One-Liner Wednesday – Calories

Here’s your 360 calories

The local Dunkin Donuts has added calorie information about every item on the shelf. I chose the Oreo Cookie Cheesecake Square over the more heavily calorie laden Low-fat Blueberry Muffin. The clerk heard us laughing and delivered our items with a running count.

According to the master catalog, this isn’t a bad choice for me. I don’t ever get a reduced-fat muffin, ‘cuz, what’s the point? I also only ever get a medium coffee with whole milk, which is about 60 calories. I do like Coffeecake and Blueberry muffins, but I decided to go healthy today.

CaloriesYou can check out the entire Dunkin Donuts catalog of good-and-good-for-you stuff at this website.

This post is part of Linda G. Hill’s One-Liner Wednesday series.

One Liner Wednesday

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  1. “Low-fat?” Crazy, isn’t it??? Typically, ‘low-fat’ products have more sugar which is why there are laden with extra calories. Sad, but true. Good choice you made, Dan. Oh, but they all look so good! I enjoyed this post. A lot of fun. Thanks, Dan. Happy week to you. :)

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  2. May I take one of those Oreo cookie bars, too? Oh, I used to get cappuccinos and Macchiato coffees, which have slowly switched to adding the flavoring and Hal and half, saves almost 200 calories. Whole milk goes with Oreos, Dan. :) Happy Wednesday!

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    1. I think that’s because there just isn’t a good way to serve celery for breakfast :) I don’t get these every day, but I was surprised to see the calories in the Plain Stick or Old Fashioned donut. I thought those would be better because they don’t have any frosting. Turns out, cake donuts are the worst because of the oil.

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    1. Ha ha – Thanks Joey!

      A few months ago, before they put these signs up, my coworkers were picking on me for my childish choice. They all got Coffee Cake muffins. That’s when I discovered the master catalog of nutrition facts. They were all pretty angry when I sent my gloating email. I’m not saying it’s healthy, but if you’re going to have something, it ain’t bad. And, it tastes so good!

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        1. I’m never giving up Oreos. My coworkers still choose coffee cake muffins when they want a treat. That’s how it should be. Have what you want, but in moderation. Except for Oreos. No moderation required.

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  3. It all looks so yummy! It’s depressing that there are so many calories in things, nearly all things outside of vegetables too. I really think that calories should not count if you eat them while standing. I mean, doesn’t that sound fair?

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  4. Oh, I want a doughnut now and I go to work soon. Unluckily, I work in a department where they produce fresh doughnuts every day…. :-). Hope you enjoyed your treat :-)

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  5. Yeah, calorie counts are all the rage now, and while my shoulder angel appreciates the info, my shoulder devil hates it. :P Ha, Dan, what you wrote here reminds me of a quote from one of my favorite columns by the late, great Michael Kelly: “A muffin the size of a softball is not breakfast. It is dessert; you are eating cake at 8 a.m.” True, but la la la, I can’t hear you!

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    1. I’m sorry Paul, were you saying something?

      It’s true, but I have to think that if the worst think I do for my health is have a donut a couple of times a week or a couple of beers on Saturday (for researching for those dialog exercises) I’m really OK. If not, what’s he point? I work from the bathroom scale. When I see it inching up, I scale back. I’ve been within the same 5 pound range for the past 5 years, so I’ll stick with that plan until it doesn’t work.

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  6. What a scam the Reduced Fat Muffin is! I’ve been a calorie counter, and keep a running daily journal since 1998. I’m one that appreciates the change that requires the nutrition guide to be available. It has affected my choices.

    How many calories in a single chocolate donut hole? I can’t make it out in the image. That would be my choice. :)

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    1. 70 calories in those Munchkins. They now package 10 of them in an easy-to-go plastic cup – 700 calories unless you share.

      My wife has always urged me to avoid the “low-fat” options. I think she’s right, I don’t think they are necessarily healthier.

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      1. I think she’s right too. I eat what I want but keep the portions under control. A single donut hole would be fine for me. Just a little treat. I would only buy 10 if I were going to share. 700 calories is nearly my whole day’s calories in one go!

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  7. Your pictures have my mouth watering, Dan. Yet I have been eating so lean and healthy for so long now, that IF I ate something you have here, I would feel sick. Sad but true. Hence, the side effect of eating healthy. My body does not tolerate sugar or fried foods any more. *sigh* I do eat chocolate though, and if anyone even tried to take my chocolate from me, my LAST source of food JOY, I would probably go for their necks. A-hem. A tad strong I agree, BUT DON’T TAKE MY CHOCOLATE. :)

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    1. Got it – don’t touch Amy’s chocolate. I could support your position on that. As for staying away from things and eventually having no tolerance for them, I think that’s what happened with me and oatmeal.

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      1. Oatmeal?!? For real? Oh my! I’m not a big fan of oatmeal myself I must admit. I do on the other hand love my Grandma’s oatmeal cookie recipe, that unfortunately for me, with all the sugar that goes in that, I am not able to eat anymore. Poor me. All the good stuff I used to eat …. And now mostly 99.999999% healthy. But oatmeal? You got me there, hmmmmm ……

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  8. With my condition I have to read nutrition labels like never before. A visit to a donut shop is a once or twice a year treat for me.
    Here food labeling has to include the recommended daily intake percentage for things like salt, fat, cholesterol and certain vitamins and minerals. Overall those salt numbers are very scary. And hey, that “low-fat” muffin…so misleading tsk tsk Dunkin.

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  9. How can anybody think the words Donut and Calorie Chart in the same thought? The only purpose can be to inspire even more self loathing in those with a sweet tooth. Hmmm maybe a conspiracy , weight watchers and psychologists, driving us to guilt eating so we’ll buy their services. Yep, that’s got to be it. :)

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  10. I love the way you guys spell the word Doughnut. I reckon that’s why they have less calories in them than they do over here in the UK, Dan. Must say that you can’t beat the plain ones that have a huge dollop of raspberry jam in the middle and are covered in sugar. I’ve never not been able to lick my lips when eating one.

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    1. Thanks Hugh. Not everyone spells it that way, but Dunkin Donuts made it part of their brand, and it’s about the only place I get donuts, so, Those plain ones, at least here, have the most calories, due to the oil they absorb. I don’t care, I love them too :)

  11. I know that this is way off -topic , but does anyone dunk donuts any more ? Sorry . I don’t like to consider calories ; it disturbs me . But good luck with the healthy choices , Dan .

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    1. Dunkin Donuts used to make a “Dunkin donut” which was a plain cake donut with a little “handle” to hold while dunking. They don’t make it any more. I do still dunk Oreos in milk – does that count?


  12. Dunkin Donuts is my little New England sin. I don’t care much about calories either. Once in a while is fine. I ADORE munckins, personally. They are so small they must be zero calories anyway, right?
    Besides I only drink black coffee or tea. Enjoy!

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