One-Liner Wednesday – Birds

We’re hungry, mother!

Well, we’re pretty sure that’s what they were saying.

She loves it on the roof.

According to our bird book, these would be the babies of our resident House Sparrow, Snoopy. We call her Snoopy because she spends a lot of time sitting on the roof of her house. Her house, by the way, was supposed to be a Blue Bird house, but Snoopy made the first offer and we accepted.

The bird book says that these guys have a noisy screech (we can confirm) and that they build nests out of piles of twigs and grass and stuff. We can also confirm that. The birdhouse is stuffed to the gills with grass and sticks and stuff Snoopy found lying at the side of the bird-curb. Who needs to go to Nest Depot?

The book also says that they eat insects. Also confirmed. One of the photos in the gallery shows Snoopy with a fly on her head. The next photo I took (they should be together in the gallery) shows Snoopy’s beak where the fly used to be.

Yo, my babies, I have some fly for you…”

Mmmmmmm, flyyyyyyyyyy.”

While I was sitting out with Maddie, I managed to get some pictures of the babies when Snoopy was out fetching more bugs (she covers an amazing amount of territory). I don’t want to say that these are faces only a mother could love, but I think if I was looking into that gullet, it wouldn’t be hard for me to regurgitate. Of course, eating a fly…just sayin.

This post is part of Linda G. Hill’s One-Liner Wednesday.

One Liner Wednesday


  1. This was a hilarious post with such clever descriptions of your different shots, Dan. I enjoyed the way you wrote this. I like Snoopy and her gang! The fly in the head cracked me up. Imagine the size of it compared to her head! The nicely made bird house was also a treat. I know blue birds would be quite a treat but nice to know you are so accepting of the sparrows, anyway. :)

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    1. Thanks Robin. The directions that came with the bird house said to put it “25 feet away from shrubs” in order to keep Sparrows out. I’ve seen this bird fly a couple hundred feet before landing in a neighbor’s tree. She’s happy here, working hard, raising a family – The American Dream, playing out in our back yard :)


    1. Thanks Janet. she can have all the flies those kids can eat. The only bad thing is, if we walk too close to the bird house, she buzzes us. Mom protecting her kids, I guess. I wish I had insisted on a lease.


  2. “He’s going to be Gerber’d in 1 second…” Best one-liner within a one-liner. Thanks for the smile and laugh this morning, Dan. This was a great post with adorable momma/baby bird photos. It appears Snoopy is a good mom who tries her best to keep the kids fed and quiet, although maybe not the latter.

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  3. Little bullies! ~grin~ Mom feeds the birds on her side porch, and we feel so sorry for the parental units who are picking out the best seeds and feeding them to “babies” who are as big as they are! Of course, some of my babies are bigger than I am, and I still enjoy feeding them, so who am I to squawk? ;)

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  4. Aww, snoopy and her brood are precious! :-)
    They don’t just eat insects, by the way. They’ll eat seeds, bread (we give ours organic wholemeal), suet, corn, oats, all sorts of stuff. Their beaks are fat like that for cracking seeds.

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  5. Okay, I finally figured out that you are the reason I don’t understand one-liner-Wednesday. I ASSUME (yes, the old ass-of story) that it means one line. Or may be two. I din’t count but I think you have a tad more. This gives me free reign to write a small novel (and if I am lucky to write one as funny as yours I’ll be pleased) and post away…

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    1. I thought about adding a perch. My wife said that it might attract other birds who might raid this nest. I don’t understand these things very well. Snoopy seems to hang on pretty well. Maybe we should have called her Sloopy :)

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  6. Great pictures. Over here they are so common. I’ve been watching them forever. They eat almost anything you give them. They eat chapatis (flat breads), cooked rice, biscuit crumbs, sandwich bread, and much more. I’ve also observed that they have very poor vision after sunset. When you flash a flashlight on them they will not move. During the day they are very playful and social. They also watch out for each other.

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      1. These guys hop in to my balcony area almost every single day. These days it’s been raining heavily so these guys line up in the dry corner of my balcony and wait until the rain stops or if they find something more safe and exciting. I have to make sure they don’t stay for long because they poop all over and clean their beaks on my clean clothes hanging out to dry.

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  7. Lucky them to have such a gorgeous home! Birds are amazing and I love to watch them too. Especially babies. At home, I keep a collection of bird houses and I love to see which ones are favorites. Like yours, some are filled to tthe brim with a gathering of twigs, grass and anything a bird finds useful for a nest. They show creativity and such resilience. Of course, our gift is to see the little ones growing up and taking off after being fed with worms, insects and other delicacies by their tireless parents. Great photos, Dan.
    Did you nake them birdbaths too?

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    1. Thanks Evelyne. They are great fun to watch. We have a birdbath top sitting on a tree stump for the moment. Our dogs have always caused a problem with birdbaths, but we try. We put this one out because it’s been so dry here.

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      1. I know that dogs and cats can be an issue when we like birds. Bird baths are cool places to watch birds not only drink but definitely bathe. There is a couple of them at my home and they take turns. Cool to observe. Enjoy the summer!

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  8. ROFL!!! How delightful this post is! Nest Depot. Loved that! How exciting it is to have this little House Sparrow family living in your Bird House. It won’t be too long before the babies are out and fledge. I hope you get to see that too!

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