Thursday Doors – Monarch Beach Resort

In case you’re unfamiliar wit California geography

Last week, our company held its Policyholder Meeting in sunny southern California, at the Monarch Beach Resort. This is not the kind of place at which I normally stay. If you search back over my previous entries, you won’t see many “hotel” doors. That’s mainly because I’m staying at a Courtyard by Marriott or a Fairfield Inn. But, hey, Courtyard is the official hotel of the NFL, so I’ve got that going for me.

The Monarch Beach Resort used to be a St. Regis hotel. St. Regis is/was part of the Starwood Group (also Westin, Sheraton and W brands) but this resort opted out of that group as they were swallowed by merged with Marriott.

The hotel website doesn’t provide much in the way of history, but I did learn that the hotel, sorry, resort opened in 2001, and won award after prestigious award through 2015. Then they:

“…began a $40 million renovation …to reflect its coastal location with a palette of cool blues, greens and crisp white.”

Our meeting is a fairly non-stop affair. Between receptions, meals, meetings and events, there isn’t a lot of time for a doorscursion. Fortunately, the designers at this place seemed to go out of their way to make the doors interesting – I guess a cool $40 mil buys more than few nice doors – I spied some Norm-worthy doors from my balcony, and then I just kept snapping photos of doors as I went from meeting to meeting and meal to meal. The night shots were taken on my way back from dinner in the golf clubhouse.

That palette of cool blues, greens and crisp white, coupled with a couple of bright sunny days challenged this photographer, as did the interior lighting which always, always, always seems to be halogen, in most major hotels. I think the technical term my daughter uses is “Marriott yellow.”

Thursday Doors is a weekly global adventure in which thousands hundreds at least 50 door freaks aficionados contribute all manner of interesting doors for our pleasure. A product of Norm Frampton, it’s one of the most interesting challenges on the web. If you have a photo, or a drawing, or can write a description of an interesting door, you should hop on over to Norm’s place. Check out his door, ‘cuz that’s only right, and then look for the blue button. Click that for the opportunity to add your door, or just to see all the other doors that are on display that week.


    1. We land in these places twice a year, Judy but I don’t recall seeing so many interesting doors before. I had planned a post last year, after a meeting in Florida, but I never got around to it. It is quite an experience being in these resorts. We stay busy but well fed :)


    1. It’s funny that you mention that. It’s actually the reason I switched to a point & from a DSLR. I can slip this camera in my jacket pocket, so it doesn’t look like I’m the company photographer. A lot of the door photos were taken with my phone. I think that looks less suspicious :) Thanks for the comment.

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  1. Isn’t it beautiful down there? It’s why my son never came home after going to Grad and Law school down there. He’s not too far from where this resort is.

    I love the side door, and that slatted panel door. The interior and exterior staircases are wonderful!
    What a great place for doors, and nice digs for a business meeting!

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    1. It really is a beautiful area, Deborah. I’ve been to conferences in Anaheim, but I hadn’t been to the beach area since the late 70s. I’m guessing the area is expensive to live in, but I’m not sure what part of California isn’t. Still, Hartford can be expensive and we don’t have dolphins :)

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  2. What fun to stay somewhere so nice and have someone else pay for it, Dan! The lovely doors are a bonus, that’s for sure. The motels where we stay when traveling boast nothing so grand (and these doors would look ridiculous in such settings.) I love having phones that take great photos because as you say, they’re easy to carry and use without looking obtrusive.

    Happy Thursday,


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  3. Whoa, nice change-up, Dan (to use a seasonally appropriate sports metaphor). Some very impressive doors AND staircases this time out — I’d really enjoy poking around this place. And ha, a “palette of cool blues, greens and crisp whites”? Sure you didn’t miss your calling as an interior designer?

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    1. Thanks Paul. the palette comment was a quote from their website. I would never… Nicely timed baseball pun. Sorry about the O’s. I’m glad you liked the staircases, I would include them, even if there wasn’t a door in the middle.


  4. Wow, that’s a gorgeous hotel…ummm, I mean resort. Lots of beautiful and interesting doors for freaks…ummm, I mean nerds…ummm, I mean aficionados like yourself. If the policyholder meeting is there next year, I’d like to put in for an internship for the week. I could learn something new under those circumstances.

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    1. I’m good with ‘freak’ and ‘nerd’ Mary. I’m not sure yet where we will be next year. I have photos from last year, but I never managed to do a post. Maybe in the winter, when getting out for new photos gets harder. I’ll let you know if we have any internships :)

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  5. Well that is a lovely establishment! Not much in the way of hotels like that here, I can tell ya. Such a pretty staircase, and many beautiful, interesting doors. Lotsa curves — ooh! Lucky you!
    I’ll take halogenesque over Marriot yellow any day. The ones I can’t stand are the hallways with barely lit sconces, the sad off-white textured walls, psychedelic carpet, and the smell of body odor and chlorine wafting all about. Those do make me hurry to my room!

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    1. Ha – I see we’ve stayed in the same hotels :)

      I really did like that staircase. I would have stepped out onto the balcony, but our group was having breakfast on the lawn, don’tcha know. I’m not sure if we have anything like this in CT. Maybe over in Newport, RI or closer to Boston. Then again, no dolphins in the CT River either.

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  6. Fancy digs with a lovely and varied selection of doors all on the same property. I’d say you lucked out on this trip Dan.
    Both the indoor and outdoor staircases are waaay beautiful too. Nicely done :-)

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  7. I really liked the doors in your post today. The carved look on the elevator doors looks like an early American or Pennsylvania Dutch pattern, Dan.
    I particularly loved the staircases! The metal scrolling on the inside railings and the cement or formed posts looking like marble, on the outside, are breath taking! :)

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  8. You won’t believe a few weeks ago I was at St. Regis, Mumbai meeting an entrepreneur from Poland who wanted to speak with me on his brief visit to the city. Probably, my first time ever to step into such luxurious hotel. I loved the resort interiors and exteriors. I was thinking you should be a travel writer. You visit so many places and you’re so good at sharing what you experience. I can say for sure you will be an amazing travel writer than those two guys on the plane you talked about. :)

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    1. Ha ha – I don’t think I’d be very good Sharukh. I don’t really enjoy the luxury spots. I understand why we go there, but I would never choose these places on my own, even if money wasn’t an object. The level of “service” is uncomfortable.


      1. My friends since they are all managers travel across India, but they have no interest in photography and sharing details with me. Sad. They say they love my job working from home. I say let’s swap because I’ll definitely benefit anyways.

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          1. I think it also depends from firm to firm and person to person. Many of my ex-colleagues actually look for locations they want to travel personally, then they hunt for events and conventions happening around. They convince their firms that they should participate in those events, or if they have the decision making power they decide and go, have a ball, take pictures and enjoy on company expenses. Such guys take camera along. Some travel just because they have to and they have no choice. These guys don’t carry camera. Some like to travel, but they are too busy the entire day and they just head back to their hotel room and sleep. They are happy with the fact that they enjoyed the location. They give a damn about taking pictures or sharing experiences with family and friend. They only tell you what they did, if you ask, or else they just say it was just another routine business trip. So, I guess it all depends on the firm and the guy travelling.

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            1. That is probably the case more often tab I think. The two wanna-be travel writers were talking about how they wait until the last minute to book flights if their employer is paying because spending more money helps improve their frequent flier status. I look for less expensive flights.


  9. Great place. Yeah, $40 mil would help get some doors I suppose. Glad they at least added those to the updates. Thanks for sharing. I am planning on a trip in the future and was just debating on how much photo gear I want to take. A camera is required though of course!

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  10. I love the elevator doirs. That is quite a mixed bag of architectural styling, from ancient monastery to Mexican/Spanish. Did you enjoy your stay? I’m sure Tom Bodette’s wealthier peer wants to know. 😉

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