One-Liner Wednesday – Time

We have now entered the phase of chug it or chuck it

The flight attendants on Southwest always try to make their instructions and announcements a little more fun than the larger stuffy airlines. This was our flight attendant’s way of telling us that she and her crew were coming through the cabin to collect our drink cups and empty peanut bags.

After a busy few days on the road, this little but of levity was a very nice touch.

This post is part of Linda G. Hill’s One-Liner Wednesday series.

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  1. The Wall Street Journal published a great article on Southwest Airlines flight attendant humor. Here are two of the better lines:

    “OK, people, it’s open seating, just like at church — saints up front, sinners in back,”

    “Remember, this isn’t a furniture store. You’re only renting this seat for an hour.”

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  2. I always fly Southwest, primarily for their great service, but also for their sense of humor. I remember one pilot, as we took off and experienced that slingshot, lifting feeling, going “Wheeeee” over the intercom. Another time a stewardess was going through the usual safety steps and said that if our air masks dropped to “wait for the free flow of alcohol — er, oxygen.” Humor definitely helps take the edge off, no question!

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    1. Ha ha – They seem to have calmed down a bit. For a while, they seemed to be trying to outdo one another. One guy, in reference to the oxygen masks said: “strap that butter cup on and pull the elastic” and I thought – that’s exactly what it looks like :)

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  3. That’s Southwest for you. I haven’t flown them much because the guy who ran it swore he’d never fly into and out of Atlanta (probably because one of the local pols didn’t like the bribe he offered), but when I lived in Chicago I took them a couple of times (I lived near Midway airport) and really enjoyed the experience.

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