One-Liner Wednesday – Firemen’s Fair

The carnival is next weekend

It only looks like the Cobra is eating the other rides.

They’ve been setting up for the Firemen’s Annual Carnival for well over a week. It takes place in the park Maddie and I walk through. We’ve been watching as the burger shack went up, then the beer shack and then the carnies arrived. First a lone trailer, then the rides, then the work started.

They will fire up the grills and the generators tomorrow at 6:00 PM. I’m planning to eat there on Friday and I hope to catch the parade on Saturday. I can see the fireworks from our driveway, if it doesn’t take two of us to console the dog.


The firemen serve pretty standard fair-food, burgers, hot dogs, fries and fried dough. They added hot sausage grinders several years ago, and it was a welcome addition. It will be interesting to see what they have for beer this year, because the regular drivers are still locked-out.

I’ve been going to this carnival for years. Truth be told, I don’t go for the food. I go to show some support. It’s easy to support these guys – they are here for us 24 hours a day – 365 days a year.

This post is part of Linda G. Hill’s One-Liner Wednesday series.

One Liner Wednesday

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    1. Thanks. If I make it to the parade, maybe I’ll have firetruck doors. I like to call a little attention to these dedicated men and women. It’s tough to staff a volunteer department in such a small town.

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    1. I always feel a little conspicuous taking photos at this one, as there are tons of little kids around. That’s why I focused on the setup. I stay away from the commercial food vendors, but the firemen make a pretty good hot sausage grinder.

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  1. I love local fairs! We used to have one that sat up in a parking lot, but its popularity outgrew the space. Now it’s at the fairgrounds, but I miss the magic of seeing a parking lot transform into a carnival. :)

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  2. There’s a carnival that has set up at the firehouse by my train station every Memorial Day weekend for years, and you’re right about no one showing up for the food! I mean, it’s fine, but you’re not exactly getting a gourmet burger or dog. Whenever I’ve gone, I’ve treated it mostly as an excuse to get things I don’t get the rest of the year — funnel cake, candy apples. As for the rides, I’m never sure the fast ones are safe, so I stick with the Ferris wheel — and yes, feel glad to be supporting a worthy cause. Good pics, Dan!

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    1. Thanks Paul. I used to ride the fast ones with my daughter with great trepidation, but we’ve been going for 30+ years. These days, I watch the rides a bit, glom down a grinder and head home. It’s “Walking Distance” :)

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    1. You can use anything that I have to paint from. I assume you mean real live horses? I have dome of those somewhere. I can dig them up and put on Flickr. I also have a friend whose daughter rides competitively, I’d be happy to ask if she has any photos you might paint from.


  3. A worthy cause indeed! That caged Ferris wheel is one I don’t like at all. My Dad took me on the one at Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk when I was ten. I made him promise me not to spin it, but he broke the promise and spun it and while he thought it was hilarious, and great fun I didn’t.

    I love the rides, but not those kind of spinny ones. #1 Grandson went on the same caged Ferris wheel with his Mom Sunday and I’m told he LOVED IT! :)

    Let us know if they have a new addition to the menu you like.

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    1. I limit myself to rides that have one motion. Around is fine, but spinning while going around, not so fine. My daughter was quite found of the tilt-a-whirl (which a friend calls the puke-a-whirl) I rode with her until she was old enough to ride with friends. I’ve never broken the “I won’t” promise, but I’ve been subject to it having been broken. You don’t forget.


  4. You may not go for the food, Dan, but I’ll bet it sure doesn’t hurt that they have it! There aren’t many fun events around here, unfortunately, and one of the two major events we DO have — The Biker’s Reunion — celebrated its last year in operation just this weekend. Sad to see that one go. The only other event is the Fall Fair (third weekend of September) which isn’t much fun considering you need a coat, hat and mitts to keep from freezing to death. :P

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  5. I got a little nauseous looking at the rides…

    That’s nice of you to support the Fireman’s Fair, Dan, whether you go to wander around or eat the yummy bad-for-you food. I usually look for brats at our local event since I don’t eat them as a regular habit. There’s something special about a brat that someone else made on the grill.

    Have fun this weekend, enjoy the fair and the fireworks.

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    1. Thanks Mary. I will start with a hot sausage grinder with peppers & onions. If that doesn’t fill me up, I’ll try a burger or some fries. I usually snag an ice cream cone on the way out, for the long walk home :)

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  6. Have fun, Dan, and good to you for solidarity. I understand about dogs and fireworks. One of our foster rescue pit bulls cowered first under an end table on a Fourth,then tried to take refuge in the half bath, under the sink. Poor thing.


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    1. Maddie will likely want to crawl inside one of us. The official fireworks aren’t as bad as the idiot neighbor fireworks. The official ones are big & loud, but over in 1/2 hour. The idiots are random and run all night long.


  7. Such fairs and carnivals are great for spending few hours. Over here, I usually go for the rides and shop at the stalls, avoid the food. I and Sarah are bit choosy about where to eat. We do eat roadside junk food but only at specific stalls.

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  8. Oh yippeee! I see a carousel horse! Yes, Firefighters really don’t get all the respct or support they deserve often enough. I agree about the food with the exception a a corn dog. Just smelling them makes me crazy! Oh my, you really do have a beer dilemma on your hands. Yikes. Looks like its good for a distraction. Have fun! Poor Maddie….maybe a ride on a firetruck……😉

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    1. Thanks! I knew someone would like that horse. Doesn’t he look like he’s ready to run? These guys are the best. We try to support them whenever we can. I’m not sure what to do about the beer. I guess I’ll play it by ear. I’m guessing that I’ll be listening to the fireworks with a freaked out pup.

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