One-Liner Wednesday – Plumbing vs. Anatomy

“You need to call the building manager, the ladies room is a hot mess.

One of my duties in our small company is to deal with the landlord. Sometimes, I investigate the situation. At times like these, I just pass the information along. I’m not sure I want to know how women get “large puddles” on the floor.

This post is part of Linda G, Hill’s One-liner Wednesday.

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  1. This seems like a good time to ask how in God’s green earth there can be people who leave a restroom without washing their hands. I know a disturbing number of men don’t do it, and I’m told things aren’t much better on the women’s side. O_o

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    1. I know Paul. They say the most dangerous thing to touch in a public restroom is the door handle. I was hoping (still am) that this post didn’t go down a rat hole, but when this woman brought me this news, I though two things: 1) How on earth…? and 2) At least I’ll get a one-liner Wednesday out of this. When I talked to the building manager, he said that he’s seen gas station restrooms that were in better shape. There’s an image you don’t want stuck in your head.

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    1. Apparently not the case in this building. One of the tenants on our floor is a training division for a local bank. Lot’s of people in and out who don’t normally work here. I don’t know why that matters, but…


  2. I don’t want to know how 98% of the things that happen in the women’s restroom at the office happen… And I surely wish it had better ventilation…
    Oh and the property management company — they’re a “Green” building. They repeatedly let us run out of toilet tissue. Sorry, using hands instead is too “green.” :D
    Have yourself a wonderful Wednesday, Dan.

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  3. I’ll admit, when I first saw the words “ladies room” and “hot mess” at a quick glance, it immediately put a very distinct and very disgusting image in my head that I don’t want there, EVER. And let’s leave that at that. No need to get graphic. xP But happily, I can report that for the most part, the public bathrooms in my town are pretty decent. I’m not going to go eating off the floors or licking the door handles (not that I’d do that under ANY circumstance! O_o) or anything! But the times I’ve seen any real messes (hot or otherwise) are few and far between, I’m glad to say! Though I have met some women who are such slobs that I wouldn’t even let them into my house for coffee…

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    1. I hesitated before pushing ‘publish’ on this and I changed the title. It was one of those “this would be funny if it was someone else’s problem” moments. We’ve had some real slobs (men) as neighbors but the really gross ones moved out a couple of years ago.

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  4. I swear, I never leave puddles! LOL! I can attest to finding many womens’ rooms a hot mess, which is not a good reflection on my gender. Pet peeve? STOP BEING LAZY AND FLUSH THE DAMN TOILET. YOUR ARM IS NOT BROKEN! GROSS!

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