Dental Floss and Other Underrated Classics

For the love of beer
The perfect place and beverage to share some casual conversation.

If we were having a beer – Once again, you’d get to the bar ahead of me.

“You seem to be coming earlier and earlier. Did you order yet?”

“No, of course not. It’s your turn to pay.”

“Then why are you so early?”

“Well, I had some extra time now that I don’t have to floss.”

“Ha – another great use of our taxes, studying the effects of flossing.”

“Well, someone should have asked me, standing behind a bar that serves BBQ wings as an appetizer, I can tell you, I’m all for flossing. You boys care to order?”

“Hi Cheryl. I’ll have a Yuengling, and I’m guessing the old man will have a glass of Meiomi.”

“Old man? Where did that come from?”

“Well, you’re always referring to me as your young friend; I thought I’d turn the tables.”

“Well, all you managed to do was remind me of the movie R.E.D.”

“Oh yeah, the ‘Old man my ass’ scene. I love that movie.”

“Here you go guys. One beer, one wine and some good news. The lockout is over, so the Yuengling supply is secure, and Mussels are back on the appetizer menu.”

“Mussels? It looks like I picked a bad day to give up flossing.”

“Ha – now who’s resurrecting movie lines?”

“I know. That was a seriously dumb movie, but it was a great parody of all those awful disaster movies.”

“Actually, Airplane has hung in there as a comedy classic.”

“According to Wikipedia?”

“…and other sources, Wikipedia is just easier to find.”

The story of the O.E.D.

“I don’t trust it. It’s written by ordinary people. How good can that be?”

“That’s how the Oxford English Dictionary started.”

“Yeah, but the OED was written by a mad man. Somehow, I trust a mad man.”

“I think he was also in prison.”

“Yes, but he was in prison for being crazy. See, that’s your problem. You’re too young to understand history.”

“Cheryl, get this old man another glass of wine. I’ll have another Yuengling and some Mussels.”

“What about you? You want anything to eat?”

“I’ll have the Mussels too. I don’t want them, but I won’t be able to sit here and watch him eat.”

“You guys want the white wine sauce or the Marinara?”

“White wine.”

“Well, since I’m drinking red wine, I guess I should go with the Marinara. But, I don’t want the garlic toast.”

“Oooh, I’ll have his garlic toast.”

“That stuff isn’t good for you, you know. Too many carbs.”

“I’d expect that from a man who gave up flossing based on an FDA study. Today carbs are bad for you. A few more decades of taxpayer-funded research and carbs might turn out to be the best thing since…”

“Since sliced bread? Sorry, I couldn’t resist.”

“That’s a good one. I was going to say bottled beer.”

“Also carbs. So when you consider that you’re eating extra toast and washing it down with a beer, you really aren’t doing your body any favors.”

“Exactly how many favors do you figure I owe this body?”

“You have a point.”

“Besides, I don’t think we should change the fundamentals of our diet. Civilization grew from carbs, and meat. It’s not like artificial sweeteners or GMOs or other newfangled stuff.”

“Here you go boys. Mussels in white wine, Mussels Marinara, and a pile of toast.”

“Thanks Cheryl. As for you, I know my history, remember, I’m older than you. You know what else dates back to the Fertile Crescent, Chick Peas. You want some Chick Peas with those Mussels? Wait, are you taking a picture of your food?”

“I am. I have some people who seem to like them. I won’t take many, I promise.”

“You did that as a distraction. What about it, you want some Chick Peas? I’m sure Cheryl can scare some up for you.”

“I’ll pass. These Mussels are fine, all by themselves.”

“You know what? It looks like I picked a bad week to give up carbs. Slide me a hunk of that toast.”

“Mmmm toast.”

This was going to be a SoCS post, but it required editing. So much editing that some of the photos may seem irrelevant, but what else is new for these guys? If you have a couple of minutes, you can enjoy those movie scenes. If not, thanks for adding this bar to your Saturday mix.


  1. At our last dentist appointment about a month ago, I and all three kids were berated rather belligerently for not flossing every day. And then I read that there’s no scientific evidence to suggest you have to. Actually, I only read the headline. “There’s Very Little Evidence That Flossing Actually Works” was enough for me to store away for the next dentist appointment.

    Fun read. And now I feel like drinking beer. Or eating mussels. Neither of which are probably advisable this close to bedtime.


  2. I’m not a mussels fan, but I’d enjoy the beer and bread – to heck with the carbs. What I love about our money being spent on these research projects is the small number of people usually in the study. How much can you learn from 75 people? I loved the first RED movie. It had some great lines for those of us over a certain age. :-)

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    1. Thanks Judy. If pay just to have the bread and the white wine sauce to dip it in. It’s so good. RED is a classic, I love that movie. My guess is there are only 75 people who would be honest about their flossing habits. “I tore some off, it fell in the sink. Counts as flossing. “

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  3. “And don’t call me Shirley” is my all time favorite movie line. My kids used to quote famously from “Space Balls” and got me doing it, too! Just for the record, I floss religiously every single night.

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  4. RED is one of my favourites!! Helen Mirren is simply amazing playing a bad-ass. Ok – she’s amazing at everything, but brilliant in RED!

    “Studies show” is usually my cue to stop listening … Along with “Experts say”. Flossing is my friend and I will continue :)

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    1. She is great in that movie. “I kill people, dear.” – I think of her, in the scene at the bottom of the escalator whenever anyone says: “it’s fine, it’s fine” and I’m quietly waiting to have my neck smacked :)

      Studies show that drinking beer on Saturday afternoon make you happy. I’ve been conducting that study longer than they’ve been studying dental floss. I’ll stick with floss and beer – Thanks Joanne!


      1. My favourite is when she opens her mink coat and it’s lined with guns :D

        Ironically I enjoy it in a fun movie like RED but otherwise have no use for guns or the gun culture.

        Keep on with your beer studies. It’s ground-breaking work you’re doing there!

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  5. Mussels alla buzara, Dalmatia style, how I love them the most. In the pan, in this order: oil, garlic, white wine, mussels (that possibly you’ve flunked into boiling water before to be sure they were alive), breadcrumbs, parsley. No red thingies. In Italy they disregard the breadcrumbs and possibly burn the garlic in its entirety only to remove them (why, oh why?).

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  6. LOL re the SoC and editing. There a lot of people here who should edit their stream of consciousness — at least the part they say out loud. Yeah I know — not a SoC if edited, but you know what I mean. Ugh — my sympathies to Cheryl about the wings and lack of floss. :D
    Happy Beerurday… I mean Saturday. Hugs!

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    1. Thanks Teagan. I try to mix SoCS and if having a beer. It rarely works. I want the conversations to be as good as I can make them and I keep thinking “oh, he wouldn’t say that”. I’m learning, but it’s fun. I’m glad you enjoyed it.


  7. I’m glad you’ve been SLICING in some food pics, Dan. (Slicing — as in bread and toast and yeah that was way too much of a stretch, sorry. ;P) You mentioned “Airplane!” so I just can’t not tell my ridiculous Airplane! story. When I was very young, I saw this movie. What I took away from it was an absolutely overwhelming phobia of eating fish. They eat the fish on the plane, the pilot passes out, and then there’s that scene where the woman has eggs coming out of her mouth… honest to God, until I was a teenager and could actually look up what this movie was, I thought it was a genuine, bonafide horror film. And one of the scariest I had ever seen. Had NO idea it was actually a comedy. For years, my poor mother had to make me something other than fish whenever she was serving it because I just refused to eat it. Those eggs coming out of her mouth!!!

    I have never rewatched the movie in adulthood, but I’m still a bit leery of eating fish. I can eat it now, but it’s always going to be my LAST choice!

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    1. Oh my goodness, Wendy. It’s so weird, given all the actual horror films you’re familiar with, to think that this would scare you. But, young children are impressionable, so I guess the fish and the eggs and the fact that they almost died, would do it. Sorry to bring back a bad memory. But I hope you enjoyed the bread :)

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  8. The flossing’s fine, it’s what to do with the crappy work the dentist did that makes the floss catch on bits of the tooth it has no right to catch on, that’s the problem! (I guess I need to find yet another new dentist.)
    I’ve never seen RED. Looks like something hubby would enjoy (and maybe me, though I’ll stick with Leon, I think.)
    I love your cat in that pic.

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    1. I would complain about those spots, but I’m afraid he would say: “let’s take that out and start over” so…no. RED is a great movie. I don’t think MiMi wanted me to be taking that picture, but, unlike her sister, she doesn’t run away.

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  9. Airplane has a few really good quotes. It’s one of the silly movies I actually like. I haven’t seen RED. I’ll have to see if I can find it.

    Flossing. I floss fairly regularly and still catch it from my hygienist every 6 months. I don’t think she or my Dentist are going to buy this study, and you’re right in 6 months to a year another study will show completely opposite results.

    I’ll skip the mussels in favor of a bowl of the white wine sauce and bread. :)

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    1. I like the mussels, but I’d pay the same for the sauce and more bread. The characters in RED are just perfectly cast. My dentist won’t accept this study, but it will be a fun discussion. The only problem is I can’t usually talk.

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  10. Oh my goodness, what NEXT will these “experts” say? Now they are getting on the case of flossing? Unbelievable! I MUST floss or I will have stuck food in between my teeth that will rot, give me bad breath, and cause cavities. Wait!! That’s it!!! The experts are promoting not to floss to give dentists more business! Ah, now that stinks, literally in more ways then one! And I don’t floss. I tape my teeth. LOL This world has gone just bonkers. Flossing …. Just like the “experts” said eggs were bad for you and now those same “experts” say they are good. Hence, this is one case in point why I do not listen to experts but instead listen to my body. And as for those carbs, if you want them, eat them, but make sure you stay active enough to burn them off. Just my opinion. ;) <3

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    1. I think you had it when you said “listen to your body” – the heck with the experts. They will fall to tomorrow’s experts. I’ll work on burning off those carbs. If the experts are in cahoots with the dentists, they must not like the people who make all that floss and tape and stuff. There sure is a ton of that available. Thanks Amy.

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  11. Dan, Loved your edited, supposed to be SOC! Even though I’m not into beer, wine & mussels, I am into flossing! Whether or not studies prove it’s needed, my teeth like that clean feel of no sticky food in them! The carb controversy will go on forever. If some expert finds that vegetables are bad for your health, I’m in big trouble! Weight Watchers point system will go to pot too! Veggies and fruit are set at 0 points! Keep your bar-breaking work on beer studies! Happy Saturday! 💛 Elizabeth

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    1. Thanks Elizabeth. I’ll keep the research going. I think veggies and fruit are safe, and I plan to keep flossing. I don’t want to know the point total on what I had for dinner, but I’ll see about some exercise tomorrow.

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  12. Some of us truly have to floss. Some of us have more money in our mouths than we do in home equity! I joke, but I.Have.To.Floss. lol
    Life is too short to give up carbs. Sandwiches are heaven on earth, not to mention cake, bread and butter, toast with anything, cereal, rice, and pasta. Mmm, pasta.
    The Mister enjoys a Dos Equis at the local Mexican place. I’ve still never tried it. When it comes to light, crisp beers, I like Corona.
    I bet we watch RED at least twice a year. The Mister doesn’t like Airplane. Or Mel Brooks, or Monty Python. It’s amazing I love him still.

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    1. Wow – that’s the only loss of points the Mister has suffered here. I’ll call it even since you watch RED every 6 months and he likes Dos Equis. Dos Equis is a little heavier than Corona, but i like the lager. I’ll keep flossing, and I’ll keep eating carbs. If I have to give one up, it will be the floss :)

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  13. I’ve been flossing for so long that I can’t imagine ever giving it up. Even if it doesn’t technically promote dental health, it gets the gunk out from between my very tight teeth. (Besides, wasn’t the point that there really hadn’t ever been a study to back up the claims, not that they have now done a study to disprove the claim?) Thanks for the RED recommendation, I having seen it yet.

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    1. Thanks. I don’t think I started flossing because of a study, so I doubt one will make me stop. I’m certainly not giving up carbs.I’m not sure how flossing ever became an official something we should do. At this point, they are just removing it from the list of stuff we don’t pay attention to. I hope you enjoy RED. I’ve been thinking about it all day. I may need to watch it again soon :)

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  14. LOL, Dan, I’ve been cracking up today, and I blame you for mentioning “Airplane!” Your dialogue-at-the-bar posts are among my favorites, but then you capped this one with a clip from the movie … and that led to another clip, and another one, and so on. You know how it goes!

    I wish that movie had come out before one of MY earliest trips on an airplane, which was in the summer of 1979, when I was 12 — I might have been a bit more relaxed recalling the jokes. Not that it bothered me, but all the same, I was flying by myself, cross-country, as an unaccompanied minor to visit my uncle in southern California. Quite an adventure to go alone at that age on such a trip. I spent nearly a month out there — camping, fishing, swimming, and having a great time. We went to Disneyland, too (I’ve never been to Disney World, despite being a lifelong east-coast dweller).

    Good memories — and some good laughs today, thanks to you. Hope that helped burn off SOME of the carbs I had!

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    1. I’m glad you enjoyed it Paul. Laughter burns a lot of calories (I think). Cross-country at 12 must have been quite an adventure. At least back then, you got a meal on the plane. If you had seen this, you could have spent the entire trip picking out characters and associating lines. I hope the rest of your weekend is good.


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  15. If you look at the way humans used to eat before becoming so darn civilized, it was meat, fruit, vegetables, and nuts–not much grain. And the fruit and vegetables were seasonal too. I wonder how long teeth lasted then with not having as much of the soft food getting in and around the teeth.

    From what I’ve been took, one of the best things to drink for health reasons–once in a while–is beer or wine. Is this true?

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  16. Dan, I like mussels in white wine sauce and now I wish I could be transported to the east coast! So glad to hear the strike is over, also that movie quotes still prevail on the bar day get together’s. :)

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    1. Thanks Robin. The beer is flowing and the mussels are very good. The movie quotes were s bigger hit than I expected. I think I like this community even more than I did (and that was a lot).


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