One-Liner Wednesday – Your Choice

You’re going to have to choose one, you can’t have both.

You’re probably thinking that the person on the receiving end of that statement is under the age of 8. You’re picturing a mental struggle between two toys, two stuffed animals or two pieces of candy. Maybe you’re more modern and you substituted two pieces of fruit for the candy.

Sending the message is a parent, perhaps. Comfortably able to provide both choices but seizing the moment to teach restraint, to teach a valuable lesson that will serve this kid for years.

Sounds plausible, doesn’t it?


BarThe person on the receiving end was the only other person at a bar with me last week. One bar, two TVs, two people. He wanted to watch CNN, which was running a show on Donald Trump’s campaign rallies. And, he wanted to watch a rugby match that was on NBC. I wanted to watch one of the NCAA basketball conference playoff games.

If this person’s parents had taught him that valuable lesson we imagined earlier, I would have been spared a monologue on the importance of the political process playing out in American and how rugby is better than American football.

Cheryl, please put ESPN on this TV – Georgia vs Kentucky…thanks!

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One Liner Wednesday

40 thoughts on “One-Liner Wednesday – Your Choice

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  1. LOL. I was half right (maybe). I thought it was a wife talking to her husband. Maybe the guy is single… Same conversation there I guess. Sounds like he was having a “Wednesday Wallow” of his own. So did your team win? Hugs. :)

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  2. Fool. The sport of sports is much more entertaining and much better for the soul than the sport of politics!

    For a future one-liner, how about “You can’t get there from here”?

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  3. I went to a bar recently. Only people there were me and my human. The television was showing a Flowers in the Attic movie. We had to wait for the bartender (doubling as the hostess) to change the channel fot us. We chose local news, but as the barflies joined us we could not hear it anymore. I like a busy bar because there is so much more entertainment in the people than the news.

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  4. I told myself that just two weeks ago while shopping for a new pair of walking shoes. I wanted two pairs, but since I’d already bought two pair of jeans my clothing budget wasn’t going to stretch to two pair of shoes too. Sigh… so many shoes; not enough closet space or money to have them!

    I’d watch Basketball over politics right now too.

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      1. I did the same when I bought new hiking boots too except I went High Tops for one pair and low tops. I like the High Tops for the times I’m in the creeks, and streams, or crossing them, and at the beach. Having the High Top has kept my feet dry more times than I can count.


  5. Hmmmmm ….. I’m with those who say the sport of sports is much healthier for the psyche then the sport of politics which only teaches the viewer how best to be a liar, a manipulator, cruel, mean, and to say anything to appease then change that to “I actually didn’t say that, but really this”. I think you know how I feel about politics. Hope you are feeling better, Dan!!! <3

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  6. I’m attempting to have CNN or any station reporting on the US Presidential Campaign barred indefinitely from our home.
    The tug-of-war over the remote might start to get ugly.

    Of the 3 choices? Basketball – no question.

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  7. Ha, for me, this is what I tell myself when a thing I want comes in both pink and lime green. “You’re going to have to choose one, Wendy, you can’t have both.” Except …..

    I’m an adult now, Self, earning my own money, and so I CAN have both, thank you very much! ;P

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  8. Dan, you always manage to transport me to some place other than where I am. I wish I knew how you did that! I can hear the TV now, and the conversation. And the light in the bar was here in the room with me for a minute or two. Nicely done!
    Also, I like this one-liner Wednesday thing. Sounds like a nice way to ease back into blogging more consistently.

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