A Peek Ahead – A look Around

This must be the trail

A weekend hike yielded the raw material for several blog posts. A couple of them require some research. A couple are reserved for Thursdays ‘cuz, doors. But the hike itself is good to go. And, the best part, well, the best part for you, is that the photo captions explain the whole thing. Except for the very basic facts.

The hike was at the northern end of Shenipsit Forest, up to the observation tower at Soapstone Mountain. It isn’t much of a hike, and the tower is closed. When I invited my daughter, I described it as “baby hike” – she’s a serious hiker. A couple of miles, a few hundred feet of elevation gain, but it was fun and I got some interesting photos.

Oh, there’s a puzzle in the gallery for the cat lovers.


  1. International sign for mermaid? I love it! I thought I saw a cat (maybe 2?) but that rock looked like an elephant to me. Yeah, it’s gonna’ be that kind of day… This looks like a great place to hike on a hot summer day. Happy Monday, Dan.

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  2. My favorites are the mermaid and the cat. LOL Your sense of humor rocks!!!! I laughed out loud about the mermaid. I can see um an elephant but if I stretch the imagination a bit more, OK, I’ll say I see a cat. Good to know you went out hiking too even in this heat, Dan. Loved the view of the Berkshires, the web, and all the images showing us your hike. See? You worked off those carbs! ;) Good morning to you! <3

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  3. It looks and sounds like a great hike, Dan. Although it’s so humid here, it’s hard to contemplate.
    I didn’t find the cat… but I’m blind as a bat. Sorry bats — I realize you probably see better than me…
    Monday hugs!

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  4. Looks like it was a good outing. We will be having no such outings until it cools off. *fans self* The international sign for mermaid is fantastic! I saw an elephant in the rock, but no cat. What does this mean, Dan?

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    1. Yeah, it was hot and humid here, but it was a baby hike, at least by Faith’s standards. She’s a good sport though. The elephant is large. The cat is very small. I don’t know what that means. I’m glad you like the mermaid symbol.

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    1. Thanks Norm. Cooler would have been nice, but it was a short enough hike that we didn’t get too hot. I should have gone with elephant. I thought I had a bunch of cat lovers here – never expected so many to see the elephant :)

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  5. I’m with Lois…I can see two cats, although the second one in the rock itself may be pushing that envelope a bit. Thanks for the photos and, oh, BTW, I also may have some fun door material from the weekend. Stay tuned…

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    1. Thanks. We have a little construction project underway here, working with slightly larger lumber than normal. I love building things and looking at things other people built. Thanks for stopping here today.

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