The Lost Cat

Yesterday, I offered a small puzzle for the cat lovers (of which I know there are several) in the community. I thought it was going to be pretty easy. Find the kitty. Or, don’t. Well, some of you found the cat, but I’m not sure that you found the right cat. Some of you did not find a cat. Some of you found an elephant. Since I don’t normally post on Tuesdays, I’m just going to give you the answer that I have, and I’ll give you a chance to correct me if I’m wrong.

Below is the original photo.

Can you find the cat?

Here is what I think people are suggesting is the elephant.

Is this the elephant?
Is this the elephant?

Here is a large cat that some people seem to see.

Is this the larger cat?
Is this the larger cat?

Here is the cat I was talking about.

There's the cat I saw
There’s the cat I saw

If you don’t see it, here’s another image.

Ears, eyes, nose, white cheeks
Ears, eyes, nose, white cheeks

Here it is blown up. If I enlarge it any farther, you can no longer see the cat.

See the kitty now?
See the kitty now?

Finally, here is a crude interactive feature on No Facilities. If you see something I didn’t, please list the coordinates in a comment. As Linda G. Hill would say, “bonus points if you find a new animal. She would also say “have fun!”

What do you see, and where do you see it. My cat is in the center of C3
What do you see, and where do you see it. My cat is in the center of C3

64 thoughts on “The Lost Cat

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      1. I could never do those magic eye image things either, where you’re supposed to see 3D shapes in an image – they just gave me a headache from looking so hard!

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  1. Sorry but cats don’t have pointy heads… ;-)
    However, I do see a bunny face (c3) with floppy ear (c2) – or without the floppy ear it could be a tortoise poking his head out of this shell. *Holds out hand palm up*: Mucho bonus points, please :-D

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  2. I had a feeling an explainer post was coming after yesterday’s confusion! My guess is that most people were looking for the BODY of a cat, not the face. I think they also expected it to be a bit larger. In any event, you seem to have uncovered a small zoo on your hike …

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    1. Ah, the peacemaker among us – Thanks Hugh. I had much more agreement on the International Symbol for mermaids in yesterdays post. Maybe I should stick to writing and leave artistic interpretation to others. Thanks!

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  3. C-3 I see the head of a hissing snake! C-3, C-4 I see the nose of an elephant. C-4, D-4 I see another elephant. Holy cats!! Lots of elephants! D-3, E-3,2 I see a rabbit! There’s a bird B-3,4. Oh my I could keep on going ….. Now let’s see if YOU see what I see. LOL

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