New Featured Sunset Header for June 2016

I am honored to have one of my sunset photos selected and shared by Christine Robinson, in her sunset header series. I also like the fact that she included my recent blog adventure with Maddie and MiMi, over at Teagan’s place. I think both Christine’s feature and Teagan’s serial speak to the community aspects of WordPress. I have met so many nice people through this blog, that it is hard to express my appreciation. I am going to turn the comments off on my blog. If you want to comment, please visit Christine’s blog. I would also urge you to explore Christine’s blog.

Before Sundown



Connecticut Tobacco Farm Sunset by Dan Antion

About Dan Antion

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“Husband, father, woodworker, cyclist, photographer, geek – oh wait, I’m writing this like I only have 140 characters. I am all those things, and more, and all of these passions present me with opportunities to observe, and think about things that I can’t write about in other places.”

He started his blog No Facilities to “catch the stuff that falls out, overflows and just plain doesn’t fit the other containers in my life.” He associates the blog “with people, towns, countries and situations which can be described by a lack of resources, attention to opportunity or those situations where the status quo just doesn’t include everyone.”

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His family, a dog Maddie and two cats, Mimi and Mumu are featured in his blog from time to time. His daughter shares his love of woodworking, hiking and photography. Maddie…

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