Dribs and Drabs

sSunrise bursting through the trees
One of the things I love about walking Maddie is seeing the sunrise burst through the trees when you can start to see the limbs revealed.

This has been a strange autumn in Connecticut. (Note: now you know where I was headed yesterday before my 2014 post derailed my train of thought). We’ve had very cold days, very warm days, windy-rainy days, foggy days and clear days. Actually, all of that is normal for fall in CT. What we haven’t had is a consistent turning of the leaves. Oh, we have had our share of beautiful colors, but the trees didn’t get their collective act together. They were more like independent dancers than a well-choreographed troop.

Some people say it’s because it was too dry. Some say it was too wet. Some say we didn’t get that stop-you-in-your-tracks frost that wipes vegetable gardens off the map and some say that the conditions varied too much. I don’t know. This happens. Some years everything turns quickly and fall is over before it has a chance to begin. Some years, fall drags on with some leaves clinging to their green color until November. I would explain if I could, but explaining or predicting the weather in New England? Nope, that’s not for me. Our paid and certified meteorologists barely get things right half the time. Sometimes, they get yesterday’s weather wrong!

I don’t know about the “leaf-peepers” and the business they bring to upper New England. For that matter, I don’t know about the rest of New England. This is a fickle area. Our weather can be quite different than that in Vermont and New Hampshire. Actually, there are plenty of days that our weather (about 10 miles north of Hartford) is different than the weather in Glastonbury (about 6 miles south of Hartford) where I work. I once sent out emails and alerts to delay the office opening because we had about six inches of snow in our driveway, only to find out that it was raining in Glastonbury.

I don’t go leaf-peeping. I do tend to notice the beautiful trees as I walk and drive by. Sometimes, I stop and take a picture, but I usually don’t set out to find the colors of fall.

This year, I decided that I would collect everyday fall photos to share with you. If you’re following me from New England, this may get boring – sorry. Most of the photos in the gallery were taken while walking Maddie or while walking for coffee or lunch at work. There’s a couple thrown in from running errands. This is what I love about fall in New England, it surrounds you. The most spectacular burst of color might be in the front yard across the street.

I’ve added comments to the photos, if you’re interested. Thanks for dropping by today, especially to those that showed up yesterday for the train wreck.

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  1. Beautiful photos, Dan! Fall up here in the North was actually pretty similar. Some years the leaves have all dropped by Thanksgiving (around October 10th), but this year, many hadn’t even turned yet. But you’ll never hear me complain about a long fall — or colourful leaves!

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  2. It looks the same here, and it makes my heart sing! :D Eye candy, that’s what autumn is for me!

    PS: I’m totally jealous that Maddie lets you be while you snap photos. Sadie is NOT patient.

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  3. What a great gallery, Dan. Before Hurricane Ivan toppled them, we had three sugar maples on our front lawn that were so beautiful in the fall with their red, orange, yellow leaves. I had people stop by to grieve with me at the sight of those trees gone. ‘Course my husband does not miss that ‘carpet of gold’ I always talked about when the trees dropped their leaves. Our leaves are slowly turning, but nothing quite like yours at all.

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    1. We had maples that had to be cut in order to get to the pine trees that we wanted taken down. It was sad to lose those trees, and their shade, and their color. But. I agree with your husband, I don’t miss cleaning the carpet (although my neighbor’s leaves fall in my yard, so…)


  4. Beautiful pictures! I think I’ve mentioned before that my family has lived in Hampden County Mass since the 1700s. I do miss it out here in the dry and brown west. Many thanks for a glimpse of home.

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            1. I’ve been to Florida in December and February, several times. It’s not uncommon to see temps in the 70s or lows in the 50s. I think it can/does get lower, but I haven’t experienced it.


            2. I sometimes wonder what if it snows in Mumbai. No one really buys winterwear in Mumbai because even the winter time is not really that cold. Over here in Vasai, there’s lot of empty space, mountains around and virtually no skyscrapers, plus being a coastal area it kind of drops the mercury a few notches below the Mumbai temperature. However, Delhi the capital city, up north can drop below 30F.

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  5. I’ve often wondered how leaf peepers plan their trips because those of us who live in New England can never figure out Mother Nature’s leaf turning schedule. :-) We saw the same ‘independent dancers’ here in NH too. On Friday afternoon, there was a sudden gust of win that tore leaves from the trees and sent them flying. It only lasted a couple of minutes, but it sure did a lot of clearing out. We have about four acres of leaves to move but I’m in no hurry. It’s not exactly an adventure any more. :-)

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      1. Yes. We just brought new wetsuits for the boys and have started using sunscreen again. A fee more days and some paddle boards arrive for us to start using. Still under 70 highs though. Will need a few more weeks before we brave the ocean.

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    1. “Ooh, ooh, someone said I’m a good pup.” She keeps track :) I think she’s hoping to trade these in the next time she’s bad. She actually has been very good when I try to get photos wile walking her. Thanks for the comment.

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  6. Wow. These pics are stunning, Dan. The colors, of course, are tremendously eye-catching, but what impresses me as well is the variety of images — some close-up, some far away. Some with the leaves still in the trees, some on the ground. Some red, some orange, some yellow, some green. The way you’ve caught shafts of sunlight in one, and perfect raindrops in another. And I like how you broke it up with pics of a cemetery and a squirrel.

    Even though I’m surrounded by many trees in the Baltimore-Washington area that look similar, I have to hand it to you for capturing the look of fall so well. I’m bookmarking this page so I can go back and look at these pics when the trees are bare and an icy wind is driving me inside, where I can warm up and think about baseball season. Well done, sir!

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    1. Thanks Paul. I was off from work for over a week. I returned today, and that beautiful yellow canopy is now bare sticks. Thanks so much for the compliments on the photography. I took lots of pictures (just ask Maddie) and sorting through them was hard. It impressed upon my how beautiful my normal day-to-day activity is during this time of year.

      BTW, with another season-ending injury to a key player on the Steelers team, I am looking forward to baseball more than ever before.


  7. Just LOVING your shots, Dan!!! This has been such a glorious Fall! Yet now the leaves that seem to hang on forever, are dropping and have dropped. All good things do eventually come to an end only to be replaced with something else just as good if not better. Great post!!! <3

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    1. Thanks Amy. I was very happy with these. The season was slow like molasses but there was constant beauty around us. We still have a bunch of trees hanging onto their leaves, but there’s a lot of bare sticks out there, especially where I work.

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      1. Lots of bare here too, Dan, but yesterday I took pics on my walk and I still found a lot of color and a lot of beautiul contrasts. I have been putting many of these images on my Instagram, which I just started doing. IF I could, I would just focus on my photography and writing, but that is not the case as I have so many other responsibilities. I was like a kid yesterday, so tired physically and not up to blogging yet posting pictures on my Instagram. Just for the FUN of it. :) Hope you are having a great day!!! <3


  8. Beautiful photos, Dan. Our fall color was about the same…not the most robust, some color here, some color there. I blame the stretch of drought we had this summer, stressed the trees. We have a row of maples behind the office that are usually a brilliant red, but this year looked more like a dull brick red. Better luck next year ;-)

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  9. Glorious and beautiful vast array of fall colors displayed here, Dan! :) :) I heard our season was too dry and then, a week later, too wet?? Not sure but each tree independently did their own “thing.” Just not “in unison” as I love to see!

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