Having Second Thoughts?

This week, the lovely and marvelous Linda G. Hill, a.k.a. the woman who frees the voices in my head from their drudgery, has given us the freedom to use a word any way we like:

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: “second.” Use it any way you’d like. Have fun!

It’s a good word for me, because lately, I’ve been thinking about second thoughts. I haven’t been having second thoughts, just thinking about them. Some of the people whose blogs I follow have written about changing the way they write, changing when they write and, sadly, some have decided not to write any longer. One uplifting post was from Ellen, over in the U.K. She wrote about ignoring SEO – You Go Girl! I left her a comment saying that I don’t know how I came to follow her, but that I keep following because she writes well.

I’m not sure how I came to follow most of the folks I follow and I’m not sure how those folks came to follow me. I know some, for example, I met Pacific Paratrooper over at Dan Hen’s blog and I figured if he likes Dan as much as I do, since Dan is a little off course, if the course is the straight and narrow path through the world, then I’m sure to like him (the Paratrooper guy).

I like people who comment, and, for the most part (I’m never really sure if I should use that expression). I know I’m not supposed to use ‘really’ or ‘actually’, but, actually, I don’t care. Sometimes, that’s what I want to say, and Linda doesn’t let us edit. Um, for the most part, I tend to follow them.for most partThe other thing that makes me think about second thoughts is that I listen to people. I don’t think I’m eavesdropping. I wonder if that word stems from the stuff dropping from the eaves of your house. Hang on, I’ll be right back – It does! Well, sorta, it refers to a person who listens from under the eaves. We had a dog once who hated the rain. He would hug the side of the house and pee on the supports for our porch, in order to stay dry.eavesdropThat’s not what I’m doing, eavesdropping, not peeing on the side of the house. I’m just listening to the people around me. This week, I was in the lounge of a hotel, for a few meetings and meals, and I overheard a lot of people.

The political junk was on and a lot of people were talking about the stuff they heard and I heard more than a few. Let’s see, a couple is two, a few is three, so more than a few…ok, I heard a few people, in response to “who do you like for president?” say things like: “well, so and so said this about him but then this guy said this about her” If I were the kind of person to butt into conversations of this nature, I would have said “Yes, but what do you think? You’re an intelligent person – decide for yourself!

I don’t seek a lot of outside influence for my decisions, I tend to figure stuff out.

influence Pam over at Butterfly Sand quipped today:

It never ceases to amaze me how low our intelligence quotient has fallen.”

(For some unknown reason, I copied that as what is shown below. I’m adding this after Pam’s comment, pointing out my error, ‘cuz I can’t fix this. In any case, her quip inspired this train of though, even if it left the tracks)

We remain intelligent, but we suppress our intelligence with the opinions of others.”

I think the forces acting on us to suppress our intelligence are the same ones that cause us to want to be popular. I have an advantage here. Being an introvert and a nerd, I dropped my pursuit of popular long ago. I don’t even do popular things. Pokémon Go is popular today. I didn’t download it. I overheard someone talk about something they learned from Pokémon Go, and I realized that they could have learned that exact thing by reading my blog – I wrote about it over a year ago. Maybe Pokémon reads my blog.

There’s one exception to my rule: OK, it’s really not so much a rule as it is just a thing. If I didn’t dislike the expression “it is what it is” so much, I’d use it here. Anyway, sometimes, what I like becomes popular. Maybe I liked it first, maybe I came to like it independently, but I usually don’t come to like something because it’s popular to do so.

Popular floydFor example, I liked Pink Floyd way before that band was popular. Way before Dark Side of the Moon. I liked Meddle. I liked Ummagumma. I liked Obscured by Clouds. On the other hand, I wasn’t a big fan of the Beatles when they were the huge thing that they were. I think they were playing to an audience at first. Kinda like manipulating the SEO of the day. What did I know? I was 8. I grew to like them when they started making interesting music and I really enjoyed the early independent works of the band members after they broke up, particularly John Lennon.interestinglyInterestingly enough – I also always wonder about using that expressions, I mean how much interesting is enough? Is interestingly enough just barely over the line from meh? Where was I? Oh, John Lennon, yeah, he sent me email today. I didn’t notice at the time, I was asleep. I really didn’t notice until a few minutes ago because I didn’t check my spam folder this morning. That’s where John was. Actually, he’s dead, but…

Lennon blacklist-cWow, I’m way over my word count. I’ll leave you with a few pictures of our second Irish Setter, Reilly. When it rained, he peed on the corner porch post, which he eventually destroyed.

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  1. Any comparison to Dan Hen is a compliment to me, Dan! He and I have been following each other for so long, I can’t even recall how it all began myself – but I’m sure glad it did. We get to meet great people such as yourself!

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  2. Actually Dan, I really liked this post 😉 I think it’s because your thoughts meander along in a similar way to my own. Except of course that you do a wonderful job of getting it out into words.
    And people thinking for themselves? Gee what a concept! It would be kinda neat if that caught on.

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    1. Thanks Norm. I’m normally battling to control those thoughts. It’s good to be in such good company. As for people thinking for themselves, ’tis the season where that would be a nice change.

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    1. Thanks Jacqueline. Figuring things out after listening to other opinions is being open-minded. If enough people start thinking for themselves, we can try for open-mindedness – you’re on a much higher plane than most.


    1. Thanks Mary. He did not have second thoughts. He absolutely hated the rain, and he wouldn’t walk through puddles. In the winter, when we had snow on both sides of the sidewalk and a puddle in front of us, he would drag us into the snow. He was about 105 lbs, and once he got his feet in the snow, you were going with him. We had been warned to put a fence around the AC compressor, or he would ruin it. I couldn’t imagine, but I put up the fence. I’m glad I did. Still, we miss that big jerk.

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  3. That was an excellent post! One little, tiny issue . . .that’s not my quote or at least not from yesterday. I may have said it in the past but I don’t recall it. I’ve written a lot of Quips! My quote yesterday was: “It never ceases to amaze me how low our intelligence quotient has fallen.” I appreciate the thought though! (:D)

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    1. Wow! I’m not sure how I messed that up. I have your link and that quote sitting in Evernote. My only thought is that’s what I thought when I read your quip. In any case, you were the inspiration. I made note of the error in the blog, and I added your original quip! Sorry for mis-attributing (???) or for dragging you into a post you maybe didn’t want to be associated with. Thanks for the comment.

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  4. Oh God, Dan, thanks for writing my post for me! Ditto, ditto, ditto….another not so favoeite “expression” of mine, but completely accurate. My supervisor’s favorite word for everything, every problem, every challenge-“It is what it is.” Not even appropriate for things that actually NEED resolving. What it really means is a variety of unspoken expressions like, “Go away.” “I don’t have time for you.”. “I am not equipped to deal with this.” “I have no real answers for you” “I’m afraid to do anything” “I am clueless” or plain ole “”I just don’t give a rat’s patoot!” I guess no explanation is needed as to why I am moving on…..

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  5. I enjoyed reading this. The word count didn’t seem that high with the flow of the SOC. What suppresses our intelligence and my sanity is mainstream media. Speaking of streams, It’s amazing how powerful dog pee can be. I didn’t know it would corrode metal. Thanks for loving your dogs in spite of their challenges.

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    1. Thank you! I’m glad you so that about the word count. I was shocked when I saw how high it was because it seemed to glow quickly. Irish Setters are always a challenge, but we love them.

      Mainstream media is driving me nuts. I try so hard to avoid it, but it was all over this lounge during our meeting, with captioning on so you could read it. I swear it’s worse when you read it ;)

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  6. I’ve definitely been having blogger’s second thoughts but probably for a different reason. When I first started my publisher stressed being all nicey nicey and not offending potential readers but after 3 years (and the publisher going out of business) I’ve decided that strategy is deeply flawed.

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    1. It does make me a little sad when that happens. Especially when it’s stuff you buy and then there’s like 20 brands and 19 are crap but you can’t find the good one because they were forced out. And then, when you buy it people think you’re one of those people.

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  7. I find I don’t know a lot only because (ha! like that is the only reason) I don’t have young kids at home anymore. At work yesterday someone mentioned a card game and one gal said, “Oh, the card game for bad people.” One person in my department knew what she was talking about. Two of us have grown and moved-out kids and one has preschoolers. I love your posts on SOC Saturdays, Dan. You write like I think…..interestingly, that is a compliment.

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    1. Of course it’s a compliment. How else would I take that? ;)

      Yeah, I don’t know a lot about pop culture but, to be honest, I don’t think I ever did. If I ever wanted to follow trends, Disco killed the urge. Thanks Lois.

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    1. Thanks. He was a looker. People would say “what a beautiful dog” when we walked. But, if they didn’t, he would look at me all sad and I would tell him “she’s shy, but she thinks you’re beautiful.” He was a piece of work.

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  8. This post is deep. It caused me to think which is challenging this time of day because I’ve drank all the coffee I’m going to have and it’s not time for a beer yet. I grew up when everyone had common sense and now everyone is looking at their screen for the imaginary Pokemon as they walk off a cliff or in front of a car. I’m not going to touch the issue of politics because it is too depressing, and as for blog stats I would guess they mean a lot if you are selling something. If you’re not selling something like me, then I’m for just enjoying the ride and the wonderful blogging community. I love the pup story. We do love our animals don’t we. :-)

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    1. Thanks Judy. Sorry to catch in the watery in-between time. It was already beer time when I wrote this.

      This “common sense” thing you mentioned…does that still exist? I’m just going to enjoy the ride with you. I love the community I’ve fallen into. That’s all the stats I need. And, yes, we do love these fur-babies.

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    1. Thanks. He was handsome. Long gone but forever in our hearts. Hd was such a jerk, but we loved him.

      Sometimes, I don’t know how to bring my thoughts together. Then I get a little nudge here, a little push there, and boom, I’m done. So, thanks for the nudge :)

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  9. Once again, I enjoyed your post (who cares about the word count if we’re still interested) and then enjoyed the comments just as much. I listen to the conversations of others and often I can’t help it because they’re so darned loud! I’ve learned way more about many people than I ever cared to know, but it can also be quite interesting, although I have to struggle sometimes not to insert myself into the conversation. I don’t always succeed. As for fashion/trends, I was ahead of the fanny pack craze. With two small children, it was the only sensible way to have the things I needed to carry and also be able to hold two small hands. As for Pokeman Go (or even stay), I still don’t know what it’s about and I’m OK with that. Maybe a bit like “Where’s Waldo?” but live?

    All this thinking makes me think that a dark beer is in my near future. Cheers.


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    1. Clairvoyance is a handy skill to have Janet. I hope that dark beer showed up on time. It’s funny, I wrote this yesterday and had a fun time joining a conversation today. It’s like someone knew I wanted to hear something interesting and have an opportunity to join and have a few laughs.

      I’m glad you enjoyed this. I have really enjoyed the comments today. Thanks for yours.


  10. I just finished reading a book in which the lead character has Third Thoughts. “Third Thoughts are thoughts that watch the world and think all by themselves. They’re rare, and often troublesome.”
    Looking at the results of our last election, I think we have a similar intelligence quotient problem here.

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  11. I try not to have second thoughts. I have found, through the torment of ,any years, that my intuition works far better than the rational side of my brain. For me, second thoughts mean doubts conjectured up just to slow or stop me from what I truly should be doing.

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      1. I’m so very sorry, Dan. I freely admit that I haven’t exactly been “with it” lately. I’m surprised I know my own name at this point. My sincere condolences about Maddie. I’m glad she got to go on the virtual Get Caught Reading Month adventure. The pain of losing a pet is terrible. I’m still not over Aspen (the way it happened) and that was a year ago in April. Yes, they each keep that place of their own in our hearts. Great big hug.

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        1. Oh no, I’m sorry Teagan. I didn’t write that very well at all. Maddie is still with us. I just meant that, chronologically, Mollie came after Reilly and Maddie came after Mollie. I think it has been too long a week and too short a weekend. Hugs for you though.

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          1. No worries, Dan. I’m relieved. But I take the blame. I’m way too stressed out. I’m definitely ‘walking the dark forest of life without a flashlight.’ LOL. That’s why I disabled comments on my blog this weekend.


  12. I really don’t understand people who can’t or won’t think for themselves, so am entirely with you on that. As for the rest, my own thoughts kept going off at a tangent so… I may have to come back and re-read…!

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  13. Super creative take on the word “second” – and that second dog (that ruined that part that he peed on) well what a gorgeous dog! Whew !
    I always like reading how some folks follow or find other bloggers – even tho many times we do not know. Oh – but I met you through Jill’s blog at “Jill’s scene” -;)
    Have s great day Dan (and can in”actually” admit that i like the “it is what it is” –

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  14. Thank you for steering me to Ellen in the UK — my preferred method of finding blogs i’ll follow either sporadically or faithfully. Seems to me that I found you that way and so got to enjoy this exploration of some of my favorite word-count swelling expressions like “seems to me.”

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    1. You’re welcome Janet – Ellen is a hoot to follow. I’m so glad she’s 5 hours ahead of me, so I can begin my day with her posts on Friday. I am so grateful for the random comment-here-comment-there connections I’ve made. You guys are the best!


  15. Wow, I knew some dogs pee can turn the lawn brown and kill it. Diva Dog’s chemistry must have changed some or something in her diet because she’s leaving brown spots on the lawn now, but WOW! Eat through the metal and post?

    We had a kitty named Reilly many years ago..in the early 90’s. He was a lovely cat. We still miss him. Your Reilly was good looking. I always thought I wanted an Irish Setter, but then when doing the research to get my first dog, their size- our house was smaller than now….but it’s still on the small side, and they shed ruled them out. We have an asthmatic in the immediate family so needed a dog with hair rather than fur.
    Diva Dog has been better than I could have ever imagined.
    It didn’t take long for me to “get it” about people and their pets once I got Diva Dog. :)

    I didn’t think the word count was high? I also enjoyed the comments.

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    1. Thanks Deborah. Setters don’t have an undercoat, so they don’t get a winter coat that they shed, but they lose hair all the time. Maddie has been the best dog for that, she sheds very little. Then again, she’s a challenge in so many ways that she makes up for it.

      I’m not sure what it is about the chemistry. Some of our females have killed the grass, others, not so much. But, as you observed, it doesn’t take long to make the connection. I’m assuming that Diva Dog lives up to her name :)


  16. Something struck me here: the point where you want to ask somebody what “they think” instead of repeating what they heard some other people say, repeating what’s popular. Sometimes the popular opinion is so flawed, yet people stick to it as though they have no capacity for analysis. One common error is to standardize living things, people. To draw a single line across an entire population and use it to describe everyone involved. It makes no sense. It’s like reducing a multitude to unity, and treating it thus. Nature goes through excessive trouble to make us all very different.
    Anyway, I like that quote: “We remain intelligent, but we suppress our intelligence with the opinions of others.” And I wonder whether we suppress our intelligence to impress other people or just to fit in. Myself, I don’t find this society to be a place worth fitting in at any cost.

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    1. BTW, I’m fascinated by the transformers. I know what they do, and at a simple level, I know how they work, but the idea of mapping out a district and bringing reliable power to it just amazes me.


  17. Don’t get me started on “how low our intelligence quotient has fallen”. It both angers and terrifies me how much the world has dumbed down. It could be a whole blog series of its own – ie today’s example proving that common sense is dead :/


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