Grammar, Cameras, Pots and Kettles

For the love of beer
The perfect place and beverage to share some casual conversation.

If we were having a beer, you would be pleased to see that my daughter Faith was accompanying me.

“Good to see a class act at this bar for a change.”

“Aw, thanks”

“In fact, in honor of this occasion, I’m going to pick up the tab. I know your dad wants a Yuengling, what would you like Faith?”

“I’d like a Gentleman Jack on the rocks, please.”

“Wow, class and good taste. You should bring her more often. Cheryl, one Meiomi, one Yuengling and a Gentleman Jack on the rocks for the young lady. On second thought, I’ll join her with a Gentleman Jack.”

“You want yours on the rocks?”


“Sweet! Hi Faith, what brings you over this way?”

“I just dropped by for a visit.”

“Well, I’m glad you did. You’ve already inspired a better alcohol selection, hopefully you will inspire a better conversation from these two knuckleheads.”

“I resent that remark, Cheryl, but I am glad Faith is here. I was mad at your father for teasing me with that One-Liner post about your trip to New York. I thought I was going to read about camera gear, and all I got was a gallery of cranes, and a typo that I had to tell him about.”

“Mom missed a typo?”

“No, your mother did not miss a typo. She doesn’t edit the One-Liner Wednesday posts.”

“Why not?”

“They’re short. Well, they’re never actually one line, but they are much shorter than my usual posts.”

“Yeah, but how many words does it take you to make a grammatical error? I mean…”

“Nice shot there, Faith. I suspect your mother will be editing on Tuesday nights from now on.”

“I didn’t mean that to sound as bad as it did. You really don’t make that many mistakes.”

“I don’t. And you’re not short.”

“Touché, I read that story. But tell me Faith, why the sudden urge to travel to B&H?”

“I needed to replace my camera.”

“No doubt with a better one? More megapixels, longer lens and all that stuff? What becomes of the old camera when you upgrade?”

“Well, in this case, replace means replace. My old camera met an unfortunate end on my last hike. I fell while holding it and when I got up, it was lying on the trail in pieces.”

“Ouch, were you badly hurt?”

“No, I was okay except for a few bruises. Unfortunately – ok, I guess fortunately for me – the camera and the lens that was attached broke my fall and took the brunt of the impact.”

“I hope you had insurance.”

“I had a Square Trade warranty. They tried to repair it but it’s an older model so parts weren’t available. Eventually they just reimbursed me for the original purchase price.”

“Ah, now I get it. Nothing burns in the wallet like an insurance payment.”

“It was worth it. I really love this camera. It’s lightweight enough that I can carry it on me while hiking, but it still has all the features I want.”

“So, same camera? No more megapixels?”

“Actually, it’s a newer model, so there are some differences. It does have a much better sensor and some new and improved features, but a few of the changes they made annoyed me initially. It’s going to take a little getting used to.”

“Well then, bruises healed, camera replaced, all is well. So, how come all I saw on Wednesday were pictures of cranes?”

“Well, one of those changes was the battery design, so the two fully charged batteries I took to New York as backup were useless and the one that came with the camera only had a minimal charge.”

“That and the fact that she’s posting pictures in order of excursion and she’s only up to last September.”

“Cheryl, bring The Pot another Yuengling, please.”


“Pot calling the kettle… the old adage. You’re implying an OCD trait in Faith? I would think that’s an apple that landed pretty close to your side of the tree, Mr. ‘the best time of the day is 12:34’ “

“It is the best time. You might be right about the OCD, but I do post my pictures quickly.”

“Yes, but I get a little tired of cranes, doors and pictures of the Connecticut River from Great River Park. It’s OK, my grandson loves heavy equipment. We had a good time looking at your crane photos. Still, I’m guessing Faith has a wider selection of subjects.”

“Not really. You’ll get tired of my photos if you aren’t interested in trees, mountains, rivers, bees, planes, things with lines and perspective and my own cats.”

“Here’s your Yuengling, you guys want another splash of Jack? Sorry, Faith, guy and gal.”

“I’m good Cheryl, I have to get going.”

“I’ll have another. Faith, it’s been a pleasure having you join us today. I look forward to seeing your pictures, and whenever you post them is fine with me.”

“Thanks! This was fun, bye dad.”

“Bye sweetie. As for you, I do have pictures of other subjects, but here, let me show you a few of hers.”


  1. Sop it wasn’t only me that bought a new camera then? I suppose Faith is still a Nikon fan? – and me a Canon lover. I had to go to Wex in Norwich (UK) as B&H was a bit of a stretch just to by a camera.

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  2. Class lady (Faith) – I have to consider nominating here for the Tennessee Squire Association. You can only be a Squire if you are nominated by another Squire. When it comes to cameras, I’m a Sony (formerly Konica-Minolta, formerly Minolta) fan and have been for over thirty years now.

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    • You did nominate her (last year) and she is a Squire. I should have referred to her as Squire Faith, but that seemed a little over-the-top. Thanks for the inspiration for this post Bob. My first memory of you is you and your camera taking pictures at an AIIM NE event.

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        • Bob, I was actually a Squire for a year before I knew it. For some reason, my original card and letter never arrived. I found out by way of receiving a Squire-only email and inquired about it; they mailed me another card and letter last year. I’m still working on getting my parents to address me as Squire Faith :)

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          • You will have to visit the Hollow, tour your plot, and spend some time in our dedicated Squire room at the Visitors Center. You will want to bring your camera for some great shots on the distillery tour and the grounds. Your Squire card also gets you discounts at the Lynchburg General Store. Now that you have the credentials, I’m sure it won’t be long before they get used to calling you Squire Faith now.

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            • When I visited the distillery in 2011, they didn’t allow photos in most of the buildings, but I was able to take some on the grounds and in town. I loved the Lynchburgh General Store; it’s where I bought my Tennessee Honey shirt and my Jack Daniel’s holiday ornament (I try to commemorate the places I go with an ornament each year). I took home a lovely limited edition Single Barrel that I’m waiting for the right occasion to open. Maybe this would be a good year to visit again, as it’s their 150th anniversary.

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            • We are heading out on a two week motorhome trip in late July and Lynchburg is on the schedule so I can pick up some additional commemorative bottles for my collection and pick up a few more Squire items. Can’t let the 150th Anniversary of America’s oldest registered distillery go by without a trip to Tennessee!

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    • Thanks Lois! Fortunately I did not hurt my neck. I’m always nervous about that and am as careful as possible when hiking, but sometimes you just can’t avoid a fall. In this case, I tripped over a rock that was completely hidden under a pile of leaves.

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      • Relieved! My husband’s greatest fear is 1) I will trip and fall or 2) someone will bump into me. We are still in protective mode: we try to avoid crowds at all costs. Sorry about your camera but so happy you are OK.

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  3. Awwww, sweet post. My name means ‘bee” and I love both images with the bees in them — actually the rubble and the rr line too. Would Faith mind if I used her images of bees as reference photos?

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  4. So, what I get from this post, Dan, is that you are classless, a knucklehead and an OCD kettle-calling pot who loves his Yuengling. Is that correct?

    Faith takes awesome photographs. I love the last one best with the flowers and butterfly. So pretty! I imagined the next group of photos from her camera will be amazing.

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    • Well, I do love Yuengling but I might not go with everything else. My buddy at the bar can’t be trusted. Cheryl is a good judge of character, but I’m sure she made that knucklehead comment in an endearing way. Thanks for sharing your observations though. I’m glad you like Faith’s photos. She worked a long time to get the bee bee&butterfly ones.

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    • Thank you for your kind words about the photos! I have enough OCD tendencies of my own, but I credit those for my willingness to stand still in the same spot for an hour waiting for the perfect shot of the bumblebee buzzing around my head.

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  5. I think the trick was not so much in taking that bee photo, but in getting that bee to pose so beautifully in mid-air long enough for the photo to be taken. I could do that, too, if only the darn things would hold still long enough! Kudos to Faith – that photo is awesome.

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    • Thank you! We got lucky with the construction rubble. It was a spur of the moment decision to visit the site and the rubble just happened to be there. It was a cloudy, overcast day with a dark gray blue sky, and we commented that the scene would not have been nearly as interesting on a nice day. Sometimes we’re just in the right place at the right time.

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  6. Sending well-wishes to poor Faith, Dan. So glad that the camera was still under warranty! I’m in the market for a nice new camera myself right now, so reading this while glancing out the window at my full-blooming lilacs is making me want to go shopping immediately. That final shot with the butterfly and bee is magazine quality, Faith. Really nice!

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  7. Great pictures Faith . . . I’m a flower guy also so the bee & butterfly is my favorite here. BTW, did Cheryl know what a Tennessee Squire is?

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  8. My favorite beautiful nature photograph has flowers, a bee and butterfly. I think I remember the post you mentioned Faith falling and her camera breaking. If not, I may just be thinking of another intrepid photographer! It was nice to have the post be different in a few different ways. Welcome to Faith. :)
    I have not seen new posts by you, Faith. I think I followed you awhile back so will check to see and apologize ahead if I have missed some! I have recently “un-followed” friends to then press Follow again to reconnect! Lol :)

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    • Thanks Robin. I think I did post one of the bee & butterfly photos before. You have a good memory. I don’t remember writing about Faith’s camera but I wrote about breaking mine.


    • Robin, you haven’t missed anything. I’ve fallen off the blog wagon, unfortunately. I spent the majority of my week writing for work and in my own time I find I am lacking the motivation to write more. I also have difficulty choosing from the long list of subjects I want to write about and am not sure any of them will be relevant to others. In short, I over think it and am in a rut. I’ll try to dig out soon. It’s nice to have support from people like you :)

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  9. Gentleman Jack? I’m learning so much:) Nice post with Faith. Enjoy the camera – I look forward to seeing more pics. I just love the last photo with bee and the flowers. I have a bee on a sunflower somewhere in a folder; I ought to dig it up and use it a blog post soon. Have a great week!
    Beautiful feature on C.E Robinson’s blog!

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  10. This conversation made me laugh out loud! Really I should consider beetr if that triggers such hilarious discussions. And Faith has really a great photographer’s eye. I love flowers so my favorite will be the flowers with the butterfly and bee and also the one with the support pilings at old Hudson pier. Congrats to Squire Faith!

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  11. Great photos, Fath! Love Wall-E, Monton & Preston! Amazing bee & butterfly! You have a great eye for detail! (like your Dad). Hope your new camera stays intact, and you too on the hiking trail. 💛 Christine Elizabeth

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  12. That Wall-E guy, what’s he looking at? Nice photo, and a cool robot. I like it.
    I like also the bee. Quite a capture there, Dan! An adult bee beats its wings about 250 times per second during flight. Now imagine the single moment frozen in that photo. It’s magical.

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    • Thanks Peter. I’m not sure what Wall-E was looking at in that shot. His mind tends to wander. The bee photo is remarkable. She worked pretty hard to get that one.


    • Thank you Peter! Wall-E was sitting on Sand Beach in Acadia National Park, looking out over the ocean. The bee photo is special to me as well. It took about an hour to get that shot, but I was amazed that the bee hovered and flew about in that space for that length of time.

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  13. I think it quite evident that the Wall-E and the bee pictures are hot favorites. However, I loved the old Hudson pier picture. I have seen Wall-E numerous times, not for the main pair, but for M-O, that tiny cleanliness-freak robot who keeps on scanning and says Foreign Contaminant. I just love him.

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  14. Wow. Tremendous work from Faith! So glad she wasn’t hurt during her camera mishap, and that the camera was under warranty. She clearly deserves the best equipment out there, judging from these amazing shots. The bee by itself, and the final shot of the butterfly and bee? Like something out of National Geographic. You should feature more of her work, Dan! Very impressive.

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