Hmmm, is the world still your oyster? Is it on the half-shell, or… Maybe you should just read Dan’s (a different Dan) post. I enjoyed it. If I can figure out how to do it, I’m going to close comments here. If you want to comment, go see the oyster man (you won’t be disappointed).


So I gots this friend up north who used to teach with me for a year in the previous century back when we both were young and feisty and the world was , as they say , our oyster . Well , I don’t know if anyone says the world is our oyster or not , to be honest ; but you know what I mean .morro bay march 2016 006.JPGMASKS

I was up in Morro Bay for a couple of days . It’s a small beach town on the central California coast . Very pretty . Boats and a big rock , seagulls and seal lions ,  otters and heron . Fog , also , and kayaks , and fish restaurants . And oysters , I think . The world may have been an oyster long ago for the two of us , but the Morro boats still go out and catch oysters…

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