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Happy Hal…Oh-It’s-Over

Yeah, yeah, the kids will be out in full costumed force tonight, but by the time you venture back into Target, Wal*Mart, Sears or wherever it is you shop, it will be Christmas. If it isn’t already Christmas. Lest you … Continue reading

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Glasses, Geese and Not-So-Great Pumpkin

If we were having a beer, you would be sitting outside. “Whoa, check out the new shades.” “What are you doing sitting outside? We sit at the bar.” “It’s October. It might be our last chance to sit outside and … Continue reading

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Thursday Doors – Stafford Springs

Back in May, when I took the photos of American Woolen Company, I snagged a few other pictures from the Towns of Stafford and Stafford Springs, Connecticut. The area was originally settled, in part due to the abundant water supply, … Continue reading

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One-Liner Wednesday – Thanks Greta

“Please drive to the highlighted route” Yeah, I get it. I’m in a parking lot, and Greta, my GPS, won’t be able to help me until I can get to the main road. Of course, once I get to the … Continue reading

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Because Tomorrow May Be Different

I’ve been wondering if it’s the changing seasons, summer to autumn to winter in North America, that has a lot of the writers I follow thinking about conquering procrastination. Maybe it’s the approaching sedentary days of winter that has people eager … Continue reading

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Hi Ho

Hi ho, hi ho, it’s off to work we go. No, this isn’t the dwarfs singing, this is those voices, he keeps locked away when he goes to work. This is our time, so here we go. We almost didn’t … Continue reading

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Thursday Doors – ISU Part-I

I spent a really long weekend in Ames, Iowa, visiting family. We aren’t from Iowa, but my brother and mother now live there. My brother graduated from Iowa State University (ISU) and never left. A few years ago, when my … Continue reading

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