One-Liner Wednesday – Serendipity

I have been waiting for Cee’s Fun Photo Challenge on Signs for a few weeks. I love signs. On the other hand, I really try not to post more than four times a week. Luckily, my entry this week for Linda G. Hill’s One-Liner Wednesday, is kinda-sorta related to signs. Well, at least some signs. Warning signs.

No injuries – Mom had a fire in her microwave cooking spag dinner – micro is toast – more info via email later

In case you’re interested, or if you have elderly, young or not-too-safety-conscious loved ones around, you might want to share a few of these tips from the National Institutes of Health:

Never attempt to heat articles that are not approved for use in microwave ovens.

Remove food from packaging before defrosting in a microwave oven.

Never use recycled paper products in microwave ovens unless they are specifically approved for microwave use.

Do not leave a microwave oven unattended when microwaving popcorn.

If you have a fire in your microwave oven, turn it off immediately. This will stop the fan so it won’t feed oxygen to the flames. Then simply wait until the fire suffocates. Never open the oven door until you are absolutely certain that the fire is out. If in doubt, call the fire department.

That is an abbreviated list and some items have longer explanations. Click the link to see the entire list of: Fire Safety Tips for Using Microwave Ovens.

As the text message says, Mom’s microwave is at the curb, awaiting the garbage truck. A new one has been installed and sufficient warnings given. Mom’s apartment still smells like burnt plastic and one of her neighbors is still mad because she had to evacuate during her card game. She was certain that she was holding the winning hand.

Please enjoy my collection of warning-ish signs in the gallery below.


  1. I didn’t know about the recycled paper warning. Thanks for the tip. I especially like the signs on the backs of big trucks that say “Do not follow.” Does that mean I’m supposed to pass them, stop, or turn around and go home? :-)

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  2. Fire in the hole! Good post, Dan. I’ve probably mentioned this before, but there’s a sign on a highway near my house warning that the bridge you’re about to cross freezes (in winter, obviously) before the roadway itself. The same sign is posted twice, one on one side of the road, the other opposite it … but on one side, it’s “bridge”, while on the other, it’s “brigdge”. Been there for years, much to this editor’s chagrin. How about a warning for poor spelling?

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  3. Glad mom was ok. I hope the neighbor forgives her about not playing that winning hand, lol. Love the signs. I need to find some of mine I collected on deployment. Oh, you got to love signs.

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  4. Did I ever mention we had BRIDGES ICE BEFORE ROADS signs in Georgia? Never saw ice where we lived, but still we had the signs. Pretty funny to read that when it’s 91 in February.

    I had a microwave die on me maybe six or seven years ago. It died in a fire, too. Where the cord went in. I put it on the curb, too. A guy came by and started to pick it up. He didn’t speak English, and all I could say was “No! Inciendo, fuego!”

    That was funny about the card game lady! :)

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  5. Remind me never to go to Sand Key Park. No beer, no fishing, no grilling. How boring!
    You’ve been talking so much about the eagles and your bike trail, it’s nice to finally see a sign confirming the closure. Two more days and then you can ride!
    I love the fall colors in your icy bridge photos, even though I don’t want to think about fall and ice right now.
    Glad the worst of the microwave incident is that the neighbor is mad, glad mom is okay.

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    • Thanks Mary. Yeah, Sand Key beach looks a little too prim and proper for a day at the beach. I don’t want to think about seeing fall colors either, although, when we took those photos, we were on our way to see a Steelers game :)

      I’m hoping the neighbor got over it by now, but my mom says she can hold a grudge a long time.

      The path is open. Hopefully, the eaglets build a nest on the other side of the river, but the canal path must be an ideal feeding ground.

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  6. Nice collection of signs Dan.
    As for the microwave, thankfully no one was seriously hurt; well, except for the lady who didn’t get to play her winning hand ;-)
    I know some seniors who can get pretty grumpy about stuff like that.

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  7. I like the sign with all the park regulations on it. Reminds me of a cartoon I saw in Punch years ago: a woman is talking to her daughter, who’s dressed in one of those fussy outfits that only the Victorians could dress their daughter in (hat, petticoat, fussy dress, bloomers, etc.), and says “Run along, child, and try to play.”

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  8. One of my favourites is a little vintage cardboard sign hanging in the doorway of my studio. It reads: “Respectable Establishment: You must be properly attired at all times”.

    I want to make 30,000 copies and then just stick them literally EVERYWHERE I go. Along with another sign that explains that “properly attired” doesn’t just mean shirt, pants/skirt/shorts and shoes, but also includes making sure that your pants are pulled up, underwear is not visible, your clothes FIT you, and you are either neatly groomed or clean shaven.

    The fine print: “‘Lumberjack Chic’ is not an acceptable excuse for looking like you just crawled out of a flea-infested culvert. Offenders will be hosed down and shaved immediately.”


  9. Sorry about your mom’s microwave but I think it is hilarious about her neighbor being upset about her card game. We have bird nesting signs and turtle nesting signs on our beaches. They are roped off, too, in case people don’t read the signs.

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  10. 😀Oh my…..reminds me of the time I was staying with an elderly friend who refused to replace a faulty toaster, the kind that won’t pop up unless you do it yourself, even though her son had offered many times. In her distraction of getting dressed she forgot her toast until smoke filled the kitchen and the smart alarm started advising us to leave the premises due to fire. She stood there saying, “oh! Fire!” Until I ran in, unplugged it and ran out the front door, swinging it away fron the house and into the yard-met by the newly arrived firetruck with half a dozen of the hunkiest firemen I have ever seen. I still wonder if she did it onpurpose……

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    • Well, that’s one way to meet people :)

      The scary thing is that the fire alarm in the building went off, but my mom’s smoke detector did not. The firemen must have a pretty thick file on “stuff elderly people set on fire.” I shouldn’t make fun, I’m not that far away from the designation :(

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  11. Loved your sign collection! Over here in India, some of my favorite signs are at the back of trucks – they are really entertaining, others deep philosophical. Glad your Mum’s okay – hilarious about the leading card lady :D

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  12. Nice post, Dan. Love your pictures. :)
    The one sign that sticks out in my mind was on the back of a tractor trailer. On the driver’s side it said, “Passing side,” and on the passenger side it said, “Suicide.”


  13. So glad your Mom is okay. Hopefully the neighbor gets over it sooner rather than latter.

    I’ve caught the oven on fire twice…bought a self cleaning one after the second time. Knock on wood I haven’t had a fire in the oven since.

    I didn’t know about recycled paper towels either! Thankfully I’ve not had a microwave fire.

    Loved your signs. I can’t think of any funny ones, only a cute one. We have one not too far that has a picture of a Mama Goose and goslings crossing the road that says Beware of Geese crossing.

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    • Thanks Deborah. Mom is doing well. You do need to beware of that mom goose. I had one peck at me while I was on my bike. I guess I didn’t give the goslings enough clearance. She chased me for a few yards.

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