ocean and mountains

I’ve made the oceans and mountain journey (and I’ve been to Ohio). If you want to know why those thoughts are connected, read the latest gem from Dan (the other Dan).


I am here retelling an old story . I do that . If you’ve heard it , then just turn away for a few minutes . Please don’t give me an exaggerated ” Oh , no ! ”  as someone I know sometimes does. Well , I will admit that’s more often after I tell a joke again . She’s heard them fifteen or twenty times , so I can’t blame her .

I had a brother-in-law who , all through his adult life , had the mental capacity of about an eight year old . He and I were pretty much on the same mental level , therefore , and we got along swell . His memory was what my memory is rapidly becoming . He could remember things that happened years ago , but not what he had for lunch that day , or what happened yesterday …

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