One-Liner Wednesday – Seasons

It’s beginning to look a lot like spring

One Liner WednesdayI know, spring began over a month ago, but not here. We had spring-like temperatures in early March, days with highs in the 70s and all that stuff. Then Mother Nature decided to trot out the lion March is known to go out as. Some very cold weather and three days with just enough snow so that you couldn’t ignore it. Once, I even had to fire up the snow blower. Mt. Maddie returned for a few days.

Now, we are enjoying cold nights (25-35°f -4-1.7°c) and warm days (65-75°f 18-23.8°c). Growing things are starting to green-up and living things are starting to make noise, dig holes and bother the dog. I have been trying to get some photos of the local signs of spring, as seen when I take Maddie for her walk, or when she needs to be outside for, you know, that stuff.

I have way too many photos to show you today. So, I’ve tried to pick out the ones that fit the one-line above. I think I might share some of the others with you on Saturday.

This post is part of Linda G Hill’s fun series – One-Liner Wednesday.

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  1. We’re having the same problem but in reverse. It’s supposed to be Autumn but Summer keeps sticking around. I wouldn’t even be able to show any photographic evidence that it’s Autumn because presently everything is sunny, hot and dry. We’re a bit over it.

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  2. Love the way Maddie is ready to go above and beyond to protect her turf from those pesky birds. We decided the coast was clear and took off the snow tires last week – let the warmer weather begin.

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    1. Thanks Norm. Maddie like to protect her space. The only problem is that she thinks her space is everything she can see/hear/smell. She’s kind of the Yertle the Turtle of Irish Setters. I pulled the stakes out of the ground that guide me when I’m behind the snow blower. I guess we’re committed.

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    1. It’s during your summer that I don’t envy you. I’ve been to Florida often in the summer (my luck) and I found it hard to deal with the heat and humidity. I guess you get used to it the way we get used to the cold, but…


  3. Your spring is looking quite advanced compared to ours. The buds on the trees are still just hinting at coming out. I don’t blame them. This morning it’s only 2C.

    My favourite photo is of Maddie too. She’s looking very good. Spring keeps our furry family very busy with all the new activity outside!

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    1. Pretty soon we won’t be able to see the birds in the trees. Maddie loves her walks. I saw the bird right after we returned from a walk and I was hoping Maddie would be tired. I got the picture, the bird chirped, Maddie barked – scene over.

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  4. Yep. I may be quite a few miles south of you, Dan, but warm days and cold nights is indeed the trend now. Winter and summer have their advantages and disadvantages, but at least they’re consistent. At this point, the heating and the air-conditioning are both in use, depending on the time of day. Good pics, as always!

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    1. So true Paul. I am adjusting the car temp in every morning and every afternoon. I guess I need one of those cars that I can just set to 72 – but I’m not interested in spending that kind of money on a car. I love fall the best, but I like spring almost as much – except there’s nothing analogous to Octoberfest.

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  5. It is beginning to look like Spring there. Yeah!
    I loved this line and chuckled, “This guy is searching the ground the way I search Home Depot for a straight 2×4” . Great wit!

    I’m wondering about your “pulling up the stakes that guide me” sentence. You mean stakes you put out to keep you on the sidewalk, and guide you back to the house like a tying a rope to the house to guide you would be?

    How tall are the stakes? I only see them in the mountains along side of the roads, and highways; those are pretty tall.
    I really have no idea of how to live through long, cold, snowy winters.

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    1. Thanks Deborah. The stakes are 4′ tall, but get smacked in the ground about a foot. They are reflective, so if I have to snowblow in the dark, the headlamp lights them up nicely. I use them to make sure I don’t hit the grass or logs or stone. Two years ago, the snow got high enough that I couldn’t see our driveway from the neighbor’s yard. They are a problem if the snow gets too tall around them. the dog gets up on the snow and I worry that she will get hurt, so I don’t put them in certain areas. We have a very small piece of property, but I use a lot of them.

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  6. The Dan – this is a fun topic as spring is in the air -‘your last photo – with he sparrow – oh wow is that super cool! Frame it! Artsy with the lines of the branches – and you captured blue skies in your pics too! Ahhh – welcome spring

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      1. you should frame it! or make a card of it – ?
        and I am coming back later to check up on your A to Z. I am actually looking forward to visiting like four or five a to z challenges from folks – and so please excuse if I have a bunch of comments in a row later.
        anyhow, I was going to do the a to z – but we were extra busy as April started and so I had a longer break than planned. – But super glad because it seems like I returned at the perfect time for “me” – and maybe next April I can do the A to Z in the traditional way. Hmmmm
        have a good day – and

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  7. Loved these photos, Dan. I was thinking the same thing, about spring really being here now. I was on the shuttle bus between my building and the main campus a few miles away. The bus gives a better vantage point to look at all the endless flower bushes at the beautiful homes on the route. I couldn’t “stop to smell the roses” but i nearly did a Linda Blair several times trying to see them all! :D Mega hugs.

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  8. Despite my desire to get out and rake the lawn, it’s going to be a few more weeks before I can. It’s still completely snow-covered. :( Finally saw a robin or two in the last week, but the heat just isn’t there yet. It’s been sitting right at freezing during the day for the past week, and I’m more than ready for some more spring-like weather. I have winter wood to start cutting! Sheesh, thinking about next winter before this winter is even over… it just never ends. :-/

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      1. When Spring DOES finally come here, it’s sooo short (the flies start after only two weeks of nice weather) that this year, I’m thinking more of enjoying it on the other end — more free time in the late summer and fall!

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  9. Dan, we see spring when we look outside, but when we go out, we feel win-ing or spr-inter. Very windy today (it’s the Chicago area, so…) and a second day of chilly temps. Looking forward to the day when the vegetation and the temperatures come together for spring.


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  10. Here in Tennessee all the trees are in bloom with flowers and/or the glorious bright green leaves. The grass is growing way too fast. It’s lawn-mowing season already. I’m woken up at 4:30 by the noisy birds. Yes, the windows are open. No more canned air until the temperatures demands the a/c be turned on.

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  11. Dan, I love “spring green,” the color of the trees when they first leaf out. It’s happening here, even with the cooler temps. The weather is supposed to turn around for us after today, with highs getting into the 50’s, then 60’s over the next five days. I sure hope it sticks around and keeps getting warmer.

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    1. She’s a recent mom. They lay like this in the cool grass. I always tell my wife that “she’s cooling her jets” – no offense intended. This is the one that actually comes up on our porch. My wife sees here and tells her to: “wait a minute, I’ll get some walnuts” The squirrel waits for her prize.

      We feed the birds and squirrels, but only this one gets walnuts. It’s a mom thing.


  12. Your spring sounds exactly like the one we’ve experienced in Craig, CO. Right now we are having nighttime and daytime temperatures that mirror yours and the same signs of green things on the go. I love returning to our house now, because on our street our Russian Willow in the only tree with leaves. Its branches lean out over the fence and sidewalk, brazenly flaunting leaves so new they have the look of lime green popsicles.

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