Five Years – Still No Facilities

I don’t usually post on Sunday. I don’t usually post more than four times a week. I don’t usually write short posts. Today is different. No Facilities is five years old today. Ready for Kindergarten I guess.

Curious Stairs
This is the photo from which I took my banner image. It’s along the Windsor Locks Canal.

I always thought that, if I made it to five years, I’d look back and explain how I got here and how this blog evolved into what it is today. I thought I’d recap the stats in a play-by-play fashion.

Now that I am here, I just want to say thanks.

Thank you for reading, for connecting, for encouraging me with ‘Likes’ and extending my curious train of thought with your comments. Thank you for giving me the example of your thoughts, words, poetry, photographs and artwork to follow. Thank you for being the voices of reason, for making me laugh and for trusting me to respect your sad moments.

Five years ago, I wrote about the then hot topic of social media influence which I considered ridiculous. Today, I am happy to add you to the list of people who do influence me. Your collective influence is subtle, but I recognize and appreciate it.

I would be remiss if I didn’t also thank my family. My daughter has encouraged me, loaned me photos, inspired several posts, and waited while I snapped photos of door after door. My brother, who reads and comments (mostly) offline, but who helps me fill in the historic details of our family, and who has waited as I snapped photos of Iowa door after Iowa door. My editor, what can I say? 483 times – I had to sneak one stat in – she has deleted commas, added commas, inserted ‘that’ and ‘of’ and left question marks next to sections that simply didn’t make sense. It’s more than 483, because she flat-out vetoed a few posts with an “are you sure you want to go there?” I did want to go there, but she helped me find a better path.

I would also be remiss if I didn’t thank a small band of very creative and very supportive people. These friends helped me understand more about this craft of writing than I ever imagined I could know. They inspire me with their imaginative work, with their attention to detail and with the way in which they look at the world, and the frequency with which they find beauty. If you want to meet them, consider joining the Cherished Blogfest, which they co-sponsor.

Thanks again!

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  1. Congratulations on such a significant anniversary. I’m very glad you explained the header photo because I’ve looked at it many times wondering where it came from. Now, if you’d tell me how you came up with “No Facilities” I’d be all set for the day. I sure hope you’re enjoying a good beer today to celebrate. :-)

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  2. Dan, I’m absolutely delighted to see you reach this milestone. Congratulations! You fill our lives with such a wide array of fun and interesting posts. And you never miss one. We can set our watches by your blog. Here’s to the next five years — and beyond!

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  3. Congratulations! I’m glad you got started and kept going. Thanks for introducing me to Thursday Doors and all the wonderful folks behind them. Thanks for all the beautiful photos, for sharing Maddie with me, and forcing yourself to have all those beers. :D

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  4. Awesome, Dan! A big congrats on sticking with blogging for five years. That’s quite the accomplishment (I wonder what the stats are for the average length of time a blogger keeps up his/her blog.) I’ve truly enjoyed reading your posts and getting to know you as a person through WordPress and the Facebook group. There are not too many other bloggers who like Star Trek and beer and bicycling and football and cats all in one shot. Tell the wife “thanks” for being the editor. She rocks.

    I almost missed your post because A) you never post on Sunday and B) I was busy picking my cherished object and doing a little research on it. Excited to get going on this!

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  5. Congrats Dan! All ready to start learnjng now? You’ll be downright dangerous b yhe time you finish grade school! 😉I am so happy to have met you and the others in our little band of creative minds. You have such a sweet family….and really great taste in beer! 😉

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  6. Five years is quite an achievement in blogging I think. Unfortunately I know of many fine bloggers who gave up after a year. There’s no instant gratification in blogging – you have to keep at it.

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    1. Thank God I never focused on those stats, Jan. I might have quit after a few months. I really do enjoy it, and I’ve met so many people that I really like following. Thanks.


  7. Lovely post, and I am honored to be a reader for three years? Something like that…. I feel a kinship, a friendship that is always surprising to me because, well, we are all virtual!
    My first blog post was in 2012 on zenkatwrites… I divided my blog into the two blogs because really, my spirituality and art may be interconnected in me but i didn’t ant it getting in the way of people appreciating my artwork. So zenkat is all of me, whereas my art blog is part of me, tho a big part. And blogging is a huge part of my enjoyment of my life….

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  8. What a fantastic thank you post, Dan! Congratulations on five years of blogging, so clever, ready for kindergarten. :)
    I like when people reflect on anniversaries of blogging. I admire their descriptions of evolving and writing about where they were and how they got here now.
    On the other hand, I appreciate the warmth of your gratitude and I am sure everyone here feels the same back. I will simply say, “Ditto.”

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    1. Thanks Robin. I might share the story at some point, but I’m not sure it would be the same story without the people in the community. That seemed to be the more important message.


  9. Congratulations to you on this 5th anniversary of your blog, Dan! It takes a lot of time and dedication to keep a blog up and running. Many thanks to your wife and daughter who have contributed to your posts. I look forward to reading your blogs for a long, long time.

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      1. You don’t know fairy bread? Oh, Dan….

        Slice of bread (white and very fresh and soft is best) + Butter + Hundreds and Thousands = Fairy bread. You never grow out of it. I shall bring a plate to your next party. (Oh, and you must always cut it into triangles. I’ve seen some people cut it into squares. They are heathens.)

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  10. Congratulations Dan, that’s an incredible achievement and very much appreciated by your followers. Here’s to another five years of success with your writing.

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  11. I missed this post. I should have seen it on Sunday! Accept my belated congratulations, Dan. All the best!
    And by the way, “No facilities” has more facilities than I have seen in many places.

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