One-Liner Wednesday – Caddyshack

“Let’s go – while we’re young!”

Maddie didn’t get it. She didn’t get it in the AM when it was 11f (-11c) with a 25mph wind, and she didn’t get it in the PM when it was 24f (-4c) with a 20mph wind (with gusts up to 41). Then again, Maddie hasn’t seen Caddyshack. Maddie was more interesting in the smells that 20+ mph wind was bringing into her yard.

This is part of Linda G. Hill’s One-Liner Wednesday series. See the other posts for this prompt here.

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    1. She loves to be outside Robin and she doesn’t seem to realize that Irish Setters don’t have an undercoat and really aren’t equipped for winter. She did eventually take care of business – thanks!


    1. Thanks for reading Judy but don’t encourage her. Later in the evening, she was plopped in front of the woodstove, but all she wanted earlier was to be out in that cold wind. She just loves to smell whatever that breeze is bringing her.

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  1. We have been having a cold snap in Minnesota with the temperatures dipping below -20F. Cold enough to bring Scooter in for the evening. When I went out to his run on Sunday night, I expected to see him shivering inside the shed on his bed of straw. Instead he was outside with his nose in the wind, sniffing for something to bark at. Go figure. He does like to come inside though -to upset the cats.

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    1. Setters have to be inside – they don’t have an under coat, so no winter coat for them. Maddie doesn’t seem to know this. I guess they just love to smell what’s in that wind. 20 below is a bit much. My brother and mom live in Iowa. My mom wonders why I don’t visit in the winter. I guess I can give -20 reasons.

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        1. I guess if I were hunting with her, she would collect less crap in her coat (since she doesn’t have one). I don’t understand why they aren’t bothered by the cold. We’ve had four, and they have all loved the snow and seem immune to the cold.

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  2. Maddie is soooo stinkin cute!
    It has to be -20 windchill or worse before Sadie doesn’t want to be outside! She may have been born in Georgia, but I think she’s more northern than I am!

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  3. Maddie’s adorable in that first pic, Dan. Man, I’m so glad I’m not an animal who has to go outside to use the bathroom! Years ago, I had a little Yorkie/Chihuahua mix named Linus, and there were times when he’d run out to do his business, but then his feet would get too cold to make it back to the house. Next thing you know, he’s just sitting in the snow, shivering, pulling up one little paw at a time. I was always quick to hurry out to get him and carry him inside!

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    1. Maddie thanks you Wendy. Linus’ story brings such a sad image to mind…poor pup. Our first Setter would go out in the snow until her feet were just big balls of crusted ice. She’d come in, chew the ice off and run back to the door. These guys just love being out there. Maddie loves the cold, and if it snows, there’s no getting her back in.

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    1. Maddie is content to go from frigid to roasting Paul. I would much rather stay by the fire. After watching the Steelers lose in Denver on Sunday, I officially moved into baseball mode. I’m wearing my Pirates cap and unless WVU/Pitt are playing basketball on any given day, my t-shirt will have a Pirates logo on it. Pitchers and catchers report (for Buccos) on February 18th. Let’s play ball!

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  4. How cute she is! I can’t imagine going out in those frigid temperatures! Diva Dog looks at me with a look that says, “You’ve got to be kidding me? Go out in the rain and 35F cold? No, way!” when I open the door for her. Mind you, she’s the one that scratched to go out!

    She will head to the kitchen door that leads to the garage door so she go out on the side yard where it’s a bit drier, and sheltered from the elements. This is one reason I call her Diva Dog. :)

    Our Diva Dog is a Bichon-Poo mix with no undercoat. She shivers so on chilly days she wears a sweater for her walks. I wonder how she’d react to snow?

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    1. I like that you call her “Diva Dog” but I think I’d rather them not wanting to come in than not wanting to go our. We had a male Setter who didn’t like the rain and he would just target the corner post of our porch so he could stay under the overhang. I do like that yours knows which side of the house suits her better (and that she’s totally comfortable making you go that way).

      Setters don’t have an undercoat either, but it doesn’t seem to matter. We tried putting a sweater on one of the earlier females and she almost somersaulted trying to walk and pull the sweater off at the same time.

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  5. I definitely have a different opinion of the cold windy days than my beast. He gets frisky and has to explore the scents he could never find because most come from across the river and I am NOT going swimming. I tend to want to be curled up in front of that fire.

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