Welcome Back (Football)

For the love of beer
The perfect place and beverage to share some casual conversation.

If we were having a beer you would be chomping at the bit to switch the conversation to your topic.

“Pitt? How many teams do you support and how much team gear do you own? And, if I may add, why Pitt?”

“Cheryl, can I get a Yuengling please, it seems I have a few questions to answer.”

“Sure, what about him?”

“Bring him a glass of that wine he likes, and put it on my tab.”

“And put in an order of BBQ Wings, also on his tab.”

“Whoa, we’ve never ordered food before.”

“Did you forget? You promised we’d talk about football today. You know, the greatest sport. You can’t have football without wings.”

BBQ Wings (Yelp)
BBQ Wings

“OK, you have a point. Bring out some wings.”

“10 or 20?”

“10! Cheryl, don’t put ideas in his head.”

“So…Pitt…what’s the story there?”

“I went to graduate school at Pitt. I usually wear WVU gear on Saturdays during football season, but they have a bye this week.”

“Wait, when were you in graduate school?”


“So, you were at Pitt when they won the national championship? Johnny Majors, Tony Dorsett?”

“Yep, that’s the year. But let’s not talk about those two.”

“Why not? Great coach. Heisman Trophy winner.”

“Majors left Pitt after that season and the first newsworthy thing Dorsett did in Dallas was to punch out a barmaid.”

“Yuengling, and Meiomi. The wings will be right up. Who punched out a barmaid? I don’t like hearing stuff like that.”

“Dan’s college football hero.”

“Not my hero. He was a great player, but I didn’t feel he represented Pitt well. I was particularly happy when the Cowboys made it to the Super Bowl, only to lose to the Steelers during his rookie year.”

“Steelers – Cowboys. Now there’s a great rivalry.”

“That’s true, but then, the Steelers have a lot of great rivalries.”

“And you respect all those other teams…wink, wink.”

“I respect some of them.”

“Sure you do, name one.”

“Green Bay. Who doesn’t respect the Packers?”

“Do you see me shaking my head? What about something a little more local? You know, the great team in this region?”

“I respect the Giants, but there’s no rivalry there for us.”

“You jackass. I’m talking about the Patriots.”

“I know. I respect the Patriots. I think the Steelers respect the Patriots, but it hasn’t risen to a level of rivalry like Oakland, Cincy, Cleveland, Baltimore, Dallas, Green Bay or even Denver for that matter.”

“Wings are up. Blue Cheese for you, and Parmesan Peppercorn for Dan. You guys want another round?”

“You’re the best, Cheryl. Yeah, another round.”

“Speaking of local teams that I’m sure you respect, what are your thoughts on UConn joining the Big-12? Ready to rekindle the WVU – UConn Big East rivalry?”

“I’d rather see the Big-12 add Houston and Cincinnati. I’d also rather see UConn go back to playing 1-AA ball.”

“That’s pretty harsh.”

“The northeast just isn’t a college football region. UConn can’t fill a 40,000 seat stadium. Last week, Pitt played Penn State and they set a record for attendance in Pittsburgh – 69,983 at Heinz Field.”

“What’s Heinz Field’s capacity?”

“65,000, they had kids standing everywhere. That’s never going to happen in East Hartford, and how many people around here are going to fly to Norman, Oklahoma?”

“How big is that stadium?”

“Right now, 82,000 but they’re going to increase it to over 90,000 for next year.”

“OK, beer, wine and wings. I meant to say, I’m surprised to see you; I thought you were in DC.”

“I was, but I got home Thursday.”

“Any good bars/restaurants?”

“Wednesday, I ate at Not Your Average Joe’s. Not bad. They even had Philly Cheesesteak Eggrolls.”

“As good as ours?”

“Pffft, no, and they give you four, not six.”

“What’d you eat besides the eggrolls?”

“Chicken with mashed potatoes, green beans and collard greens.”

“That’s weird to serve greens with green beans.”

“They let me substitute green beans for couscous. I’m not a fan.”

“Ok, OK, are we through reviewing the competition’s menu? Did you go to the game Monday night?”

“No, I watched in my room while texting my daughter and emailing my brother.”

“The Steelers looked pretty good.”

“They did. WVU looked good last Saturday, Pitt beat Penn State, but it’s a brand new week and fortunes are subject to change.

“That’s what we love about football.”


  1. I am basically a Patriots fan, but when they’re not on TV, I could be siding with Denver, Packers or Giants. College has gotten to be really BIG business, but I mainly just want to see a good game and look at the individual players to see if I can pick out the future stars.
    Now – I have a taste for some wings and it’s only 7:04 AM – thanks, Dan :)

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  2. Well, if there were a LOVE button, I’d push it. Go Packers! Go Steelers! Go Badgers! Go Pitt! And hand me a wing!

    Green Bay has had a few rivalries over the years…one with Dallas for a while…but our biggest is with the Chicago Bears. It has to do with proximity and a general rivalry overall with our peoples. It’s historic. It doesn’t matter that the Bears have not been contenders since the 80’s, the rivalry will always be there.

    Anyhow, you get 1,000,000,000 bonus points for respecting and mentioning Green Bay.

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    1. I knew you would like that. That’s a lot of bonus points, but I’ll take ’em cause I did this as an SoCS entry. I kept telling myself to mention Green Bay I know it’s not a big rivalry but, you know, creative license ;)

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        1. I understand. I did walk around DC last Tuesday wearing a Steelers tee-shirt. It’s hard to escape. It’s tough for me, there aren’t many Steeler fans at work. There’s one other besides me, but she lives in a different city and telecommutes, so not much help on Monday morning.

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  3. College? Nebraska (where I grew up) and Ohio State (where I met my husband and lived for many years. Pro? Always the Packers. Having lived in Cleveland, I always hope Cleveland wins, but it’s been a pretty vain hope for a long time. And then there’s hockey!!! :-) Blackhawks now and Canadians since there were only six NHL teams.


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    1. Hmmm, we’ve got no overlap at all, Janet. I’m fairly well rooted to Pittsburgh teams, having grown up there. I did attend University of Georgia for one year, so I lean there too. My brother lives in Ames, Iowa, so I support ISU unless they are playing WVU and I support Iowa most weeks.


      1. One of daughters asked once what would happen if Nebraska played Ohio State (at that time only if they both reached the national championship game.) I told her I’d be for Nebraska and Dad would be for Ohio State. Now that they’re both in the Big 10, it happens and that’s how we do it. :-) But we’re still married after 32 years, so I guess it’s not all that important who wins.

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  4. *Clink* (of glasses). Cheers, Dan! I won’t pretend to be able to contribute to a football conversation. Though I admit I would find it more interesting if footballs had wings… but that’s not the kind of wings you meant. ;) Actually it became fascinating back when Joe Namath did the pantyhose ad, but that was just the armchair psychologist in me. The fantasy writer me could go a lot of places wondering what is really behind the grilles on those helmets… But neither of those things go well with a beer. o_O Have a satisfying Saturday. Mega hugs.

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    1. Lots of jumping-off points there, Teagan. I’ll stick with the basics and leave the fantasy for better writers. But, I’d have a beer with you on a Saturday and I’d probably be able to look at you instead of the TV in the bar…at least some of the time ;) Have a great weekend.

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    1. It’s a grudging respect, but they manage to win the games they should win and many of the games they shouldn’t. That’s it. That’s as far as I’ll go. I never root for them, never. That will be particularly hard this year, since the AFC East plays the AFC North. Technically, it would be better for the Steelers if NE beats Cincy, Cleveland and Baltimore, but I can’t go there, I just can’t. I wanted Pittsburgh to beat Denver last year, but I’m glad Denver beat NE, and I’m glad they won the SB.

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  5. The Steelers were on early this year! I made myself scarce so He-Man could watch the game without me puttering around making noise.
    He tried to get #1 Grandson to watch with him a bit even tempting him with the Terrible Towel! He wanted to play Legos with me instead. :)

    I hope it’s a good season for the Steelers! My family will be happy if so.


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  6. As you may recall, I’m a lifelong Steelers fan from California. Grew up in the 70s and what other team was I going to latch on to? 49ers sucked. Rooting for the Raiders would be like rooting for Darth Vader or Lord Voldemort. I have followed them since — an easy thing to do given their overall consistency and competitiveness over the last 40 years. But one of the things I miss out on is the deep dive local media gives to their sports teams. I’m in the middle of reading Their Life’s Work by Gary Pomeranz — all about the 1970s Steelers. It’s an incredible read if you haven’t already read it.

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    1. Thank you! My daughter recently gave me that book. I just started reading it. The Raiders in the 70s were so evil. I’ve often thought that, if his team was ever any good, Rex Ryan could make a good John Madden replacement.

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  7. Me reading this: Blah blah football. Oh, my friend Dee likes the Steelers and she’s from WV. Blah blah football. Blah blah football teams. Man I hate the Patriots. Dan doesn’t like couscous, but he eats his greens, that’s nice. Philly cheese eggrolls? What? Blah blah football. Is it fall in DC now? Have the trees turned? Sports stuff. That chicken looks well-seasoned.
    Happy Saturday :)

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    1. Thanks for sticking with it. I put the food portion in for non-football folks but I realized it was pretty far into the discussion. For the record, still hot in DC. Glad to hear your opinion of Patriots matches mine. Philly cheesesteak egg rolls are awesome. My bar Also has Reuben egg rolls – also good. I wouldn’t want collard greens with every meal but when well done, I like ’em.

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  8. Um, well, I must admit I fall into the non-football fan section but I will comment on that cool ferry packed with people like sardines. Now that is a cool picture!! And those wings, darn it, but my mouth watered, still is, in fact. That is just cruel when I am trying so hard to show my doc I can lower my cholesterol without meds. Chicken wings? Barbecued at that! Oh my goodness!!! My tummy is rumbling now …. See what you have done now?
    And where the heck was I for the Thursday Door post? Gee willikers!!! This week is a blur!! Blame it on the polyurethane and that wooden screen door that I am finally DONE with!! Let’s get back to normal here so that I can play at being a photographer. YAY!!
    Sorry, Dan, but I must agree with ^^^^^ Joey. Pass the celery please ….. :) <3

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          1. (((HUGS))), Dan!! I’m watching a movie right now, just chilling. My Mom had a bad episode (she has last stage renal cancer) which wiped me right out emotionally. Then getting this screen door finished. My Mom is OK now. My sister who she lives with is beginning to realize my Mom is now going to need someone there when she is not to supervise. She had been taking her medications wrong and not eating and as a result became very ill. You don’t want to know the thoughts going through my head. Thank goodness the end is not here yet … I’m just not ready.
            I’m taking it easy this weekend. I would suggest the same for you. <3

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          1. Well we looked it up to be sure. There is an avocado egg roll and a Southwest eggroll. I personally love avocado but you would likely prefer the true Southwest version. Shredded chicken, black beans, corn, cilantro, cheese and salsa. Chili’s has a decent version as well.

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  9. I am BGSU, OSU, Cleveland Browns and usually watch every commercial how Michigan State is doing in case they lose, I can cheer, Dan. If I were visiting someone with a different team, I would cheer for theirs.
    I like chili dogs, smoked sausage not brats and like all wings except above medium heat (spicy) level. The Jack Daniels BBQ variety are finger licking good. “Go Bucks!” and hope Pitt does well. Oldest daughter took art and design there and lives out west designing costumes. Go “Botch” how we say her last name (Bach.) This was a fun post and I like the photos, especially the beautiful, magnificent river boat! :)

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    1. Thanks Robin. I think the Pirates have few hopes remaining, but I’m still a fan. Like you, I can eat almost any flavor wings, but I don’t like them if they’re too hot. I want to taste them, too. Chili dogs could be my ultimate weakness. Probably pretty bad for you, but I’d never turn one down.

      I used to work on those boats in Pittsburgh. I still love seeing them.

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      1. I didn’t know this about working on the riverboats, Dan. Or I didn’t tune into your comments behind the photos today. :)
        Funny, when Mom taught in Sandusky, Ohio the high school was called Perkins, their team was the Pirates. Just remembered this. We moved while I was about to enter fourth grade. . . :)

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        1. The boat is part of the Gateway Clipper fleet. I worked for the company that provided the food for the nightly Captain’s Dinner Cruise. I was a great job for a high school kid to have.


  10. Enjoyed the conversation, but a lot was beyond my knowledge. I’m not really a sports guy. Not that I don’t like sports, but I don’t like to go to the stadium. Been to a stadium just once in my lifetime and I didn’t enjoyed the screams and the fact that I can’t see any player. I prefer watching the game in my own comfort. But more than watching I love to play. I played cricket for my school. These days kids don’t play much outdoors, busy with smartphones. Sad.

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    1. I usually prefer to watch games on TV, unless I’m in Pittsburgh. We go down every couple of years to visit. There’s something about being in a stadium with thousands and thousands of like-minded fans. It’s not a great visual experience, but being in the crowd is amazing. I wouldn’t want to do it every week. I had a friend here , years ago, who was from St. Lucia. He was in a cricket club. He played almost every weekend in the summer.


      1. Yeah, I understand the sports excitement in the stadium, but by nature I’m more inclined towards details than fun. I want to see the slo-mo, I want to see the analysis of a shot and all that. I’m wired that way. So when I don’t get that I am like uuurrrrgggghhh.

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