One Liner Wednesday – Play Ball

Maybe we should have hired these guys to build the ballpark.”

This was taken on June 9th

Well over a year ago, DoNo Corporation (that stands for Downtown North, but I think we can have some fun with that name) started building Dunkin Donuts Park in Hartford Connecticut’s north-end. The Hartford Yard Goats, a MLB AA baseball team, were supposed to start playing ball in Hartford, in April 2016.

Dunkin' Donuts Park
Earlier this week (6/11/15) Dunkin’ Donuts bought the naming rights for the baseball stadium being built on the former parking lot.

Then delay.

The city and the developer agreed that if “substantial progress” was made by May 17th, the Yard Goats would be playing ball by the end of May.

Then delay.

Various people offered July 4th as a possible starting date, but within days of that announcement, the city of Hartford called the performance bond. It is unlikely that the Yard Goats will play ball in Hartford in 2016.

Meanwhile, down in Glastonbury, where I work, McDonald’s decided that they needed a new restaurant. They started building a new building in the parking lot of the existing restaurant in March. Six weeks later, they tore down the old restaurant. In about 14 days, the staff in the new restaurant will start flipping burgers.

This post is part of Linda G. Hill’s One-Liner Wednesday series.

One Liner Wednesday

34 thoughts on “One Liner Wednesday – Play Ball

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  1. Hey, when Dunkin’ Donuts Field does open, I bet they’ll have excellent coffee on hand. And donuts.

    PS: I don’t know whether to add or subtract bonus points for yet another photo that contains a crane. LOL!

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  2. Missed commitments seems to be a growing trend these days. I can’t help but wonder if the bidding system is to blame and a tendency to award contracts based purely on price – often low-balled by the winning contractor. Not surprisingly, there are problems right from the beginning.

    Big corporations like MacD and Costco have their store construction process standardized to a fine art. Again, not surprisingly, they consistently meet their targets.

    In solidarity with you, Dan, I should someday dig out some of my own favourite crane photos ;)

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    1. Thanks you Joanne – bring on the cranes. There were problems, almost from the start with these guys. The design was wrong, there were about $10 million in cost overruns on a $60 million contract. We knew they wouldn’t open in April, but to have to wait until next year is sad. More so for the players who were on the road a lot in April/May and are now playing home games in southern CT.

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  3. On the bright side you’re getting to see cranes longer. :) After going through a home remodel and seeing more and more remodels around town I do believe the contractor makes or breaks the deal.
    From design to completion ours was a year nearly to the day.
    A house around the corner has been in process nearly 2ys of a major remodel. It got Red Lined once that we know of. Red Lined- They built it too tall for the neighborhood so the city shut down all work until a resolution could be found. That took months, and months! I’m sure a whole lot more money was needed to get the permit fixed to keep going.
    That house still doesn’t look like it will be complete this summer.

    We’re thankful we had a great contractor! I think you’re right the city needs the crew that is putting up that new McDonald’s!

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    1. Thanks Deborah. I am familiar with construction delays (including ones I’ve caused). When they announced that the stadium would be ready in April, no one believed it would happen. But, no one thought they would miss the whole season.

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  4. Have I ever mentioned to you that for over a decade, we had a giant hole just off center in our city? It became a mall. For a very long time, most of us were unable to believe it would ever be anything but a hole surrounded by scaffolding, but they said it would be a mall and it is. They have Sbarro pizza and Godiva chocolatier there, so I’m alright with it.

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    1. A decade long delay. I hope you have us beat. For years, Pittsburgh had “the bridge to nowhere” which spanned the Allegheny River but didn’t connect to a road on the north side. As far as fast food goes, Sbarro pizza is one of my favorites. Thanks!

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    1. The contractor was fined $50,000 for missing 2nd deadline and $15,000 per day, but probably can’t pay. That’s why they called the bond. Now that has to be investigated :(

      Micky D’s down and back up without missing a beat.


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