A Night at the Opera

For the love of beer
The perfect place and beverage to share some casual conversation.

If we were having a beer, we would both be a little sad that Cheryl wasn’t behind the bar.

I hate breaking in a new bartender. I hope that Cheryl is just sick or something.”

Maybe we should hope for something less bad for Cheryl.”

Yeah, maybe she’s attending a funeral.”

OK, how about less bad in general. Maybe she’s attending a wedding.”

“You’ve never been to a wedding with my family. Trust me, you’d rather wish for a funeral.”

Here’s a couple of menus for you guys. My name is Trish. Can I start you with something to drink?

Hi Trish, I’ll have the house Cab, and he’ll have a Yuengling. You can start a tab. We’ll determine later who’s paying. I’m not sure we need the menus, unless he’s taking something home.”

You’re paying. I paid last time, and I have a fridge full of leftovers.”

One Cab and one Yuengling. Will there be anything else?

Yes, you can forget what I said about the food. The Deviled Egg appetizer looks great. We’ll have one of those.

Make that two of those.

Two deviled eggs?

Yes, two deviled eggs.”

And two hard boiled eggs.”

Hey guys, sorry I’m late. Trish was nice enough to cover for me. You OK back there sweetie?

Yeah, it’s been quiet. I got their wine and the beer, but I can’t find the food they ordered on the computer.”

Food? They never order food.”

They ordered two deviled eggs and two hard boiled eggs.”

Whaaa..? OK you clowns, why are you giving Trish a hard time?

What are you talking about?

Deviled eggs? Hard boiled eggs? Are you trying to be cute?

Well, my young friend was trying to be cute, but the deviled eggs look pretty good. Who doesn’t like deviled eggs?

Guys, we don’t have deviled eggs on the menu.”

Sure you do, right here.”

Ugh, Trish, where did you get these menus?

Over there next to the aprons, why?

Because they’re from three years ago. You can’t find the deviled eggs because we stopped selling them.”

Do we have hard boiled eggs?

Marx Brothers 1931
From the Library of Congress. Bottom to top, Zeppo, Groucho, Harpo & Chico

No, that joke is even older than the menus. It’s from a movie from before your mother was born.”

Sorry, I thought everyone was familiar with ‘A Night at the Opera

Why did you stop selling deviled eggs?

We were always running out and the customers got mad.

Wait, you stopped selling something because you couldn’t keep enough of it in stock? I can see the problem with that, I mean, all that money pouring in and everything.”

They have to be made the same day, and they take up a lot of room in the cooler. They were more trouble than they were worth.”

Why not just raise the price?

Deviled Eggs
Chery’s Deviled Eggs

Enough already, since you guys just got here, I’ll make you some deviled eggs.

You’ll make them?

It’s not that hard.”

Old family recipe?

As a matter of fact, I start with my mom’s recipe, but I jazz it up a notch. I’ll go get them started on the eggs.

What do you think she adds, tabasco?

Maybe Tequila.”

No, we would have seen her take the bottle back to the kitchen.”

You guys are like an old married couple, what are you going on about now?

We’re trying to guess your secret.”

You’ll know in about 30 seconds, but trust me, you’re going to love it.

Oh my, it’s bacon. You put bacon in your deviled eggs. Oh, these are amazing.”

Not one of your guesses?

No, we stink at guessing. Earlier we were trying to guess why you were late. Wedding? Funeral? Illness?

Actually, I was coming home from a friend’s house and I got stuck in traffic for almost an hour in Hartford.

On 84?

Yeah, that has to be the worst road in America.”

Close, I heard a story on NPR, the elevated section behind The Aetna is in the top-10 highway segments deserving to be torn down.”

The viaduct in the top-10? Way to go Hartford.


Yes, the ‘Aetna viaduct’, that’s what they call it.”

Why not a chicken?

“Cheryl, can I have another Cab? And pour another Yuengling for Groucho, since he’s paying.”

Well, the eggs are on the house.

No, he’s paying for everything. Two cabs, two Yuenglings, two deviled eggs and two hard boiled eggs.”

Make that three hard boiled eggs…hey, you already stuck me with the bill.”

A few notes: I loved watching Marx Brothers movies when I was growing up. A Night at the Opera was released 80 years ago this month. “Why a duck” is part of an absurd comedy routine featured in Coconuts, released in 1929.

If you haven’t been to Cheryl’s blog, please click on over and check out the story and the recipe behind those deviled eggs.

Finally, thanks to John at http://www.squeezehorns.com/ for the Harpo’s sound effect.


  1. I think I need another cup of coffee before I can handle the Marx Brothers… and a beer too. ;) With one cup of coffee, all I can think is “Oooh I miss eggs… Deviled eggs Yum! Even a fluffy scrambled egg on white bread with mayonnaise…” Yep… more coffee. :D Delightful post Dan. Have a superb Saturday. Hugs!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thanks Judy. The deviled eggs/menu incident actually happened two weeks ago. I couldn’t stop thinking about that scene, during the conversations in the bar. Cheryl was kind enough to add her post in support (those eggs look good). I hope you enjoy the weekend!

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  2. Okay, now I’m craving a scrambled egg, cheese and bacon sandwich with a thick spread of mayo. Damn your genius! Lol. Thanks Dan. Sorry I was late. Hey, these are my favorite nights, when you “clowns” come in. But…where are Chico amd Zeppo? Or are they rounding up Gummo? 😉
    Have you considered a career in script writing? You would be marvelous with sitcom. I am dead serouus here.(that’s the funeral talking) but really you should send something in to the networks. Your timing, your vast knowledge of so many things, all add up to funny.
    Love the honk at the end. If you guys were really here I’d gladly make you some deviled eggs. Oh…and there is always Yuengling in the our fridge.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thanks Cheryl. I started this series to experiment with dialog, but not with any larger plans. Every now and then, the bar turns into a Vaudeville routine and I think we drive the bartender a bit crazy. We try to remember to be nice with our tips. Thanks again for your help on this one.

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  3. PS. Tabasco has been added in previous times. As well as Paprika sprinkles. We are diverse, if nothing else. Lol Tequila? That’s for the big dogs. And the chicken! But that’s another story….where ARE those limes? Be sure to share your “invention” now!

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  4. Always invite the pig to an egg event. I have been known to pop a deviled egg on a bacon sandwich if they happen to be hanging around. I am from the South, after all. Food rules don’t exist there.

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    1. I’m surprised there are ever leftovers. My favorite sandwich is scrambled eggs with fired potatoes on the sandwich. Putting fries and fried potatoes on sandwiches is a Pittsburgh thing.

      I am getting sooo hungry !


      1. I grew up eating pan frued potato sandwiches. Its a poor man’s meal down there. Of course I have been known to eat turkey and dressing as well as potato salad sandwiches too! My now deceased mother-in-law used to say I would eating anything on a sandwich! Lol

        Liked by 1 person

        1. So far, I’d be wanting some of everything you’ve mentioned. I have been known to put some stuffing (dressing is for salad up here) on my turkey sandwich. As for pan fried potato sandwiches, what could be better than carbs in carbs?

          Liked by 1 person

          1. Exactly what my right thigh says to the left one, every time they meet. Lol. I am really on a carb busting routine for the last few months. It works, but the taste of a potato is like heaven to me.


  5. Why DO we call them deviled eggs? I want one RIGHT NOW! Of course we’ve had them at every family gathering since the beginning of time but none look better than Cheryl’s 😊. Good stuff, Dan!!

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  6. I loved this post! My younger son loves devilled eggs so for years the holiday joke has always been, “Hey, you want to bring something over for dinner?” “Sure….how about devilled eggs?” I’m vegan, my husband can take them or leave them, so my son bring them over, eats some, and carries the rest home. The joke never gets old.

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  7. Deviled eggs are what I went for at breakfast this morning, Dan! There were only two left and I had to share with Sassy :( lol!
    I love and make deviled eggs of all sorts, but I always prefer the creamy basic.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m not sure if we’ve ever had any spend the night in the fridge. We are fans of the creamy basic mix here too, but then next round might find some bacon in them or on them (or both), Thanks for stopping by today. Enjoy the leftovers :)

      Liked by 1 person

        1. Aw, I’m glad you set something aside for the pup. My wife told me today, as I was searching for leftovers, that there was some bacon in the fridge. Then she added “save a piece for Maddie” so we’re familiar with the concept.

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  8. you had me at we are having a beer and night at the opera. after the second beer yet before the 39th beer we will drift into pachyderms and pajamas and potential bad outcomes. whether that pertains to pachyderms or adult beverages depends entirely on the brand of libation and the ambient temperature divided by the wind direction. at some point someone will quote Drax – “Nothing goes over my head. My reflexes are too fast.” and quickly drift into an argument about mayonnaise, deviled eggs, and what came first the mayo or the deviled eggs.

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  9. I worked in a bar in college and the pickled eggs were more trouble than they were worth. You had to fish em out of a big glass jar and hope they didn’t hit the floor. We never got rid of them though the drunks loved them and there was a least one egg eating contest a week. Enjoyed this.

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  10. I like when the lights go out and people switch places in Marx brothers films. They are a reminder how the timing in a scene can make a big difference to the laughter, Dan.
    I like the innuendos made by Groucho and how things always are wild in scenes, unexpected things happen, like the duck.
    I like sweet pickle juice or a tiny bit of relish in my deviled eggs. Sprinkled with paprika or chili powder. The bacon doesn’t appeal to me, but would try it, if given. One never knows what you will end up saying in these posts. :D

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Robin. I agree with you about the timing. Back before a world of special effects all they had was timing, camera work and actors/actresses to pull it off. That and good writing. Thanks for reading and leaving a comment. I never quite know where these are heading.

      My mother added a little sweet pickle juice to potato salad. It’s amazing the different ways people make things their own.


  11. Yeah..that’s when we go “whole hog” so to speak. 😉 eggs, has browns or grits, biscuits and maybe some “real” meat like a pork chop or my favorite-leftover fried chicken-you know, to keep the biscuits company. Lol

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  12. I absolutely adore these barroom chats. They are SO funny!! Do you guys really act like this or are you spicing up the story just for our benefit? Tequila in deviled eggs? Really? I’ve heard of maybe mustard but Tequila??? Keep these stories coming, Dan. They really make me laugh and heavens knows, we really need laughter in this world these days!!! Thank YOU for the laughs!!! <3

    Liked by 2 people

    1. The conversation is fashioned after conversations that I have with a group of friends on all manner of subjects. My bar buddy is a composite character with bits of several friends mixed in.

      Oddly enough, the deviled eggs on the menu incident actually did happen. The bartender asked a couple if they were ready to order food, and the guy said “we’re going to have two of the deviled eggs.” Of course, I followed with “and two hard boiled eggs” because, who wouldn’t say that :)

      The Aetna viaduct has been in the news lately, as it needs to be replaced, and of course, there’s no money to do that.

      Thanks for joining me for these posts. I like writing them but I never know if they are going to turn out to be worth reading.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Dan, don’t you know by now by how many people respond to these posts that they are well liked? I really LOVE the way you describe these conversations … your way of writing these stories to me are just hysterical. I can just picture you guys on barstools talking all kinds of stuff, in that I mean the category of “Dan’s barroom talks”. It’s really good to see buddies hanging out and just really talking as you do.
        As for the construction there never is enough money, or so it seems. Sadly budgets have been cut in all the wrong departments and places.
        Just got back from a 7-miler walk, one that finds me with my hair on end seeing just how many peeps commented on my post today. Oh my! I seem just a tad behind! Tee hee … I will have a post coming this week regarding what I am doing regarding me challenging me with these walks I am now involved, plus with these magnificent pictures I took today thrown in to boot. I wish I had time to edit the ones I took today because the LIGHT was incredible, and guess what I AGAIN walked into magic! IF this is any indication of what is about to transpire this winter, we all are in for a huge treat. I am astonished by what I saw today and how my camera saw as well.
        Hope you have a great evening. Think of me with aching bod plugging through the comments I am now buried in. LOL <3

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  13. Thanks for the laugh, Dan. That was hilarious!
    Nice when the entire post appears in the email and I can read offline while underground (subway).
    Have a great week 😊

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  14. You really mean for me to be hungrier (ravenous, indeed!) during this lunch-break! Those eggs, man! Look toothsome. I now have to suffer the injustice of a rogue appetite. Why are they called Deviled eggs, anyway?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You can blame Cheryl KP fpr the eggs Peter. I’m not sure why they called them deviled. I actually looked it up but there doesn’t seem to be a consensus opinion. Actually, it’s not quite 7:00 am here, and I’d like some :)


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