One-Liner Wednesday Badge?

Linda called for people who participate (or not I suppose) in One-Liner Wednesday to offer some ideas for a badge for those posts.

I like the idea of having a badge, because my one-liner posts are often unadorned. This is my attempt at making a badge. You should be able to vote on Linda’s blog on Monday, if you’re so inclined.

If you want to preview some of the other entries, I think (at least some of them) they are listed on the contest page. The rules are listed there too, so if you have an idea for a better badge, check it out, you still have seven or so hours.

one-liner Wednesday
Badge idea for one-liner Wednesday

18 thoughts on “One-Liner Wednesday Badge?

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  1. when I first read the title to this post I had to make sure I did not wake up on a different day – so whew – ok – it is still sunday! lol –
    and the reason I love your entry has to do with the single line of chem trail – or jet emission – whatever it is – and the low sky line – just as a nice feel – I will try and see the others too – have a nice day D

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    1. Ha ha – I never thought about that. Sorry for the scare. I really love looking at contrails, as does my daughter so I take a lot of pictures of them. This one has always amazed me because of the way it appears to pierce the cloud. Thanks!

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