Little Foam Ball

Cat Ball
Can you get that for me? It’s soooo far away.

There are all kinds of ball things going on these days. The NCAA Basketball Tournament. Major League Baseball spring training. NFL Football free agency. But, none of those matter. As soon as I saw Linda’s prompt:

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: “ball.”  Play with it! Have fun!

The only thing I could think of was Little Foam Ball. I hope Linda will allow the edit of capitalization, but Little Foam Ball is a proper thing around here, I’m told.

MiMi, is the smaller of our Tuxedo sister and she loves to play Little Foam Ball. Since Linda said to have fun, I thought I’d just share a few photos of MiMi having fun.

This post is in response to Linda G. Hill’s SoCS prompt.



  1. What a cutie! Great pictures! The only things Ami wants to play with are 1) my papers 2) my pen 3) the connectors on my headphones 4) my cough lozenges. Since those are usually off limits, she doesn’t play. Yes, she has toys.

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  2. Dan, that is a delightful use of the prompt! Of course, I’m biased. I love Mimi and her “tuxedo sister.”
    I bought similar foam balls for Crystal. I have to get lots of “amo” to throw to her. Meanwhile she gives me a long suffering look as if to say “I try so hard to get my human to exercise and she just doesn’t get it.” Mega hugs =^-^=

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    1. Thanks Teagan. Sometimes we tell ourselves that they do all of this for us. Our dog just took me for a walk in the park. They are so generous with their time :) Give Crystal a hug from MiMi & MuMu

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  3. Years ago, my aunt and uncle had a tabby named Puddin’. Back then, practically everyone smoked, and Pud — a very unfriendly cat to anyone by my aunt — just loved if you made a little ball out of the foil in the cigarette wrapper. I was just a little kid then, but I can remember flicking those little foil balls down the hallway, watching Pud finally do something cute rather than being such a demon spawn from hell!

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    1. That’s funny Wendy. We “inherited” a Tabby from a (at the time) friend. She liked the women in the house, but was very mean to me and our male dog. I would have liked to flick something at her, maybe a little heavier than rolled up foil.

      It’s funny that you mention the foil. I remember doing that and also stripping the foil off the foil/was paper wrapper that chewing gum was wrapped in. That stuff had all kinds of uses in play.

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    1. Yeah, like an extra inch will cause them to tear something. “I can’t reach…” MuMu like to sit, just beyond our reach and then scream to be brushed or scratched.


    1. I doubt we will ever have a house without cats. When the last of the first batch oof cats passed away, we scooped these girls up in a matter of days. MiMi was very sick at the time that we got her. She missed her kitten year, being nursed back to heath, but she’s remained kitten like in her antics.

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      1. Am so glad they found you as cat parents :-) Cats are just great characters no matter what. My step-mums best friend had a tom cat who ran along the hall and slid underneath a chest of drawers when he was young. Unfortunately for him he never understood that he grew up and didn’t fit underneath anymore. He gave us fits of laughter whenever he tried. And he loved the record player. Sitting on it I mean :-). The husband is rather a dog man so we are still discussing. But I bet we will get both as daughter and son from another mother love cats too :-). For now we rent so we can’t have or don’t want to have either. But soon. Very soon :-)


    1. I thought about writing about Maddie’s playing as well, but then this would have been a very long post. It’s a beautiful day here, so I thought I’d spare people a few hundred words. They are so funny with these things though. I’m sure I’ll revisit Maddie’s games at some point.

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  4. Pretty cute and adorable. I remember when I used to play with my sister’s dog named Sunny, a German Shepherd and he was so excited when I played ball with him. I would throw it up in the sky and he would just hunt for it like crazy. He completed his life cycle and passed away a long time ago, but he still lives in my heart.

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  5. Ohhhhh….yeahhhh….
    We have something similar, in our house and young Miss Friday and I, both Tuxedos, love to play fetch and retrieve with our human!

    Miss Miss Elvira, the resident Tortie, just shakes her head in disapproval, saying we need to quit acting like dogs!

    Miss Sneakers

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  6. Pets are always a ball to have around, good company, their own quirky selves and then, loving their owners no matter what. Dan, you remind me of how I handle the doors posts or award ceremonies~ my own way. :)

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