Thursday Doors–New York Doors

St Patrick's Cathedral
That’s the Veterans Day parade going by St. Patrick’s Cathedral, I am trapped behind a crowd-control fence.

The title should say: “Part-II” but I think it might get crowded onto a second line. Unlike the doors featured in “Walk to Javits,” the doors featured today were seen on the trip back to my hotel last month. Well, back to my hotel, via The Molly Wee, but that’s to be expected of me.

Today’s collection includes some eclectic doors, some true New York doors and some photos of St. Patrick’s Cathedral that caused me to hold off and post this group close to Christmas.

Since we are getting close to Christmas, and other holidays are happening or approaching, I know your time is precious. I am going to say very little today in this post (you know how hard that is for me). I have included the information about the doors in the descriptions of the photos, so it’s kind of an ‘opt-in’ approach. If you’re interested, you can read.

I will point out that I was taking this walk on Veterans Day and the parade went right in front of St. Pat’s. This limited my ability to take the kind of door photos I would have loved to have taken. Sadly, the NYPD doesn’t yet extend diplomatic immunity to Thursday Door photographers. I hear that Norm is working on that.

These doors are in response to Norm Frampton’s Thursday Doors challenge. Actually, it’s not an arduous challenge, you only need a door and a link to his page and a few seconds to click on the little blue link thingie. In fact, you don’t even have to post on Thursday. Norm is from Canada where Thursdays are frequently cancelled due to snow, so you have until noon Saturday to submit your Thursday door – how sweet is that?

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  1. Memories of B&H with Dan – happy days. Those were the days when I could spend money on cameras and get better equipment. My current Canon DSLR and Tamron lens do everything that I need so even if I was in NY (sometime, I hope – aside, I live in the UK) I would go to B&H but have no excuse for spending any dosh!

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    1. Still, I bet you would buy something. It’s hard to walk through that store and not want to buy something. The last time I was there, I bought a different point & shoot camera, but I was also looking at the astronomy section and the GoPro stuff. It’s a dangerous place to be.


  2. Lovely collection Dan. I plan on going back to St. Patrick’s next time I’m in New York…such a beautiful building.
    We haven’t had to cancel any Thursdays due to snow so far this year ;-) in fact unless it cools down a lot soon, it looks like we’re going to have a green/brown Christmas this year.

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    1. We have been in the 50s and 60s here Norm. We’re starting to see buds! It’s supposed to turn sharply colder on Sunday, but no telling if that pattern is going to hold. We’re actually pretty quick to cancel the office these days, mainly because almost everyone can work from home. Thanks as always for organizing this feature.

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  3. I always enjoy the eclectic collections, Dan. Different doors for different places, but they all do the same thing. Kinda like people when you think about it.

    Interesting that you would post a follow-up to your NYC door set. I was back in New York just last week, and the weather was nice enough that I could look around a bit more than usual. What a place. I imagine you could meet this door challenge every week with NYC doors if you wanted to.

    I had to chuckle, too, at how you wanted to keep your headline from going on to a second line. Glad to know I’m not the only one who fiddles with the wording to get a certain look. Feels a bit silly at times to give it much thought, but hey, aesthetics are important. Good post!

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    1. Thanks Paul. I appreciate being in such good company re: aesthetics. Sometimes I think that I’m overthinking it, but…

      I have more door photos from NY and from Washington, DC. I keep these in reserve for the weeks when it isn’t possible to get new photos or I don’t have a particular door in mind. I did have a different plan for this week, but it fell through. This was going to be next week’s collection, so I have some homework to do now.

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    1. It did Jan, so many doors! I have more, but they are grouped into themes that didn’t seem to fit with the holidays. I must look like a very odd tourist when I travel these days, taking pictures of doors.


  4. Haha, Thursdays are frequently canceled do to snow!
    You could say this is a parade of doors! Wow. So much stone and so many thoughtful details. I love the post office glass. Just wow! Great additions to your collection!

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    1. Thanks! My father was a mailman and I worked summers at the Post Office when I was in college, so I have an affinity for Post Office buildings. Norm says they haven’t cancelled any Thursdays yet this year, but you never know.


  5. What a wonderful selection of doors today, Dan. I’m glad I saw this post, because to be honest, when I think “New York”, I do not think of gorgeous churches and a plethora of beautiful architecture/doors. For as long as I can remember, the first (and only) thing that comes to mind with New York is crime, danger and a whole bunch of people doing things that I probably wouldn’t approve of. I know that I shouldn’t stereotype places, but I can’t help it. So having someone point out the positive aspects of a city is a blessing — even if it’s just a couple of impressive doors. As you can imagine, there aren’t any spectacular churches to visit up here, so I like when you highlight those. I don’t like modern architecture one bit, and it’s nice to see that there are still surviving examples of the days when style and substance mattered!

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    1. Thanks Wendy. I lived in NY when it was closer to the city you imagine. I moved there in the summer of 1977 when the Son-fo-Sam killer was still on the lose. I have to say that I feel much safer these days, especially when I know that I have to look like a tourist. There are so many beautiful churches in the city and it is good to see to them still surviving. I can’t imagine the cost of maintaining grand stone structures these days. I am not a fan of modern looking churches, but I’ve learned over the years that the pastor/reverend/priest and the congregation can make a cold church feel warm and also the other way round.

      FYI, I have another set of NY doors that will take you back to that uneasy feeling. I’m waiting until after the holidays to post those.


  6. I saw a variety of churches among your selection, Dan. St. Patrick’s Cathedral is one of my favorites. I have been there without capturing it on film. Your photos may help me to keep the memories alive. It was truly spectacular inside and out.
    The red doors under arches were pretty, too. I am picturing green wreaths with red bows, or white snowflakes on green wreaths on some of these doors. I may use my imagination to,spread the New York streets and buildings with some Christmas cheer! :)

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    1. Thanks Robin. I was in NY in early November, so not too many decorations. I would imagine some of them do have the wreaths you describe. No snow yet, but I don’t think most New Yorker mind that fact. I’ve been in St Pats but without a camera as well. It really is amazing.


    1. One of the first times I took my daughter to NY, it was about 5 degrees f and we went into any building that was open and warm. We went into St Pats, it was beautiful but we left prior to a mass that was going to be starting soon.

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  7. OH, how I dream of going to the BH Photo & Video Store! I have heard it’s amazing with conveyor belts running along the ceiling carry gear from floor to floor. I’ve never been to NYC, but it’s on my wish list. I also want to eat my way through all the boroughs(sp)! :) We have really great food here, but I hear it’s really good there too, and those who know me know I love food, and I’ll eat anything that doesn’t eat me first. :)

    I digress. Doors. I like that really old door that’s needs some TLC too. Wouldn’t it be great Red.

    #1 Grandson loves Cranes too and calls them out whenever we see them while driving. He would just love standing there looking at all those cranes.

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    1. That store is amazing and the staff is knowledgeable and helpful. When my daughter was in school, I wanted to get her some lighting and they spend a lot of time helping me get her something that “she might outgrow but she’ll always keep” It was a great choice. I’ve had some great meals there but I gravitate back to my favorite pub. As for cranes, I could stand under them all day too. The job site in the picture has so many cranes, it was fun just trying to count them. I can’t find it but there’s an official video of the conveyor system where they put a GoPro on a box and shot the entire ride.

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  8. Good one. I love the way you capture architecture with your camera. You have an eye for creativity and detail. I often tell my friends who have an expensive DSLR camera compared to mine simple point and shoot that – Beautiful pictures don’t come from expensive camera, they come from a beautiful mind and an eye for detail.

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