If We Were Having a Beer – Apple

“Hey guys, we have something new on tap today, Angry Orchard Crisp Apple.” “Thanks Cheryl, I’ll have a Yuengling.” “Yeah, as good as that sounds, I’ll have a glass of…” “Meomi. You guys are changeless. You might want to mix it up now and then.” “We prefer reliable.” “My young friend makes a good point... Continue Reading →

SoCS – Contraction

I’m not sure what dungeon mistress Linda G. Hill had in mind for us guys when she scribbled: “Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: ‘contraction.’ ”  I’m not even sure what she had in mind for most women, herself included when she tacked on the “have fun” directive. “Fun” and “contraction” don’t... Continue Reading →

One-Liner Wednesday – Monopoly

“We call this a trend that isn't correcting itself” Those are the final words in a Twitter stream ignited when one of my friends suggested that, perhaps the new Ultimate Banking edition of Monopoly would help end the chronic mistakes made by yours truly during games. This soon-to-be-released edition will use debit cards and an... Continue Reading →

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