One-Liner Wednesday – Donut Court

You can help the next customer and then we can figure this out.”

No. No she can’t help the next customer. Your screwed up sale is already in the register. She can’t help me, or the next guy or the next guy until she finishes with you. You think that there is an error because you’re “pretty sure” you “paid $38.75” for 6 dozen donuts last week but the cash register is asking for $40.25 today.

You’ve acknowledged that the receipt is correct. You agree that the price is less than the “regular” price, but you’re “sure” that you paid less last week.

Maybe the price changed. Maybe the person last week made an error. Maybe you don’t get a senior discount for 6 dozen donuts. Maybe that was a special price for Leap Day. In any case, you’ve made your stand. You’ve drawn a line in the sand and you have to work it out now.

You’ve asked for a manager. He’s busy, but that’s OK. We can wait. The line is growing behind us. Oh, look, it’s out the door now. Nice going buddy.

Note: To make matters worse, when the manager came and adjusted the price, this guy stood there trying to explain things. He didn’t just want his $1.50, he wanted his case to be heard.

This post is part of Linda G. Hill’s One-Liner Wednesday series.

One Liner Wednesday

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  1. My wife was a manager of a clothing store; she could tell you all kinds of stories like this one. I think more times than not; the customer is not always right.

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    1. I think working retail must be the worst Charlie. Customers can be a pain, and I only see a tiny fraction of them. I don’t think I could make it behind the counter.


  2. I recently am happy to say a clerk put a customer on hold while I asked for help. I was thinking I had bothered to come inside. But now I am wondering if First customer comes first, even in this case? In your example, definitely first comes first. :)

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    1. I am sorry, I should have added he should allow line to go ahead while waiting for his “refund.” It doesn’t mean he cannot wait though for manager and pay “registered price.”


      1. Now we’re even Robin. I should have said: I think the customer was willing to wait, but the sale was too large for the clerk to cancel. The register was stuck on this sale until the guy paid, or a manager cleared the register.

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    2. I don’t mind waiting for the people ahead of me, but there has to be a way to be a better way than this deal with the problem children – because there’s so many of them! Thanks Teagan.


      1. I’ve never worked retail – which is a good thing for the safety of the general public. I’d likely snap and there would be an ugly incident. In other words, my career would be short. Very short.

        There is just all kinds of rudeness, stupidity, and poor manners in evidence everyday.
        Although I’m happy to complain about bad customer service when I encounter it, sometimes I can’t help but wonder how much shit they had put up with before I came along.

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    1. Seriously, this guy was literally standing between me and my coffee. At least I was the next person in line. I don’t think I could make people wait for $1.50 (on top of a discount he was obviously getting).

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        1. I would have considered that but the guy was such a jerk. It strikes me that we don’t have a good way of identifying arrogance when writing. Someone should work on that.


  3. I think stuff like this all the time. Especially the few places we go where we order the exact same thing with stunning regularity. I don’t hold up the line, or, at least I haven’t yet. I don’t know how the price on 6 dozen donuts changes, but I do know a RECEIPT can help clarify that.
    I found at our local Mexican diner, we are often given the big bowl of queso without charge, but not all waiters adore us, and on those days, we must pay for it :P

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    1. Given that these are registers with buttons for each item, it’s easy for them to hit the wrong thing. I’ve gotten charged like a nickle extra because the clerk hit the wrong item. But if I don’t discover it before the transaction is complete, while he/she can fix it without a manager, I just chalk it up to my not paying attention. I can’t see holding up a line of people trying to get their morning cup-o-Joe – that’s just not right.

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  4. The ones that drive me nuts are those who change their order a half dozen times and then only start taking their wallet out after the clerk rings up the sale and tells them the amount. Then they fish around in their jacket pockets (or purse) to find their wallet, pulling out the money and counting it out on the counter one bill at a time; paying in small bills and insisting on giving exact change. And then after all that is done and the register is closed they suddenly remember: THEY HAVE A COUPON!!!

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    1. I’ve been behind that person Norm. I’ve also been behind that person in the satellite counter in the grocery store where a huge sign says “Sorry, we cannot accept Dunkin Donuts Coupons or Gift Cards” but then they want to pay with a gift card or use a coupon.

      There should be a separate line for normal people.

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    1. I know Lois! I was there long enough to do the math, they were already giving him a nice discount. 6 dozen donuts are $47.94. With a senior citizen discount, it would have been $43.15 – Count your blessings and move the heck out of the way!

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  5. All over a buck and a half? Does your wife have a handy frying pan that I can whop that man over the head with? Talk about squeaky! Some people really do have a lot of nerve. I too have worked retail and have horror stories. But this one is a real boner! Good grief!!! Maybe this guy ought to figure out graciousness versus greed. Maybe.

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  6. Oh, don’t you love people like that? This actually fits in with my post today – some people NEED to be edited. I’m not sure if I wish I’d read this before I wrote my post or if I’m happy I didn’t. :P Or maybe I need to write another one to argue the last one…
    And now I need editing. Sheesh!

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  7. Hmm, I wasn’t going to comment on this one as I really don’t want to solicit the same type of response from your readers as what the guy in your post reaped. Buuuut….

    While I completely understand the frustration of having to wait in line, especially when a customer is arguing over what seems like a “small” discrepancy, I also know what it’s like to BE that customer. I see evidence every single week of stores failing to update their sale prices at the register, or when they don’t want to follow their OWN store policy for “This was the price listed on the shelf, therefore, that’s what you have to sell it to me for”. And so while I don’t think anyone sets out (or likes) to make a scene or hold up others, if NO ONE holds a store accountable, then everyone gets ripped off. Sure, it may just be $1.50 to some people, but just think — an extra $1.50, every week, for an entire year adds up to $78. And let’s say that you get ripped off that $78 for 30 years. That’s $2340 that YOU earned, and then essentially have stolen right out of your pocket just because someone could do it and get away with it.

    I really have a hard time keeping my cool with impatient people in stores and restaurants. I know it’s difficult to have to wait, especially when you’re in a hurry, and I’m not an overly patient person myself, I admit that. But I’m always reminding myself that no matter what, my time isn’t more important than anyone else’s. Everyone is waiting. And getting mad about it helps nothing. And when it comes MY time to be the one holding up the line because I think there’s a problem, I always appreciate when the other customers are gracious enough to just smile instead of shooting me a dirty look and getting all huffy about it. Hey, there are other registers that you can go to if I’m holding you up. Feel free to move to one of them. Or the cashier can clear my order and ask ME to move to a different register while we wait for the manager to sort it all out.

    Forgive me, Dan, but I’m REALLY taken aback at how nasty your readers got about this guy. :-/ Frankly, I think that people who would rather just throw away good money because they’re too impatient to wait are the ones who have an issue.

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    1. I wasn’t nasty to the guy, but I was frustrated with the situation. He clearly had been given a substantial discount. There was only one register and the manager was not available.

      Normally, people, myself included, who are getting large orders, call them in ahead of time. They don’t stand there and choose 72 donuts. The price is provided when the order is placed. This guy did not do that. I realize anyone can order anything they want, but there is such a thing as being considerate of others.

      He had a receipt. He had been given a discount. As far as anyone in line could tell, as far as the cashier and as far as the manager could tell, he wasn’t entitled to a larger discount. If this guy had had a leg to stand on, I wouldn’t have been upset, but I don’t think he did.

      In any case, you don’t need to worry about your comment. You made several valid points and I appreciate that.

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      1. Thanks, Dan, and you’re right about people being (or not being, as the case may be) considerate. It’s absolutely a two-way street. And clearly, I was not there for this particular guy’s disruption, so I want to be clear that I was certainly referring more to the principle of being impatient rather than this particular incident. And I didn’t think that you were nasty to the guy at all! I’m sure you weren’t. No, I was referring to how upset your commenters seemed to get, especially over the idea that it wasn’t enough money to warrant a complaint. Which again, I DO understand the frustration, and I’ve certainly gotten frustrated with that too!

        There are definitely people who make a stink just for the sake of it. Or who are just plain obstinate and who are overly obnoxious when voicing a complaint. In this instance with just one register, I wish the cashier had voided the order and asked the man to step aside until the manager could make an appearance, OR the man should have asked her to void it himself and stepped aside to wait on his own, rather than holding up the rest of the line.


        1. In fairness to the guy, he did offer. The complexity of the register wouldn’t let her void such s large sale. She needed a manager to do that too. Complexity of retail is the subject of a future post :)


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