One-Liner Wednesday – Pocketbook – NOT

Here, put these in your pocketbook.”

It’s an iPad case!

iPad Case
All Business

It really is an iPad case. Maybe a generic tablet case, but certainly not a pocketbook. Not a man-bag, and I didn’t buy it to make a fashion statement.

On days when I won’t be using my laptop, like last Thursday when I was attending WorkSmart, I don’t feel like carrying my backpack briefcase. The only benefit of the backpack would be that it’s never mistaken for a pocketbook.

The iPad case holds my iPad, a power supply, a backup battery, a few pens, some business cards and, courtesy of my lovely wife, a pack of Kleenex.

WorkSmart is an annual technology showcase and seminar produced by ADNET Technologies. If you’re in or near Hartford, CT, you should plan on attending next year.

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37 thoughts on “One-Liner Wednesday – Pocketbook – NOT

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  1. This had me chuckling, Dan! :D It certainly was a great mid-week smile and informative. I need a work smart day. . .
    It does NOT look like a pocketbook! My son insisted on new, solid color diaper bags, since he often carries one. Of course, he switches to a full fledge backpack for the pool. :)

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    1. The case is the best thing I ever bought. It really holds everything I need, and isn’t too hard on my shoulder. I think my wife’s pocketbook would leave me crippled if I had to carry it all day.

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      1. Just the purse (totally empty) can be terribly heavy. When it’s an ordinary workday, I usually opt for a Travelon bag — very light weight and lots of compartments. Then my boss looks down his nose at it… Want me to carry a status bag? Then give me the promotion I’ve earned… Management here (not just him) seems to be really big on the status bags. My idea of a status bag is spending $60 on something on sale from low price designer. The other multiple hundreds can go into the bank for my “house down payment” fund. And I’m totally a clothes hound if that adds perspective to how big the down-the-nose thing is.
        Okay… sorry to babble. Lots to do this morning. I think I’m procrastinating.

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  2. Before I had my iPhone, I took photos with my iPad, which meant I had to carry it around. I found the perfect purse at a high-end thrift store, a rather flat, cross-body number that not only looked great and kept my hands free, but had a pocket in the back big enough for my iPad. I no longer carry the iPad, but I’m still using the purse and would love to find another one like it. Not having to hang onto a purse? Priceless.


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    1. Something heavy hanging off your shoulder is not a good thing to have. I normally use a backpack, because a full laptop bag would send me back to physical therapy. This little guy can get heavy after a full day, but I wasn’t carrying it the whole time, so it wasn’t bad.


  3. That’s cool that your own daughter is standing up at the podium. Did she give you a point and a wink?

    Beautiful convention center. I’m wondering if someone like me would get anything out of the WorkSmart exhibits. Is there cool stuff for the NotTechSmart people to play with?

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    1. Actually, WorkSmart is a perfect event for non-tech people. the presenters go to great lengths to make important technology information easily understandable. No wink from the podium. I think she tries to avoid me, knowing that I have that camera pointed at her. Then again, I’m pretty sure she knows how proud I am.

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  4. Hah. Your iPad case looks like an iPad case to me…Quite honestly, I don’t understand why men DON’T carry pocketbooks. My husband makes me carry his things when we travel, but on any given day, his jacket pockets include keys, change, wallet, phone, pen, vape, and whatever glasses aren’t on his face. In the winter, add tissue and lip balm. If he’s done a lot outdoors, some hand cream…At times he carries hardware or paperwork — That’s enough for a purse. Yes, he does sometimes put them all in his backpack…but I truly think man bags are legit. For years and years I carried a messenger bag that was truly a high-end handbag, and I always thought it looked mannish…

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    1. I mainly don’t carry anything off my shoulder because of the pain it will cause later in the day. This doesn’t look purse-like on the bed, but I get jabs (from guys) when I carry it. I don’t care, it’s functional, and at my age, that’s all that matters.

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    1. Ha! – That’s a great question. They didn’t consult me. I have a picture of even worse carpet, though. I was in a hotel that literally looked like someone drizzled tan paint on a brown carpet throughout the hallways.

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  5. A man-bag? Didn’t that go out of style when the corporate years were done? Bags come in handy when you don’t want to fill your pockets with stuff that are going to make you look unkempt. I’m in favor of all of them. I don’t have an iPad but I do have a Kindle Fire. Now that “purses” are bigger again, it fits nicely inside along with my wallet, keys, and whatever else I carry that day.

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