Thursday Doors – Back in New Orleans

Layers of interest

After the conference I was attending ended, a friend and I took a walk around the French Quarter. He was well aware of Thursday Doors and he was kind enough to pause a few more than a few times. He even pointed out a few doors I might have skipped. I’ve been saving these for a week when I didn’t have a lot of time, since I don’t know much about these doors.

I do know two things: 1) New Orleans has enough doors for Norm to open a sub-chapter, and 2) I might like iron railings even more than doors.

Here in the States, we’re getting ready for our last holiday of summer – Labor Day. I’m taking a little vacation time leading up to the weekend, so I’m going to stop writing and start building a gallery of some cool southern doors. Click on any photo to scroll through them.

Thursday Doors is a weekly series brought to us by Norm Frampton. It’s fun, it’s easy and it’s full of interesting doors. If you want to join us, hop on over to Norm’s, check out his doors, then click that little blue button. If you want to add a door, you have plenty of time. Norm accepts door photos until noon Saturday.

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  1. No arguments from me regarding the doorscursion potential in New Orleans. My only visit there was almost 20 years ago, way before I got into photography and doors. I hope to get back there at some point with my camera of course.
    Thanks for sharing these Dan.
    BTW our plans are still on track for next Friday (12th) so don’t forget to email me. Enjoy the long weekend :-)

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  2. From these photos, I can see why you have an attraction for iron railings! There certainly was an abundance of beautiful railings.
    The unusual brick building intrigued me the most with its shuttered upper windows and what appears to be an inner courtyard. The two opposing sides of the building are practically pushed up against each other. It looks very unusual.

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    1. Thanks Joanne. I do like those railings and balconies. I just think they add a lightness to the structure. The building you mention is a mystery for sure. I can’t figure it out, but it was interesting (like so many buildings in NOLA).

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  3. Thanks for sharing these photos and doors, Dan. It takes me back to my one and only trip to New Orleans in the early 90’s. A couple of photos are familiar (the corner door building and Jackson Square Basilica), but the rest are a general reminder of why I loved the French Quarter. There is so much character in the buildings…from the doors, to the iron railings, to the balconies, to the shutters I remember an iron railing/fence off Bourbon Street that had ears of corn at the top of the spikes. New Orleans is truly a unique experience and I would go again given the opportunity.

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    1. I’m glad you enjoyed these photos, Mary. It amazes me how many interesting elements they have in that area of the city. I’ve been there twice in the past five years. I don’t think I’ll get back anytime soon, but I’m glad I got there after discovering Thursday Doors. I’d be kicking myself for not taking these photos.

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  4. More great doors from the Big Easy — good stuff, Dan. I like doors on corners, too, but they’re all interesting in their own way. Such a unique city.

    And when you run out of doors in the distant future, you can always launch “Thursday Iron Railings”. Hope you have a good holiday weekend! *raises hurricane to you*

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    1. Thanks Paul, although the thought of that hurricane makes my head twinge a bit. I’m not sure what it is about the corner doors, but I’ve always liked them. Iron railings, balconies, windows, shutters, I could stay in NOLA and feed a bunch of challenges.

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  5. Quite a gallery again, Dan. I know the feeling of stopping all the time to take photos of doors (or whatever else.) I mentioned the same thing in my post today, only it happened in Philadelphia with our daughter. :-) Have a great vacation and I know we’ll see the results of your doorsurcions.


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  6. Like you, I fell for the wrought-iron gates and balconies too. But the colorful doors are lovely as well. New Orleans is a strange city. Not sure I’d love to live there, but it is for sure a place to visit and a place to be photographied. I wish you a nice and safe Labor Day weekend, Dan. Just got a new computer, so I’ll be back to reading and posting soon. May catch up this weekend ac

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    1. Thanks Evelyne. I don’t think I could take the heat and humidity for as many months as they’re stuck with it. I was there in April and it was hot. Good news on the new computer. I always enjoy your blog posts, and it’s always nice to see you here. Have a good holiday weekend.

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    1. Thanks Deborah. It’s always comforting when people are moved in similar ways. Some of those doors just look like they have a story to tell. The Bistro looked very inviting, but we didn’t have much time. I’ve only been to NOLA for conferences, so I haven’t had much time during the day.

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  7. My favorite door set is “#323” where the arch of the frame is red. There are initials of “G” and “H” on the windows of the two doors.
    My second favorite is the white set with pretty windows and on a red brick building (you said you liked this one a lot, too.) Like the “folding doors” which may protect the white doors with so many windows. I like semi-circular windows with “pie slices!” :)

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    1. Thanks Robin. I do like that red arch. I’m not sure I would have ever thought to paint it, but I like he way it looks. The white doors and the storm shutters are amazing. I’m not sure they’re my favorite, but I really like the photo.

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  8. I’ve never been to New Orleans. I’m not sure there’d be anything but the architecture to interest me despite my love of jazz. [I’m a Kenny G fan.] Still, I do like that bistro storefront. I know of two stores that have had the corner entrance [both gone by the wayside now] that I patronized when I was a teenager. One was a novelty store and the other was a drug store.

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  9. the first door reminded me of those studded belts that used to be in – or it had a fun heavy metal feel. ha!
    I also love the dark wooden shutters – and it really does whisper of when shutters were used for weather and security things. Nowadays – so many are for decor – but those heavy wood doors look sound and you are right – add a nice look when opened.

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  10. Honestly, Dan! This post of yours just took me away and I’m shocked to admit I’m truly beginning to think twice about New Orleans. As in wanting to go there. Yes me. Who doesn’t particularly like cities. But these doors, the architecture the “spirit” of this city that comes so clearly across in your photos, have won me over. Now I think I know what Maddie’s purpose in your life is. It is to take pictures quickly so that you are not noticed taking pictures, especially when you are around people. See how everything really has a purpose? LOVE LOVE LOVE this post!!! I’ve been here for goodness knows how long just looking and looking and looking. You just made me fall in Love with New Orleans. Now I really have to go. Just saying that has excitement zinging through my veins. :)

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    1. I’m laughing at the notion that Maddie is here for a reason. Maybe there’s some truth to that. NOLA is certainly a city for people who like interesting sights – and people – and food – and music. It’s a fun place (but hot and humid).

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  11. I’m catching up. Probably will be for awhile. I got really behind! These doors take me back to my first trip to New Orleans, I love the iron balconies, and shutters on the doors and windows.
    That top door with circles is interesting. I hope I get a chance to get back here. The first time I was here I had a toddler in tow… talk about cramping my style! :) Yeah. Jazz and blues clubbin wasn’t happening then!

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      1. Oh Good Lord! Are you just getting up? Oouch! If so that means it’s after 3am for me and EGADS I’m still up!! Worse I’m not ready for bed. I’m just getting my stride on! Yeah, you don’t need to tell me…I’m a night owl. I know it… life just didn’t deal me that deck. I’ll pay for my late night today when #1 Grandson wants to play all day. He keeps me hoppin! :)

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