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Thursday Doors – From the Train

Earlier in September, I attended a business meeting in Silver Spring, Maryland. Initially, I wasn’t sure how to get to Silver Spring from Hartford, CT; I didn’t realize that the DC Metro system goes to Silver Spring. In addition to … Continue reading

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One-Liner Wednesday – Cold

“You’re going to need a jacket, it’s in the 40s” That was the suggestion made at 6:00 am Monday. I resisted. I dread the first day of the season than I need a jacket. It was going to warm-up during … Continue reading

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Leaves, My Breath and MuMu

I saw my breath yesterday morning. I got to wear my Steeler hoodie for the first time this season. When I took Maddie on our walk, we saw leaves on the ground. It’s coming. Autumn is coming. Given the hot … Continue reading

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Busy and Busted

I’ve been promising the voices in my head that they could have a crack at Linda G. Hill’s SoCS prompt. They were pretty mad at me when I co-opted the prompt for a bar conversation last week. I’m going to … Continue reading

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Thursday Doors – Save the Ville

On the other side of Farmington from Miss Porter’s School, is an area known as Unionville. Unionville is not one of Connecticut’s 169 towns, but a lot of people talk about Unionville as if it’s a free state. Several years … Continue reading

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One-Liner Wednesday – Gotcha

“You looked like the kind of guy that wouldn’t mind…” Last week, I was attending a meeting in Silver Spring, Maryland. I took an AMTRAK Northeast Regional train to Washington Union Station and then took a Metro Red Line train … Continue reading

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…and You Walk Like an Athlete

A while ago, Ellen explained how the men in black shoes and the right suits, control the world’s economy and who knows what else. It reminded me of the story of how I got that job in the Gold Building. … Continue reading

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