Thursday Doors–Walk to Javits

Always a good source for doors.

Last week, I was in New York for a company meeting. Since we were going down on Wednesday for dinner, I decided to go a few hours early, to visit the exhibit hall of a conference being held at the Javits Center. It had been raining earlier in the day, but by the time we got to our hotel, the rain had stopped, leaving a dull gray overcast day behind. I love to walk, so I decided to walk from our hotel on Lexington Ave. to the Javits. Always thinking about Thursday Doors, (I mean, that’s what we do isn’t it?) I thought I would just snap pictures of the doors I spied along the way.

New York is always changing. Buildings, including their doors, are being built, being torn down, being renovated, being cleaned, being ignored and being visited. The other thing about New York, is no one seems to care if you stop to take a picture of a door. Even a crummy door. They probably just looked at me taking a picture of a service entrance and thought “tourist.” Yeah, I know, it’s New York, there was probably an expletive before the word “tourist” but I can handle it.

So, I didn’t go out of my way to get the perfect door photos. What you see in the gallery is pretty much what I saw as I weaved my way from 50th and Lexington to 38th and 10th Avenue.

I continued to take photos after leaving the Javits Center, but I’ll share those doors another day. Today, let’s just take a walk. Most of the doors are described in the gallery, but I have to point out one. The door inside the Javits Center, where they are building a Starbucks made me think of this scene from a Simpson’s episode. Take a look, I think you will understand.

As always on Thursday, this post is part of Norm Frampton’s fun series called Thursday Doors. You can see all the doors being shared this week visiting Norm’s page and heading over to the linky thing. I usually add that in this post after I find it. You can also add your own door, and Norm makes it easy ‘cuz you can add Thursday Doors up until noon on Saturday.

73 thoughts on “Thursday Doors–Walk to Javits

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    1. Thanks, I’m glad you enjoyed this walk. You can expect to find a few more of these posts in the winter, when I get snowed in on a Thursday. There are so many grand doors in NY and just as many shabby yet interesting ones. Have a great day.

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  1. I really like the uniqueness and all the extras with some of the doors – and I ESPECIALLY like the one with the trash bags, pole, and white sky – those extras whisper things about that place – and sigh, sigh – we were supposed to go to New York this month and had to postpone cos of the flu! But it all turned out well and anyhow – a little trip to NYC was a gift this morning – so thx dan. One last thing – that candy store looks pretty amazing with the artsy signs – but have you ever been to the best chocolate place in NYC- Max Brenner’s – ? Mmmmm –

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    1. Thanks! Yeah, the extras are interesting and they clearly let you know that you’re in New York. I have not been to Max Brenner’s. I’m adding it to the list. I hope you get past dealing with the flu and make it there.

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      1. Well the flu ended – but now have to wait to reschedule – but it is close enough to go last minute (6 hours is kinda close) anyhow – such a great variety of doors and NYC life


  2. Lovely lil tour, thanks. I’d take a picture of the glass portal, too. It’s neat! I also really like that tiny church place with the unfortunate trash bags at the curb.
    Hush up about the Starbucks, what the world needs is another Starbucks, but within walking distance to my house! lol

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    1. Thanks (for everything but the Starbucks endorsement) Joey. I really liked that little building next to the church. I wish I knew more about it. Maybe next time. I love that little portal. When I first took my daughter to NY, we walked through there. It was very cool to find that in the middle of all that activity.

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      1. Hey, I’d totally frequent an independent coffee shop, but there are no good ones around. We had a good one downtown when we left, but when we got back it wasn’t there. While we were in Georgia, the local shop was vile. Just vile. Just…no. lol I do go to Dunkin more than Starbucks, btw. It’s closer :)

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  3. I find the renovated theater and square church doors the most intriguing. I would want to walk through those doors and check out the inside. As for the Hershey doors, I would need to walk by…very fast…nothing to see here…

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    1. You can get into serious trouble in that Hershey store. I snapped the picture and moved on. The churches were beautiful but behind locked gates :( The theater did not seem to be open yet when I walked by. I did see a guy trying to get in. I would love to go inside them, take 20 more pictures and have a separate post just for that .

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  4. Nice round-up of doors, Dan! And for a change, I’ve actually seen one of the ones you photographed in person (the church at the top, and yes, I took a pic too, tourist label be damned). What I enjoyed most about this post was the variety and how all of it was obtainable in one walk in NYC. It’s like the populace in door form, you know? And hey, Joey is right — I’m sipping SB coffee as we speak, so I can’t join the chorus against it!


  5. Great walk, Dan; thanks for dragging me along even though you know I hate those gray, dreary days!

    Seeing the garbage bags in that photo is iconic New York for me. ‘My’ New York was the days when Times Square was gritty with ‘adult’ shows and their sidewalk hawkers next to marquee theaters; when union garbage strikes meant pedestrians had nowhere to walk and the stench of human trash fouled the air; when a turn down the wrong block brought you face to face with a ‘gun interaction’ (Yup!). Then Guliani brought law and order to the streets, and developers turned Times Square into … not what it was in the good old days. So I loved seeing those few garbage bags; it wouldn’t have been ‘my’ New York without them 😊

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    1. Thanks Wendy. I’m guessing that you’re imagining a lobby foll of classic posters too ;) Those are beautiful doors. I really like the little building next to the church (the one witht the trash bags).


  6. Wow! Another phenomenal post on doors, Dan. And what is this thing about Starbucks I ask you? I don’t get it. Do you? I really loved and enjoyed this post as I walked with you in New York. I’ve only been to New York City twice in my life, once as a baby which I do not have any recollection of, and at another time of my life which was not so shall I say, a good memory?
    Loved all the information and the bio and the history you always seem to weave into your door series. Thank you, my friend, for sharing this post with us today. I hope you a really good day!

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  7. My favorite door presentation was the gorgeous old church. Then the other one which was remarkable was the Holy Cross Church. Loved this entire post, Dan. So glad to have shared a walk and seen the NY sights. :)

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  8. Being a product of 12 years of Catholic schools, I totally cracked up at the Holy Cross doors. We had segregated classes in ‘middle school’ because, you know, that’s when things start to happen. Oh, the nightmares….I mean memories! :D The Lyric Theatre doors are wonderful! Great post, Dan.

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  9. I disagree, Dan… The world will be a happier place with another Starbucks! :)

    I, too, really liked the waterfall portal. So cool! They boys and girls entrances were also quite interesting and I’d love to go to that chocolate candy place!! It looks amazing!!

    Thanks for sharing! Glad you had a nice time during your visit.

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    1. Thanks Krissi – You can have a Starbucks where you are, that’s fine by me. The Hershey store is a great experience, but you have to be ready to lug the candy you buy all over New York. I’m glad you enjoyed the walk.

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  10. You are so right about NYC being under constant changes. And it’s great, especially for a post about doors, right? Amazing this palette. The countless churches in NYC offer many opportunities, even for no religious people. I also love the small doors tucked under stairs. London, Boston and Montreal have quite a few too. So unlike French door. By the way the windows/doors that we call French doors here have a very different name there. Great photos, as always.

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    1. It is beautiful. This trip, due to the parade, I had to go up several blocks and get into the cattle pens and wait until they stopped the parade before crossing the street. By that time, I was running late for the dinner I had to get to.

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        1. Crowds don’t usually bother me, but lining up between steel barriers to cross the street started feel uncomfortable. After I was there a while I realized that I had no choice but to go where that crowd went and when they went. That was an uncomfortable feeling.

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