One-Liner Wednesday – Cold

You’re going to need a jacket, it’s in the 40s

That was the suggestion made at 6:00 am Monday. I resisted. I dread the first day of the season than I need a jacket. It was going to warm-up during the day and that usually means that I’ll leave that jacket at work.

My Favorite Vest

What to do?

You could wear a vest.”

Yes! I love vests and I only get to wear them during a few weeks of the year. I wore my favorite vest. It’s fleece and nylon. It’s actually reversible, but I never reverse it. I like advertising for OOPSLA. The Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) conference – “Object-Oriented Programs, Systems, Languages and Applications” doesn’t exist any longer. It’s been replaced by other ACM conferences, but it was my favorite technical conference for many years.

This post is part of Linda G. Hill’s fun weekly series One-Liner Wednesday.

One Liner Wednesday


  1. I would have been totally mesmerized by the seaplanes taking off and always been late for wherever I was going :)

    I’ve seen people out shopping the past couple of days all bundled up in boots and jackets. I can’t help but laugh to myself. What are they going to do when it gets REALLY cold?!

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  2. Nice vest Dan. Did it keep you warm? I’m enjoying the cooler nights for sleeping, but the last couple of days haven’t been so good. Rain and wind. That has kept me off the walking path at work.

    You got to see Bill Gates? I always wanted to meet him, but don’t know what I would say to him. We speak a different language 😉

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  3. Having never been to Seattle, I love it already. Great photos, Dan. Vests are so handy down here in sunny FL. We are supposed to go down to the 60’s at night this weekend. But then back into the 80’s during the day. Hand over the vest…..

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    • 60? Oh, that’s not vest weather – it has to be in the low 50s before I break them out. Thanks. Seattle is a wonderful place to visit. I’ve gone with my wife and my daughter. Both times, we used it as a base of operations and explored the wonderful sights in the state.

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  4. It’s 68 degrees here in North Carolina. We won’t need a vest or jacket till . . . who knows when. We may need one or the other tomorrow, next week, or sometime in November. Sometimes we don’t even need a jacket in December . . . just an umbrella!

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  5. Ha, OOPSLA. What an acronym. Sounds like it could be a joke name for an accident-prone company, and then it turns out to be about the most boring name on the planet. Your pics, however, were anything BUT boring, Dan. Great shots. I’d like to visit Seattle at some point — the closest I’ve gotten is Portland. So I enjoyed today’s virtual visit. And now I’m jonesing for some Hershey’s kisses …

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    • I’m still a member, John. I’m thinking about asking my employer to split the cost of the lifetime membership. I think it’s $500. They are paying the $99 annual fee, so I figure it’s a good deal if we go half on it. I have three more years. I loved their conferences.


  6. I love the “word” OOPSLA and plan to figure out how to use it in conversation…such as when I’m typing a comment to a post, a small noise sounds, and the comment disappears. OOPSLA! Very “My Big Fat Greek Wedding”-ish, don’t you think? I did wear a jacket for my walk this morning and reveled in every minute of it. But I have a vest as well. although not an OOPSLA vest, of course. It’s not getting into the 40’s at night yet, only the mid-fifties, but it’s lovely sleeping weather.

    See you tomorrow when the Doors open. :-)


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  7. I sometimes wear a T-shirt to work and throw a long sleeved button up over it. As the day progresses, I take my shirt back to the locker. We don’t really have heat not air-conditioning, so I like winter best while I work! (I wear boots all day when it’s cold.
    The kiss mobile was cool, I like city fountains which remind me of waterfalls! The best is very cool, Dan! My youngest daughter gave me a few and for some reason, I like wearing them over aid flannel shirts. Kind of like the “country version” of me! ;)

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  8. Seattle is one of my favorite cities – lovely pics! And, who wouldn’t love a conference with “OOPS” in its name. OOPSLA reminds me of Stephen Colbert’s annual Day of Atonement gig he did on the Colbert Report (it’s complicated, so if you never watched his show, you’ll just have to trust me).

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      • Pacing yourself isn’t a concept I’m familiar with. If I’m cold I’m cold I wear whatever will get me warm in that moment. I don’t think I could ever live in a climate that gets below 32 degrees Fahrenheit! I almost know how to my body’s homeostasis at 98.6 in the climate I live and play in. If I can find a pair of gloves that really keep my fingers warm then and only then will I have perfected it.

        I seriously need the gloves the Astronauts wear while on their Spacewalk/Spacewalksoutsidefixingstuff adventures!
        They don’t freeze and I’ve never seen a report about cold fingers and toes from their expeditions. Of course NASA could be hiding that, but the old guys who walked on the Moon have still have their toes and fingers…I believe!

        He-Man bought me a pair of battery heated slippers one year and they were wonderful, but cost a fortune in batteries! They didn’t use lithium batteries. Friends have sent me links to battery operated gloves for years. I should buy a pair!

        Did I ever do a post on they year I started to get Raynauds Syndrome in my hands?
        It was the Christmas we went to visit my in-laws in Monessen, PA. Early 90’s. Baby Girl was an infant. He-Man took me to see 3 Rivers Stadium and shopping in Pittsburgh. OMG! GIMBLES!!! The Harrod’s of the USA!!! I LOVED IT!!

        That day it was so cold; with the wind chill factor it was -5! It was 17 degrees Fahrenheit without it. I was dressed in boots, wool socks, wool coat, and 3 layers of clothes under that, but I was so cold and couldn’t get warm while outside. We had to cut our walking and shopping adventure short. I’ve never been so cold and unable to get warm in my life! I shivered for a long time!

        Since that day when ever I am the grocery store or any kind of chill my fingers and toes lose circulation. I have to wear gloves in the grocery store! When out in the morning, night, or winter doing any type of photography my fingers fail me and I have to stop imaging.
        I hate that! Toe warmers keep my toes warm, but I’ve not yet found anything to keep my fingers warm.
        Do you not have a problem keeping your fingers warm?

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        • I’m glad you got to experience Three Rivers Stadium. that was the coldest place on earth to watch a December football game. I know, the Packers… but when the wind whipped off the rivers and circled in that stadium, you just wanted to shrivel up and die.

          I use wool gloves when I’m working in my shop in the winter. I have fully fingerless (fingers up to first knuckle) and some where only the thumb and first two fingers are cut off. My daughter has gloves like that but that have mitten flaps that cover her fingertips when not working with the camera.

          I also have a synthetic fabric pair of cycling gloves. They are pretty warm, very thin, and have tiny little nubbies that let me pick up small tools and manipulate the dial on my camera.

          I don’t like being cold, so I wear whatever is necessary.

          Maybe someone will invent a heated camera body :)

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    • I miss being in the Pacific Northwest. It was a very pretty place to live, but Seattle has gotten very contested. I’ve visited several times since I lived there, and it seems to get a little more crowded and more expensive every time I go. So, I’m good with a periodic visit.

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  9. Great pictures. I and Sarah have subscribed to ItsJudyLife channel on YouTube and since they live in Seattle we get to see a little bit of it in their videos. Prior to that, I have seen Seattle in various movies and I like it. I also watch another channel called Robeson Designs by Rebecca Robeson and she is an interior decorator in San Diego. I like San Diego more than Seattle. Tall palm trees and sunny climate seems similar to Mumbai. I love winter, but I’m not designed for winter temperatures. I haven’t seen a real snow yet, Sarah has and most of my friends have when they travel to Kashmir in the north India to the foot of Himalayas. I have never got the opportunity to travel extreme north, but someday I will. I hope I don’t die of cold because I’m too skinny. In Mumbai, we never need any protection from the wind or cold. In fact, I gave up wearing a tie and full sleeve shirts because of the humidity and heat factor. You will usually see me in a t-shirt or a half-sleeve shirt and a trouser or shorts.

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    • San Diego has a much better climate than Seattle. It’s basically always 70f (21c) there all the time. Seattle is nice. It doesn’t snow much in the city, but you can drive an hour and fine hundred plus inches of snow in the mountains. An hour or two the other way and you be in a rain forest. Seattle never gets really cold but it rains a lot from late Oct to April.

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      • I guess it has already started raining in Seattle now. Mumbai wasn’t that hot and humid, but overpopulation has led to some amount of climate change. Tall buildings everywhere, it’s hard to get cool air from the sea unless you are on the streets close to the sea. Thankfully, Vasai has no tall buildings yet. The tallest building I have encountered is 15 floors. In my neighborhood most buildings are 3 floors high including mine.

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        • It probably isn’t raining yet. Closer to the end of the month. Then, after November, all bets are off. When I lived there, we had 20 days in a row in December with over an inch of rain. Another year, we had 60 days in a row with measurable rainfall. Then mountains control the weather out there.


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