Are You Sure We Have Time for a Beer?

For the love of beer
The perfect place and beverage to share some casual conversation.

When I arrived at the bar, you had already ordered.

“You’re late.”

“I know. I’m sorry. I had to drop some bills at the post office.”

“Not to worry, my young friend, everything is under control.”

“Hi Dan. Yuengling?”

“Hi Cheryl, yeah, that sounds good.”

“Did he tell you this is on your tab?”

“That must be what he meant by everything being under control.”

“Time waits for no one my friend.”

“I get that, but I think I bought the last time.”

“The last time? There is no last time. Didn’t your friend Einstein say that time is only there to keep us from drinking all the beers at once?”

“Ha – listen to you – investment management meets theoretical physics. He did say something like that, but you say ‘my friend’ like we hang out together. He died when I was about 6 months old.”

“Yes, but you admire him.”

“I do, but I don’t see why we should bring him into the conversation.”

Gravitational Wave Tee Shirt“Sorry, when I came in, you know, on time, I passed a guy on his way out. He was wearing a Gravitational Wave tee-shirt. That’s an Einstein thing, right?”

“It is. In fact, they just detected them for the first time. Probably why they released a tee-shirt.”

“They? Who’s they. It’s not like that Pirates shirt your wearing, they don’t license Einstein.”

“Sure they do.”

“Who? Who licenses a dead scientist?”

“His heirs. The Einstein estate.”

“What, those messed-up kids you wrote about last year?”

“No, he left his money to a university in Israel.”

“Seriously? A university sold that guy his tee shirt?”

“That guy and a few thousand others. They make a lot of money.”

“Sheesh, Einstein, Andy Warhol, John Lennon and lest we forget Harper Lee. That old saying should be:”

“Those who can, do. Those who can’t, wait with their hand over their a** for people who can to die”

“I don’t know about Harper Lee, but Einstein’s estate makes more money than John Lennon’s estate.”

“That’s sad. I work all day trying to help people make enough money to retire, and these guys are reeling in the dough from a dead scientist. At least a university is a good cause.”

“Yeah, some of Einstein’s biological heirs didn’t think so. I read that they tried to sue the university.”

“Suing for a portion of the will. That’s a theory of relativity that even I can understand.”

“It’s just another thing that comes down to determining intent.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, Einstein had no way of knowing that, 50-some years after he died, we’d have tee shirts and Pez dispensers and bobble-head figures of him.”

“No, Einstein, I meant what do you mean when you said: ‘it’s just another thing…’ – what other things of his come down to determining intent? Wait, can we pretend like I didn’t ask that?”

einstein-Library of Congress“Well, there’s the atomic bomb for one. He wasn’t doing weapons research when he laid the foundation for that project, he was a pacifist. On the other hand, he wrote a letter to FDR, urging him to build the bomb. However, some people say: signing that letter was his only regret.”

“Maybe that’s why he looked confused in that picture.”

“Maybe, I think the whole thing was an accident.”

“The bomb? An accident?”

“No, the Theory of Relativity. I think he was searching for something more mundane.”

“Cheryl, before my young friend enlightens me on Albert Einstein’s real mission, could you please toss another glass of Meiomi on his tab?”

“Sure, and I’ll pour him another Yuengling.”

“Thanks Cheryl, awfully nice of me to buy me a beer. Anyway, I think Einstein was trying to figure out why time moves faster between midnight and 6:00 am on Monday than it does between noon and 4:00 pm on Friday.”

“That’s crazy. The man was a genius. He must have known that that’s just human perception at work.”

“Then why did he say:

“Put your hand on a hot stove for a minute and it seems like an hour. Sit with a pretty girl for an hour, and it seems like a minute.”

“Einstein said that?”

“He did.”

“That’s genius.”

Note: It was roughly 100 years ago when Albert Einstein predicted the existence of gravitational waves. Earlier this year, gravitational waves were detected for the first time.

48 thoughts on “Are You Sure We Have Time for a Beer?

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  1. What’s that last one? My workday alarm is 4:15… Come on lazy bones, rise and shine! (Okay now, whatever that is you’re about to throw at me, put it down gently.) :D
    Not having time for a “beer” (substitute just about anything you like) is like not taking time to stop and smell the roses. Have a beautiful holiday weekend. Hugs.

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  2. Too early for a beer, Dan, but I’ll join you later. I see we both talked a bit about time today and it’s time for me to get off the laptop and over to the table for some breakfast. Thanks for being an enjoyable part of my morning, even if the beer has to wait.



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    1. Thanks Janet. I’ve read several blogs today that touched on time. Maybe it’s the thought of that extra day on the weekend. I need to get going too. Have a great day, and enjoy that beer later.

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  3. Okay, two things… Do you really spend Saturday mornings at the bar? Friday nights on your way home? :0
    And, I am stuck on the image of the moving van, so what did I miss? I skimmed the dialogue again…. Was this just to get me to read the post several times? Clever man.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ha ha – no Kate, I don’t have breakfast at the bar. I do sometimes go there on Friday afternoon but not usually. These “conversations” take place on Saturday afternoons.

      The moving van had s very long caption, which may not show. It was when my brother and I were moving my mother to Iowa from Pittsburgh. The hardest part of a 16-hour overnight drive is the dark part. In the Midwest, dark is pitch black. I offered that photo to support the relative passage of time.


  4. I didn’t know a University was making money off Einstein’s work either. That man was brilliant. I wonder what else he predicted will be found years down the road?

    I wish we could stop time from time to time just to take in a moment a little longer, hold it, cherish and the people in those moments.
    Big Baby Boy and his lovely finance arrived home last night for the week-end so I’m a wee bit mushy today. :)

    I’ve never tried Yuengling beer. It’s going to be warm this week-end here, and with the kids all here it might be fun to try a new one. I’ll look for it at the market when I go to fill our our BBQ supplies.

    Have a lovely week-end!

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    1. Thanks Deborah. Einstein actually gave them tights to his papers, and his likeness. He was forward thinking for sure.

      I hope you guys have a great weekend. It’s very hot here, upper 90s, so some Yuengling will be poured at the bar in a little while.

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  5. I am proud to read the alloys research my Dad tested for heat resistance and ability to withstand going through the atmospheric pressure are still being used. A new guy friend of mine looked up my Dad’s research and saw it is on internet but, darn, the patents “ran out” so no money for the “lower gas emissions engines” he worked on and NASA pitched to the big car companies in 74-78. Nope, they can just use the work and research without even repaying U.S. government. Hence, we “heirs” will probably have to earn our futures. :D

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    1. Unless he had crazy hair. Then you could sell tee shirts. That’s good for 50 years, if he died when Einstein did or 75 years if he died after sometime in the 80s. I’m guessing you got a good while left on his likeness. My daughter won’t have much luck selling my mug.


  6. Maybe I should switch to beer. These conversations around beer are fascinating, but the business around dead famous people is a little too much. Honestly I knew for Lennon and Elvis Presley or still Lucille Ball but Einstein?

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  7. Ha! I keep saying that’s why people don’t “get” me, all that ‘genius’ at work. When I’m dead I’ll be famous. Humans are just like that. And yet The Kardashians are iconic heroes across this country… I need a beer. Lol

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  8. I’m an Einstein fan even though I’m totally a right-brained thinker. Of course, the right-brained concept is only because the left side is mucked up from the disability. Maybe, originally, I was supposed to be a left-brained thinker. This wouldn’t explain my longstanding love of writing, music, and art though.

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    1. You know I’m beginning to think you can be both. I just did a quiz about my thinking which came up that I am an anylizer based on how quickly I could work out some logistical puzzles. I am very much right brained but also have an analytical side. I find it nearly i possible to paint due to the freestyle nature of the art but prefer pen and ink due to the detail involved. Perhaps conditioning as a child. My Dad very analytical and I looked up to him. I married an analytical man. He wants to use a level to hang oictures while I prefer to eyeball it. We both do a good job (my method takes half the time). Lol

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    2. I like him because he maintained a sense of humor and didn’t take himself too seriously.
      He did say that “time is only there so everything doen’t happen at once” which is pretty cool for a man who basically defined time.

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  9. We have a local brewer that I think would be ideal for Bucs fans: Heavy Seas beer. They have such varieties as Loose Cannon, Peg Leg and Crossbones. Seems ideal for a Pirate!

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  10. Dan, a quick question; it’s easy because it’s multiple choice: When you begin to write one of your bar conversation posts, do you A) know exactly where it’s going and how you’re going to get there? B) have a topic in mind but no idea where it’s going to take you? C) have no idea about anything?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s a good question Janet. I guess it’s more often ‘B’. I almost always know what I want to talk about, but I don’t always have a good idea of how to get there. This post changed dramatically when I discovered the whole Einstein heirs thing. I wanted to talk about how time seems to move faster at some points versus others. To work in the stuff about the heirs, I had to delete what I thought was a less interesting side conversation. Sometimes, I know enough about the subject, or it’s sufficiently based on an actual conversation that it would be ‘A’.


  11. Great post. I think time is always the same, it’s just the perception that varies. For instance, when I work from an office afternoon hours especially post lunch time moves slower. Now that I work from home, post lunch time moves quickly because I’m with Sarah and I take a nap. What seemed like an eternity now feels like a fraction of a second.

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