Sharukh. I tried to include enough about the Simpson’s episode to help the casual view “get it” but if you don’t really watch, I can see how it would have been hard to connect. “I’ll be back” is a classic line – thanks for adding that one.

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  7. Great post, Dan! Just this morning, I was lamenting the fact that summer is obviously coming to a close. The four mice I caught in the last 15 hours was my first inkling that things are a-changin’, and not for the better. Yuck. Fall is my favourite season, alright, but winter has gotten so long up here that I want to scratch and claw my way back into summer and just stay there a little bit longer. Though I DID just buy a fabulous fall jacket that I’m itching to wear, sooo maybe I can put up with the fall mice, right…?

    And I definitely experience the song/movie associations you describe too. In fact, when you said “hurricane”, I fell head-long into the front row of a Scorpions concert. ♫ “Here I am… rock you like a hurricane…”♫ I seriously lived in the wrong decade.

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    1. Thanks Wendy. One thing I do like about fall is being able to wear a couple of my favorite jackets. I also have a lightweight vest that I really like wearing but it’s only useful for about two weeks in the spring and 2-3 in the fall. It’s amazing what words trigger what memories. Enjoy the last bits of summer.

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  8. September is here and our night time lows later this week will be in the high 70’s….brrr. Day time highs are still over a 100, but heck that’s fall in the desert southwest:)

    I have friends and son in laws that do just what you do…hear a phrase and go right to a movie and when they are all together…they mentally all go to the same movie…I truly don’t get it…not something my brain is wired for…but…..I go there with music…only music….and then I can’t get the stupid song out of my head….great post!!

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  9. Sorry, Dan, my brain has turned to mush since “Hickory Dickory Dock” has been going round and round in my head after singing this song with a 3 year old. *eyes criss crossing* My brain won’t stop the track! Why do you think I came up with a funny rhyme today? Darn this song is driving me nuts!!! Hehehehehehe <3

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  10. With a 2 yr old grandson, you can imagine the tunes that get stuck in my head (Hakuna Matata for a month straight). At least it’s not “It’s a small world after all.” Hey, I lived in Glastonbury for 18 years. So weird to see it in a post (as if no one can live there anymore if I don’t). :-)

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    1. I can imagine those songs. Bless you Grandma I work in Glastonbury, I live in Windsor Locks, so I’m not treading on your territory, but it’s funny to meet someone here who recognizes the signs. I’ve been working there since 2004.

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  11. I was just on another blog that referenced Queen’s “We will, we will rock you!” It’s hot and humid here and I’m going to the last pre-season Packer game on Thursday. I bet I will hear that song at some point during the game. It’s still summer, Dan, so I’m going to enjoy what’s left of it and rock the rest of this week like it’s 1999.

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    1. Good luck to the Packers Mary and I hope you enjoy the game. I think the last time the Pirates won the World Series was the year Willy Stargil build a team theme around “We are Family” that was a tough song to love that much.


  12. What a fine post! You know how to keep me reading. I actually laughed aloud. I love that exchange between the coach and the player. I could see them in my head, facing each other, as Petey Jones’ confidence wanes till he looks about in complete uncertainty. I also love that movie RED. One of my favourite Bruce Willis. The characters are wonderful. The humour sharp amidst the fighting. John’s crazy character is my favourite. His decoy house to begin with–ha! And the woman who was following them. I mean . . . when he caught her I thought he was just crazy. But she was actually following them! I burst out!
    Anyway, thanks Dan. I don’t have Summer here but I’ve shared in the memories.

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    1. Thanks Peter – RED was so tight, it just kept moving like it was a fast forward scene. Remember the Titans is such a powerful movie, especially if you grew up here in the 60s. We had relatives in Virgina (where it was set) and it’s very accurate (unfortunately).

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      1. I watched it. Denzel. At least it has a happy ending. I usually avoid movies based on true stories. They depress me. But the fictional ones, even horror (some), are fine by me. True stories . . . ha! That’s crazy.

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  13. How funny that you should ask, Dan! I was just commenting a cooking blog where i’d seen a recipe that had “…lime, coconut…” I’m sure you thought the song, but my mind went straight to the Midnight Margaritas scene in “Practical Magic.”. Hugs!

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    1. That’s funny Teagan. That’s a song that I think is easily associated with a time that we remember hearing it (or singing it with a group of *happy* friends). I love these associations. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.


  14. I have taken three days in a row, photographs of the morning skies. The clouds and chill in the air softens and elongates them.
    I am so glad I went backwards to play catch up, Dan! This post was “right up my” (play on words), “alley!”
    I was once called a “bumblebee” by a fellow blogger. She said I buzzed from one subject to the next. But I love this form of posting, let’s us know how your mind wanders, Dan.
    Did you ever see my post about the death of one of the finest Twilight Zone scriptwriters? I was a fan of the episode where an alien is on the wing of a plane he wrote. I will check out his name but you may already know it. He had Cleveland connections.
    Unlike you, I cannot recall titles but am more of an “essay” question person. If someone describes the episode with the Maple Street and the other one, I can remember them. I will chase these threads willingly.
    As far as the Carpenters, or almost any 70’s and 80’s music, the first riffs of a guitar or the first lyrics sung “take me back.” I love this Take My Chances song and how you connected this, Dan.
    I wrote one post about Rainy Days and Mondays and ended up writing another one with all kinds of storms, rain and weather references. The comments were so helpful and fun.
    My Neil Diamond’s “September Morn,” has been playing sweetly in my mind. Along with this weird connection between newer song, “Cecilia and the Satellite” and older Paul McCartney’s, “Band on the Run”. There is something about the beat and a place in the song which connects my mind: new with old.

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  15. Thanks Robin. My mind does tend to wander. It’s one of the reasons I like the SoCS challenge prompts, that’s up my mental “alley”. I didn’t see your Twilight Zone post, but I’ll try to remember to look for it. The writers on that show were an amazing collection. Band on the Run is one of my favorite songs. To me, that’s the song that most distinguishes Paul McCartney from the Beattles. Walking Distance is the TZone episode where the guy ends up back in his home town, but has also gone back in time. He meets himself as a child, meets his parents and witnesses (causes) an accident in which he was injured as a child.

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    1. Guess what, Dan? It had been 2 years since I posted the story about a fantastic writer so I rewrote,it, mentioned you with not a link, just how we were on a similar wave length and it will be my Sat. post. No need to look it up. By the way, I remember that walking story line and doesn’t it remind you a bit of the best Jim Carrey movie, “The Majestic?” I like when people go back in time which is another plot line of the writer talked about tomorrow. . . Cliff hanger :)
      Our family likes the “Blues Brothers” and think Monty Python (and the Holy Grail, e.g.) movies are funny, along with Rocky Horror Picture Show. My brother took a lot of Cleveland papers to Cornell for the time when everyone raises the Cleveland newspaper over their heads when it rains. (Midnight showing.)

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  16. Funny to read this today, Dan, after noticing a trend that seems to happen every year — September rolls around, and boom, it gets hot again. It’s almost as if Mother Nature didn’t get the memo: “Hey, it’s time to turn down the thermostat a bit!” But I don’t really mind. I don’t want it to be HOT, but better that than really cold. If you can play baseball in it, it’s my kind of weather.

    Ha, I know what you mean about how certain phrases can make you think of various shows, movies and songs. Obviously I smiled at you bringing up TZ when you saw “Maple Street” and when you heard the phrase “walking distance.” I do that all the time, and not just with TZ. A certain turn of phrase, and suddenly I’m quoting an old movie or humming a classic-rock track.

    As for songs and “hurricane” … two come to mind that (as far as I know) haven’t been mentioned yet: “Like a Hurricane” by Neil Young (, and “Hurricane” by Bob Dylan ( Heck, while we’re on the subject, how about Dylan’s “Shelter from the Storm” ( All good stuff.

    “You are like a hurricane
    There’s calm in your eye.
    And I’m gettin’ blown away
    To somewhere safer
    where the feeling stays.
    I want to love you, but
    I’m getting blown away.”

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    1. Thanks Paul. All great candidates for Hurricane. Sorry about the delay in moderating the comment. I think it was the 3rd link. But, I’m almost afraid to admit this, when I first saw the comment on my phone, I was asking myself “how did Paul make his comment orange?” In my defense, I don’t get asked to moderate comments often.

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