When You Get Something Better

“Oh won’t you stay just a little bit longer”

I’m sorry if that song is now lodged in your brain, but it was what I was thinking as I drove to work one day last week.

Note: This post is part of Linda G. Hill’s One-Liner Wednesday series.

From a different day. This it the photo I was hoping for,

As the time of the sunrise changes, my daily commute brings me some interesting opportunities to see a gorgeous sky. On this particular day, I saw the most amazing sky-on-fire red sky, but I saw it from the left lane of Interstate 91 as I was preparing to merge onto I-84, via a left-hand exit. I.E. not a good place to take a picture.

The good place for that photo wasn’t far away though. Just across the river is an exit that I take to get to Great River Park. Near the park entrance is one of my favorite spots to take sunrise photos. I could get near the spot faster if I stayed on the highway, but I wouldn’t be able to pull over. The location is on the wide shoulder of an on-ramp.

In any case, by the time I was at Great River Park, the sun had risen and the color had drained from the sky. Disappointed, I turned into the park, and happily found the rising sun reflecting off one of Hartford’s prettiest buildings, the home of Hartford Steam Boiler Inspection and Insurance Company (now part of Munich Re). Not only was the sun reflecting brilliantly onto the Connecticut River, but some ducks and a Blue Heron were feeding in the bright sunshine. I had missed the photo I had hope to get, but I got some photos I really like.

In case that song is still stuck in your head, here are three versions, hopefully you will find one that you like. Thanks for visiting.

“Stay” was written by Maurice Williams and performed with his band, The Zodiacs

The original recording of “Stay” remains the shortest single ever to reach the top of the American record charts, at 1 minute 36 seconds in length.

The song was covered by everyone. My favorite version is by Jackson Browne, on his “Running on Empty” album :

Of course – Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons also had a good run with this song. I’m not a fan of this version, but many people are, so…

One Liner Wednesday

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  1. I love the light on those buildings, but particularly love the bottom one with the heron and other birds.
    I don’t remember hearing the Jackson Browne version before but that’s the one I like best out of the ones you’ve posted. However, the version I know best (which doesn’t necessarily make it the best version!) is The Hollies doing it: https://youtu.be/GynWfSa3Abg
    Unlikely to stick in my head, though… my ‘earworms’ tend to be Bohemian Rhapsody (muppet version, alas!) and Hotel California…

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    1. I have several Muppets songs that tend to get stuck in my head, so I can understand. Thanks for the link to the Hollies version. That was one I didn’t turn up when I was searching. The Jackson Browne version was a run-on song with “The Load Out” – on the album, it’s hard to tell where :Load Out ends and Stay begins.

      I stop at this park at least once or twice a week. I’m not always there at sunrise, but several times a year, I hit it right. It’s a good thing it doesn’t last long because I wouldn’t get to work if it did :)

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    1. Thanks Judy. I’m going to join you in retirement in a few years. Until then, I’ll treat myself to a couple of visits to this park most weeks. When I do retire, I won’t miss the commute, but I think I might miss this place a little.

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  2. Just for you, Slovenian version of this song. It was a hit for this well-known singer a long time ago. The text basically says: “Stay with us till dawn, we shall sing and drink, and when the majority is too drunk to move I’ll whisper into your ear: Go with me and still till dawn.” Welcome to Slovenia.

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    1. Thanks Mary. It is the best. I like it mostly when it happens in the spring and I’m no longer completing my commute in darkness. The only time I don’t like it is when it’s rising ni my face or reflecting off those building and blinding me as I try to drive.


  3. Sometimes luck is better than planning when it comes to photos and maybe even other things in life. I love morning shots but when it’s high summer, sunrise comes a bit early even for me to be out and about. Now that sunrise comes later, it gets easier, but I do regret the shorter days. Have to admit that missing perfect shots because I’m on the highway and can’t stop anywhere is a source of frustration to me, although if I stopped for all those shots, it might take me hours longer to get to my destination! :-) Happy Wednesday!


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    1. Thanks Janet. I guess some things, we just have to be content to remember them. When I make that left-hand exit, there’s a point on the curved ramp where I can look up the CT River and see the fog or the sun highlighting a small railroad bridge. I’d so love to be able to stop and get that picture, but I’d get killed. I’m usually ahead of the sun, unless we’re talking June/July time frame. Seeing it start to peek through the clouds is always remarkable for me.

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  4. I only know the original version and I don’t care for the others. This is often the case with me, I rarely like remakes of anything. In this case, the original is much more plucky and fun. I feel like it’s the one that makes me feel the longing.
    Great photos of that sunrise. Gorgeous color. I don’t often see the sunrise, especially in summer, heh, but I can’t recall when I last saw one so colorful. You were fortunate to catch yours. I do often see sunsets, and I must say, they had better sunsets in Georgia. Sky tax for reasonable weather is not too bad for Joeys. ;)

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    1. Thanks. I usually don’t lie remakes. The Jackson Browne version seems more like an adaptation (which I usually don’t like either) than a remake. But, the original is just fine. The most beautiful sunsets I remember were in Pittsburgh, back when pollution was still a major problem. It made for some amazing colors. Of course, you knew you shouldn’t be breathing that stuff, but…

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  5. I know what you mean about those sunrises/sunsets — the perfect moment, when the colors are at their peak, is notoriously short, often only a minute or two. I’m glad you were able to get some cool-looking consolation shots. As for the song, thanks for posting the original; I only ever seem to hear Browne’s cover. Funny how songs could once be so brief. Later tracks could wear out their welcome, but I often wish the golden oldies would, well, stay just a little bit longer.

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    1. Ha ha – I see what you did there, Paul. I’ve heard the Four Seasons’ version the most, and I really don’t like it much. I think I like the Slovenian version (added in a comment above) better than that. It’s actually pretty good.

      As for sunrise/sunset, yeah, so often I know the place I can stop but I know I’m not going to get there in time. Rarely, I’m a little early. Then it’s a game of hoping the clouds don’t fill in and block the whole thing.

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    1. Thanks! I bracketed the timing with about 50 photos, and I took what I think are the best. It’s so hard, partially because I’m using a camera that wants to “fix” things. I moved some of them back in Lightroom. I wish I was more comfortable with the manual settings on this camera, but thise changes so fast, I don’t trust myself.

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  6. Great shots Dan. We’re getting to that time of year when the angle of the sun makes for great light. I keep meaning to bring the camera with me in the mornings to capture some of the gorgeous colors on the drive, but I never do :-(
    I prefer the Jackson Browne version too.

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  7. Fabulous photos. I’ve also managed to capture some excellent sunrise skyscapes, either on my way in to work an early shift or returning home after working nights.
    The one plus point of getting up at stupid o’clock in the morning.

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  8. Beautiful shots, Dan! Usually I’m not a fan of any sort of modern architecture. I find it all much too sharp, cold and clinical. But when viewed in the warm morning light with all these interesting reflections, I can appreciate it as simply a different type of beauty.

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    1. Thanks Wendy. They build this building in the mid-80s when I worked in downtown Hartford. They really worked hard to make a beautiful statement with it. It’s one of a very few “modern” buildings that I really like looking at.

      I was worried that you were going to tell me that my bird buddy is not a Heron :) It would be OK, but…you know.

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  9. What a gorgeous morning! I like the skyline image and that pink glass building is just lovely. The first time I saw a pink glass building was while I was in NYC in May. That glass is magical at sunrise. Bonus points for sticking with it and making some beautiful images!

    That earlier image with the power towers is really pretty too. Did you print it?

    My favorite version of Stay just a little bit longer is by Jackson Browne too. It’s the version I have on my phone.

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    1. Thanks Deborah. It’s such a pretty building. I have tons of pictures of the sun rising above/through those transmission towers. I keep thinking that I will print one and then I keep getting what I think are better ones.I really should just pick one and print it. It’s amazing to me how the “same” subject in the same place, can look so different. I’ve been listening to the “LoadOut/Stay” in my car for a while lately. I really like the longer version.

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      1. That’s why I keep going back to my Lonely Tree, San Francisco, and many other places around here. No two days, sunrises, or sunsets are alike.

        Yes, pick one and print it! Print it BIG! 11×14 or “16×20” inches. If you don’t hang it straight-away that’s okay just seeing your work in print is a pretty neat feeling. Since most of us gave up film I think most people have stopped printing. I have my favorites printed.
        Most aren’t hanging up, but I do enjoying looking at the prints.

        My kids have taken several of my prints. :)
        Printed photos feel special to me b/c I don’t print as many anymore. BTW: I don’t print them here at home. I have a lab do it for me.

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        1. That’s good advice. I will get one of them printed. My daughter gave me a print of some skyscrapers under construction in New York. She took it from the High Line while overlooking the rail yard. It has trains, cranes and an amazing sky. She had it printed on metal, and it really looks nice.

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  10. What a great post. Excellent pictures too! I love all 3 versions aaahhh big sigh! i hope this song stays stuck in my head all day! Thanks for that! :)

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      1. What you say is very interesting Dan. We’ve got a relatively new building in London which actually caused damage to cars because of heat generated by magnification. The angles of the glass had to be changed at enormous cost. Lot of legal implications.

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  11. These are such beautiful photos, Dan. I used to be able to catch these when I started work at 7am. Since returning to the work force last month, I changed my start time to 8, so miss all the great shots.
    Gotta go with the Four Season because, hey–Jersey boys! But I have always loved the Jackson Browne version.

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  12. You’ve captured magic, Dan, on a day and place that will never happen again. Brilliant images which have motivated me to get OUT THERE to record a sunrise. I cannot remember when the last time I did. I loved every single image all of which I kept going back and forth just drinking in the beauty you captured. Thank you!!! <3

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    1. Thanks Linda. I have a battle of the bands going on between my ears. I like the first two versions today, but I like the longer version of Jackson Browne (with The Load Out).


  13. Gorgeous photos, Dan. One of the things I miss now I’m not rowing is the colours of the sunrise. Although, lately the Eldest Son has been catching an early train to uni so I’m getting a few of those skies on the way to the station.
    I love that you missed the photo you thought you wanted but got a better one instead. :)


      1. There were so many that just disappeared that day, I’m still getting delayed replies from various people as they find me in their spam folders. But I’ve read recently that it’s a widespread problem so I don’t feel quite so persecuted any more.

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  14. Now I can’t really imagine the interstate routes you mentioned, but going by the pictures I can say I love the city. Somehow I have this love for smaller towns than bigger cities (maybe opposite attracts theory), so when I see these small towns I feel so connected. I love the aquatic birds feeding in the river and the sun reflecting its light off the building. I bet NYC can’t offer this.

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    1. Ironically, there are some very interesting and surprisingly quiet spots in New York. Roosevelt Island, in the middle of the East River is very quiet, offers some wonderful views of the city and is a pleasure to walk around. But, I am better suited to smaller cities.

      I like this park because, when I’m there, it reminds me of being in Pittsburgh (where I grew up).

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      1. I often see that New York City Park in movies, I think it is right in the middle of the city and I love it. Although, I am born and brought up in Mumbai which is as big as NYC, but I love smaller towns like my sister’s place. However, many of the small towns are now trying to modernize and losing their old charm and identity.

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