This is classic Dan Hen – The other Dan, not me, that guy, the guy that sometimes leans toward the absurd. Anyway, I really like this post, and I don’t think there’s a lot of overlap between his and my readers, so here ya go. I’ll be back tomorrow, and I’ll be in the bar.


Girls don’t make passes at guys  who use the wrong glasses —- anonymous

I don’t want to talk about eye glasses . That’s another animal entirely . I want to discuss drinking glasses . There are exactly 23,879 different shapes of glasses in the Free World . Remember the Free World ?

Of course , I might be slightly wrong on the count . It changes all the time . Some styles are discontinued and some new ones are introduced . Let’s just say that , to be more accurate , there is a margin of error of  , say , 60 %  . Give or take . But I’m always willing to be corrected , if you’d like to do a recount or can cite some trustworthy person or agency who has done a more accurate count in recent months .

I ran in to a couple of…

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