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I spent a little time working for a college newspaper. Not scooping the news like Dan, but his experience reminded me of the few days that I had a by line.


Everybody’s got plans , until they get hit ——-Mike Tyson

    I was a cub reporter once . Not many people know that .  Not quite a Walter Cronkite , I will freely admit , but maybe more of a Jimmy Olsen . You remember Jimmy Olsen . ” Gee thanks , Mr. Kent . ” —–It  was Superman , aka. Clark Kent , who repeatedly told him sincerely  ” Thank you , Jimmy ” , as if Jimmy Olsen weren’t the bumbling half-wit character he was meant to be . Well , Jimmy Olsen had me beat , too , as a reporter , I have to say .

I don’t know what got into me one day back during my UCLA days . I had a brilliant notion that swirled up out of nowhere , out of thin air , that I should  work for The Daily Bruin…

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