One-Liner Wednesday – Not Baseball

Left-handed batter coming up – shift right

The shift is on
The shift is on

Technically, an “infield-shift” is a defensive tactic in baseball, often used against left-handed batters. If we were all baseball fans, we could debate its merits over many, many beers. In this case, I’m not sure what these guys were up to, but Maddie was fascinated as she watched them flock from side to side. The other animals seemed to be only mildly interested.

On a related note: I really need to figure out how to take movies with my camera.

This post is part of Linda G. Hill’s fun weekly series One-Liner Wednesday.


    1. She’s usually more curious than aggressive, until they move. She will actually stand in our yard and watch a squirrel, but when it sees her and runs, she’s after it. When the huge flock of birds moved, she was really going crazy. The turkeys are amazing when you see them. I’ve seen them crossing the road, but never in our small yard. That must have been a cool sight.

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  1. ‘Yo, popcorn guy…’ This little series was a riot, Dan. Great captions….and I am always all about the caption. My younger son is left-handed (and left footed…for soccer). His coach loved when he came up to bat. Funny thing…you sports guys. :)

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    1. Thanks – I have to blame/credit you, Lois. You really got me thinking about captions for these guys instead of just saying “Bird” “Crow” or something obvious. The crow on the light post was squawking. I couldn’t figure out why he didn’t join the others. The shift doesn’t always work. It recently didn’t work for the team I follow – when it doesn’t work, it’s usually very bad.


  2. If only we humans could “hear” our pets’ thoughts as they watch the critters. Oh the stories they would tell us, right? I wasn’t aware crows migrated, but now it seems they do. I’m wracking the brain ….. come on coffee do your thing! … trying to remember if I see crows in Winter. Come to think of it, I don’t think I do. Hmmmmm …. Loved this series, Dan. I get the biggest kick out of chipmunks on my hikes and have found myself laughing out loud at times. Squirrels too. When we slow down we really can be entertained by what is all right under our noses. Yesterday for example I was speaking to the owner of the barn (in the barn) next door to us, with Jersey the cat sitting by this man. As we talked a chipmunk made a wild dash right in back of this man and cat and Jersey’s expression was priceless. I laughed out loud. Really enjoyed this post today!!! :) <3

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      1. I KNOW they know more then we know that they know. LOL I get so frustrated sometimes with my cats because they make me really earn finding out what is going on. Some easily tell me by their facial expressions, how their eyes look, what they are doing, what their fur looks like, etc. Others oh man no way! They deliberately look away, won’t give me eye contact, and block me from understanding. Oh yes they can do that so easily and they do it well. Don’t tell Mom. Let her figure things out the hard way. Stinkers!! :) <3

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  3. So cute :) Great captions!
    My mother’s always said that when the birds group together like that, the weather’s going to change. I’ve found it true, but then, I live where the weather changes all the time. Sometimes I think it’d be more apt to say the birds get together to give me a headache, lol!

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  4. Once a week I walk with a friend and her two dogs, each of us taking one dog. If they spot a squirrel, we have to really pay attention and try “Leave it” in loud tones. That’s exacerbated by the fact that they say “Squirrel” at home when they want the dogs to chase the squirrels from the yard! Bikers and joggers are usually ignored, but not always, at least by the younger dog. Never a dull moment!


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    1. Thanks Janet – I know those conversations. Maddie has gotten nicer to runners and joggers and a poor woman on a bike that we pass often. There are two people, an elderly man and an elderly woman that Maddie just barks at. I dunno. I move to the other side of the street and try my best “no bark” “no bark” but it’s useless with these two. I think they’re axe-murderers ;)

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  5. Very clever. No what’s not clever? My mind. I know I signed up for something about writing about an onion on your blog, but I can’t remember exactly what I was supposed to do. Please help! Also, an important note…. it isn’t Alzheimer’s.

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  6. The birds shifting confuse ME so I can imagine dear Maddie wonders and gets excited! I like the cute squirrel, too. :)
    The funny part of this is I constantly accidentally start “filming” when I just want to take a picture! I am sure it is right there but cannot advise you, Dan.

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