Timing is Everything

For the love of beer
The perfect place and beverage to share some casual conversation.

We were supposed to be having a beer, but you didn’t show up.

“Your buddy was in earlier, but had to leave. He said he might come back, but he paid for two beers for you.”

“Well, that’s the important thing. Did he take the rest of the bar with him? I seem to be the only one here.”

“It’s been slow all day. It’s always like this on the last weekend of The Big-E.”

“I forgot about The Big-E, Cheryl. We didn’t make it up there this year. I was on the road, or just getting home, or preparing to go. In fact, I just got in from southern California around 1:00 am.”

“California? But you were just here the other day.”

“Yep, 18 hours back and forth in a plane and 48 hours on the ground in paradise.”

“Well, for my money, Costa Rica is paradise. Did you do anything fun, or just business?”

“A group of us went on a dolphin/whale watch.”

“Got any good photos?”

“I don’t know yet. I was trying to see the dolphins more than I was trying to photograph them. I really did just point and shoot.”

“You had some nice photos from the train on that last trip.”

“Thanks, but you should see the ones that got away.”

“Ha ha, moving too fast?”

“That, and I have a bunch of photos that would have been good, if a tree or a piece of bridge structure or a passing train, or the flash of glare in the window-grime hadn’t blocked them.”

“Oh, I know all about that.”

“Really? I’ve seen your photos. Monkeys, birds, people, dogs, they’re beautiful.”

“Thanks, but I have oodles of photos of where the bird was, or where my camera thought I was taking a picture of a distant tree, instead of a fish in the foreground. Actually, that’s my most recent near-miss.”

“Near hit.”


“Sorry. It’s a thing my wife says all the time. She contends that a ‘near-miss’ would be a hit.”

“Hmmm, you know, I think she’s right… I guess with you guys living so close to the airport, that makes a difference.”

“Yeah, we don’t want any near-misses over our yard.”

AMTRAK route shown
AMTRAK route shown

“It was sad to hear about that recent train crash. Is that the route you take?”

“No, that was a New Jersey Transit train. Hoboken is a little south of the track AMTRAK uses.”

“I know you must have had some good pictures, other than the doors, but I checked your Flickr site, I didn’t see anything new.”

“I’ve been slow to put things on Flickr, lately. I get them into my blog stories, but I forget about Flickr.”

“You forget about Facebook, too. Just sayin’.”

“I always forget about Facebook, Cheryl. You’re good at that. I really need to remember to do that…after I get Flickr up-to-date.”

“It’s hard. Take the photo, process the photo, upload the photo, describe the photo…it takes a lot of time.”

“Maybe we should just print then and stick them in a shoebox.”

“What’s this talk about shoeboxes? I leave you two alone for a few minutes and you’re talking fashion?”

“Hey, it’s about time you got here. Thanks for the beers. Speaking of which, Cheryl, I’ll take that second one. I think he wants to buy himself a glass of wine, too.”

“Coming right up. I didn’t think you were coming back.”

“I tried to take my wife to The Big-E, but traffic was crazy. I turned around. I can wait a year for a new Magic Mop.”

“But you’re missing the food. I thought you loved fair-food.”

“I do. But during the final weekend, I don’t think the blueberry-pie-guy’s heart is in it.”

“Here’s your wine. I can put a food order in whenever.”

“Thanks Cheryl. But seriously, what’s the shoebox story?”

“We were talking about digital photos, and what to do with them.”

“I just leave mine on my phone. You guys must be the only two people I know who still carry a camera.”

“Cheryl’s got the serious camera, I’m Mr. point and shoot.”

“I love my Nikon, but sometimes I use my phone. The best camera is the one you have with you.”

“That’s true. Except when you’re on a train going 80 mph (129 kph).”

“I thought those fancy-schmancy cameras could take pictures anywhere.”

“Oh they can…”

“But they don’t know what you want in the photo…”

“Whoa, whoa, I don’t need this in stereo.”



“OK, Cheryl, ladies first.”

“It’s a good story, but I have some customers, finally. You can read it here, if you like.”

“OK, then. You first.”

“Do you really want to hear the details?”

“Actually, no. That’s slipped out…you know, being polite. Can I just look at the pictures, instead?”

“You can.”

Note: If you haven’t checked out the gentle musings, beautiful photos and fantastic stories at Cheryl’s blog, you should give it a look.

I’m giving you two galleries today. The ones that got away, with a little explanation, and a few good ones.


  1. What a can of worms – digital photos. Who knew we’d arrive at a time when we’d all have thousands of photos just sitting on phones, laptops, tablets, etc.? Think of all the money Kodak is missing. If we combined your missed photos from the speeding train and mine from the glare and rain drops on the tour bus window, we’d have ourselves a photography book of what not to do. Happy Saturday.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Sometimes the raindrops add an artistic effect, Judy. At least I’ve heard me tell me that :) the worst is when you know you have a digital photo but you don’t remember when you took it. I swear, it would be faster to stage it and take it again.

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  2. Great point-n-shoot pictures Dan. I like your wife’s concept of “near hit.” I get a similar reaction from people when I say “just wrong” — for instance if I stepped just right and hurt myself… No. That’s stepping just wrong. Mega hugs.

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Your free flowing, stream of consciousness narrative was a perfect way to start my rainy Saturday morning. Lots of fun moments, lots of good points. You made me laugh and you made me think. What more could I ask for?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Mike. Given the wonderful photos you share, you must have tons of “branches where the bird was.” Either that or you are really good with that camera (which I admit is possible).


      1. I’m getting better, but I take lots of photos, including in burst mode, so I have an amazing collection of empty branches, cut-off birds, blurry photos, etc. For every hundred photos I take, I may choose to post one or two (and sometimes none).

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  4. Great photos, Dan–I have so many just like these! How come in my preview, they always look great (OK….decent), but when I download them, they are terrible? Must be my camera….. I love the substation photo. Happy Weekend.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Lois. Yeah, I know the preview/download thing. When I was taking photos of the dolphins, I saw quite a few in the viewfinder that looked good. I haven’t downloaded them yet. I might wait until it’s beer time ;)

      I’m glad you liked the substation. That’s one of my favs.

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Dan, I appreciate all of your photos, because they give me a look at your area and travels…places that I’ve not necessarily been to.

    In regard to your photos and FB, you need an Instagram account. You can post to IG, FB and Twitter at the same time…but you probably know that.

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  6. I love them all. See? You are a photo addict, “real” camera or not. One thing I have learned about shots from a moving place is that if I shoot from the passed perspective, in other words “looking back” at the subject, I can usually get what I want at least reasonably clear. If it is moving away from you there seems to be little or no blur. Often it lends a nice perspective too. I loved the light in these shots. Was it early to mid morning in some?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for the comment and the tip. I think you’re right about “moving away” but it can be awkward on a train once someone is sitting behind you. I was on an a 6:00 am train on the way to DC and the Vermonter (DC – north) leaves at 8:00 am, so some are early shots. Also, it was overcast for mush of the trip on the Vermonter.


      1. Or how about signs that reads: PHOTO OP.

        “Hey look, here comes another sign. Get ready.”

        “What? Where?”

        “You missed it. It was a bird.”

        “How did the people who put up the sign know there would be a bird there?”

        “Bird seed.”

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  7. More good pics, Dan, with an interesting emphasis on “on the move” shots. Knowing how security personnel can look askance at people shuttering away at transportation hubs, my hat is off to you for even trying!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Paul. I’ve had a few encounters with security, but none for the past few years. I’m very careful inside Metro stations. I love the gentle curves walls, and they make very cool photos, but I’m certain that I’m being watched so I only ever take a quick cell phone shot.

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  8. I like the sun streaks and shadows on your photos, Dan. Your conversation was funny and pertinent, as usual. :)
    I tend to have way too many photos on my blog awaiting to be scheduled and too many in my Cloud, which has thrown my email account literally out! It says it is no longer “in synch” with my phone. So, I am a little upset, needless to say.
    I printed out 700 photographs last year, then bought grandies 2015 albums and invited them over. Each “pile” of 80 to 100 photos needed to be put into their albums. After about 20 or so each, they all declared it “boring.” This year, sweet Hendrix so far has NO printed pictures. The last baby is usually the forgotten photo album kid. My Mom had so many more of my brother Randy and me than my baby brother did. Oh well!
    My favorite of yours is the really amazing photo of the water, the sun’s popping out from the clouds stretched over the beautiful water ripples! Simply divine, Dan.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Robin. I really wanted to be on the right side of the train (facing east or south on that route) to get the water photos.

      About 95% of my mom’s photos are of my brother, but it’s kind you say, first child. I’m guessing for you it was first child, first girl so you and your brother made out like bandits :)


  9. Well, I am reading this after seeing those dolphin images. Those images were really good. I love dolphins, sharks, whales (what can you expect from a Pisces). Also, a reason why I don’t eat too much of seafood because when I see it on my plate it feels like – Am I the one lying on this plate? Sounds funny I know, but we all get this sort of funny thoughts and questions.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I hope to have more photos from the Dolphin watch on Wednesday. I do enjoy seafood, sorry. I only have when we eat out. My wife is not a fan. I hope I don’t start thinking about you being on the plate :)

      Liked by 1 person

  10. Oh man, can I relate! Too many near-misses to count here! I loved seeing yours and reading the captions. The morning light is just gorgeous, and you’re right those trains pass some beautiful water.

    Whale images coming soon? Or am I so behind I’ve just not got to those yet?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Deborah. Being a birder, I’m sure you have your share of “branch where the awesome bird was…” photos. Still, you seem patient and you adapt pretty well. “I didn’t get the bird, but, oooh, look, a pretty door.” :)

      More dolphin images on Wednesday. We weren’t able to find the whales, but it was a fun ride.

      Liked by 1 person

  11. Dan, I need storage boxes for photos, shoe boxes are too small! Loved the near miss photos, especially the hidden doors! Instagram is great. You can control who you follow and who follows you! I keep my account small! 💛Christine

    Liked by 1 person

  12. I think a near miss is what Maxwell Smart was talking about in the old Get Smart tv show: “Missed it by [[fingers barely separated]] thaaat much.”

    Great pictures of almost-a-bird and trees with interesting buildings behind them. Love it!

    Liked by 1 person

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