Javits Lines

I don’t normally participate in the photo prompts but today’s gives me a chance to post one of my favorite photos of one of my favorite buildings.

Javits Center

I attend a lot of conferences in the Javits Center in New York and I never leave without snapping a few photos of the glass and grid.

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Grid.”

About Dan Antion

Husband, father, woodworker, cyclist, photographer, geek - oh wait, I’m writing this like I only have 140 characters. I am all those things, and more, and all of these passions present me with opportunities to observe, and think about things that I can’t write about in other places. I have started this blog to catch the stuff that falls out, overflows and just plain doesn’t fit the other containers in my life.
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37 Responses to Javits Lines

  1. How very cool. I particularly like the way the light reflects off the walls and such, creating different spaces within the large space. Looks like an architectural beauty.

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  2. I used to love going there as well. Nice photo.

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  3. bryantduhon says:

    AIIM Conference and Expo flashbacks!

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  4. Paul says:

    Nice! I don’t know how practical glassed-in buildings are from a heating/cooling POV, but there’s no question they often have an eye-catching look.

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  5. I have enjoyed (??) a couple of exhibitions with you in this building so I am pleased to have been there and seen it. (Not sure about the first exhibition though if you remember!)

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  6. Jill's Scene says:

    Dan, this is great! I think I might told you before that I’ve been to the Javitz Centre. Your photo brings back memories of a special day.

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  7. Don says:

    Magnificent building Dan and such a good image. What also strikes me in the photo are the shadows cast on the floor. They are sheer art in themselves.

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  8. bikerchick57 says:

    That is a beautiful building and you’ve done a great job capturing that beauty in your photo.

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  9. Great photo, Dan! Love all the lines and shadows. :) <3

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  10. Great photography, but genetically I’m more inclined towards old buildings like old churches and railway stations with all those Gothic structures.

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  11. loisajay says:

    What a great photo, Dan. Between all the grids and the shadow, and glass……wow!

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  12. Well done! Love that building!

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  13. lauramacky says:

    What a great building! Nice light too.

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  14. Peter Nena says:

    I love the structural layout.

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