Strange Week – Easy Read

Right now, this is the most popular photo I have on Flickr.

One of these days, I’m going to write a post about the posts I’ve written that have been derailed by unrelated events. Simply put, things happen, and then I realize that what I was going to post would be, to use John Howell’s Top-10 language, at best, ill-timed. At worst, it would offend the sensibilities of many of my readers.

So, I’m going to post some pictures today. Not just any pictures. These are the crowd-(such as it is)-sourced-favorites. Using Flickr’s curious ranking algorithms and a little inspired judgement, I’ve determined that these are the 10 most interesting photos I have, as of today. The top-10, except, there’s 11. Nobody ever accused me of over-focusing on accounting.

I put the photos in a gallery. You can glance at the gallery, or you can click on any photo and start a screen show. I’ve described the photos in their captions. I apologize to those of you who follow my Flickr site, because you’ve seen these. However, you also were part of the crowd. I know that you saw them, because you liked them and that is part of what made them interesting.

Enough blather…

58 thoughts on “Strange Week – Easy Read

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    1. Thanks Mary. I love Monopoly MuMu. She’s a shy and skittish kitty, until she wants some attention. Then she’s bold and demanding. She will scream at you, poke you and nudge you until you brush her. Then, when she’s had enough, she’s gone.

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  1. These are beautiful, Dan. I don’t do Flickr so these were great to see. The railroad bridge in the fog is a stunner. MuMu, of course, is adorable. I have to chuckle every time you write about MuMu, because that is one of the names I call Teemu. That along with T, Mr Mu and just plain Mu. Oh yeah, cats definitely know their name…..

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    1. Thanks Lois. Faith calls MuMu Mu. She’s a cutie, but she switches between quiet and really not so quiet. They do know stuff. When we can’t find MiMi, I’ll look at MuMu and say “where’s your sister?” She looks, and I know she knows what I said and she knows where MiMi is but, where’s the fun in telling us…

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  2. Hey Dan! Great idea to share some top pics as alternative – and I can see why that first one is a top top one! The back wave and the depth and color –
    Anyhow – when I read that you changed your mind – it reminded me as to why I do not plan posts too far out- I thought about it this spring – using the schedule feature for summer maybe – but decided to stick to winging it and letting posts unfold naturally – even if it means less number of posts! Anyhow – seeing you do this now – modify to what is felt needed for today – is right on!

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  3. I think the foggy railroad bridge is my favourite of the bunch, Dan. There’s just something so beautiful about the secretiveness of fog. Unfortunately, it isn’t too common up here for some reason, so I never get to see it. :(

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    1. Thank you, Wendy. I love the fog, and I always try to get a photo of it. A lot of times, by the time I can safely stop, it’s burned off. Sometimes, I the winter, we have freezing fog. It’s beautiful, but so dangerous to be out when it has happened. You can’t see and the roads are a sheet of ice.

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  4. Whoa, Dan — great shots! I was scrolling through them before I read the actual post, and thinking, “Why is he burning so many terrific pics in one post?” Serves me right for being impatient. O_o

    The seaside one was ideal to start with. It’s nice living only a couple hours from the beach. The nighttime water shot is very peaceful — I can see why it’s a popular one. You can almost hear the water lapping. And the fog ones are tremendously well done. We get fog fairly often, and although I hate to be out in it, I can’t help admiring how cool it looks. And MiMi’s cute. I think she just wants to get in on the game … or maybe she has some advice for Faith about buying Park Place.

    I’m not on Flickr (I have enough social-media sites complicating my life as it is), so I’m glad you featured these in a post. Keep ’em coming!

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    1. Thanks Paul. I don’t usually resort to photo-only posts but I got caught off guard this time and I was forced onto an early train out of DC. I love the fog. I have tons of fog pictures. I’m not a big beach guy but I like the birds.

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  5. Been there myself. Do you see my Thursday Doors contribution this week? 😏
    These are wonderful photos. The full blown Autumn and Faith playing Monopoly with the cat are my personal faves. Have a Happy Father’s Day.

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      1. Well when I read my comment I was wondering if you would catch that I was being factious. I didn’t get to write it at all due to a rough week myself. So I truly understand. Instead I appeased myself with some coloring and art projects. Sorry your week was so grueling. Enjoy your weekend.

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  6. Dan, love the photo gallery (mosaic tile). Especially the red streaked sunset skies, fog rolling in and the full moon (specks of birds). Okay…foliage, and MuMu too. Nice to have a peaceful post for this weekend! Happy Father’s Day! 💛 Elizabeth

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  7. these are all fine photographs; I can see why people liked them. I wish I had a photographer’s eye, but I don’t. Lately, I blame it on my cataracts. My personal favorite in your gallery: early morning full moon. It is both serene and beautiful.

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    1. Feel free to use the photo if you like. I’m not sure what I could write around that photo but I almost couldn’t leave the spot. I was hoping to catch a train heading into the fog, but it burned off too soon.


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