One-Liner Wednesday – Breakfast

One Liner WednesdayI was returning from an appointment in Hartford last weekend and it was very foggy. I thought I noticed the sun burning through the fog, so I figured I’d visit Riverside Park and catch the sunrise over the Connecticut River.

The fog was much thicker near the river.

The sun just wasn’t up to the task.

But, I did see this little guy in the parking lot, and he had just found what appears to be half a hard roll.


Got butter? This would be better with a nice schmear

This post is part of Linda G. Hill’s fun series called One Liner Wednesday.


  1. There was some beautiful fog Monday morning when I was walking in the park. Makes for some lovely photos. Our trees are as far along with autumn color as yours, although they’re beginning to turn just a little bit.


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  2. Love your photos, Dan. How can fog be kind of creepy and so cool at the same time? As for that squirrel’s breakfast, good thing it was a hard roll and not a pancake. He might have been asking for butter AND maple syrup.

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    1. I love fog, Mary. That squirrel was so happy. They are having a tough time this year. The drought has left fewer and smaller nuts and acorns. At first, I though he had a bagel. Maybe next time, I’ll bring him a short stack…with syrup.

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    1. Thanks Lois. The pull the boat ramp and the docks and they move the boats that are stored outside. They move them all to higher ground within the park. This is a photo from the boat launch in January. I think you can see why the dock comes out. This part of the river almost always freezes from bank to bank.

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  3. Something mysterious and mystical about fog or mist, Dan. There’s a quietness also that descends on everything when it’s present. Never knew that squirrels ate rolls as well. Who knows, soon they’ll be drinking beer.

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  4. Beautiful gallery this morning, Dan! You captured the feeling of the fog as you felt it as you were walking. Nicely done!! I can see why you walk in this park. It is just breathtaking, a little piece of heaven away from all the noise and bustle. You’re getting good with that camera of yours. The only way to do that is to keep taking pictures. LOL I know that only too well! :) <3

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    1. Thanks Amy. I usually opt for the park on the other side of the river, but when I’m returning home (instead of going to work) it’s easy to stop at this one. The fog was just beautiful. I wanted to get a photo of the railroad bridge in the fog as it was lifting, but I swear, the longer I stayed, the thicker the fog got. The bridge probably revealed itself as I was driving out :)

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      1. I love the fog, Dan, and how it makes things look so soft and mysterious. It’s as though you’ve walked into another world. The railroad bridge awaits for another day. I know the feeling of waiting waiting and then due to time constraints had to leave. Your guess is probably right about the fog. Things have a way of doing that. LOL :)

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  5. Oh the squirrel is too adorable with its little bun. You captured its leap quite well. I don’t think I ever saw a squirrel leap that way. Quite in a rush to find a cozy breakfast spot.
    This period of time is unique in New England. Caught between saying goddbye to the summer and not yet ready to welcome the colder bleaker days, the season is a sample of all kinds of weather.
    The early fog is particularly gorgeous, I think. Although it makes it hard for the photographers.
    This is a lovely morning stroll that you offer us this morning and I really like it.

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    1. Thanks Evelyne. I like the fog and I like walking in it. I was hoping that some of the details around the park would peek out from behind the curtain while I was there, but no such luck. It’s OK, there will be more foggy days. This season is New England’s gift to us for putting up with the rest of the weather.


    1. Thanks Sandi. My daughter and I hiked the long loop path around the north end of this park last summer. It’s only a couple of miles, but to have a place in the city where you can step into the woods, is pretty special.

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  6. Your fog pics turned out beautifully, Dan! And of course, you know how I feel about squirrels. The leaping pic is excellent. Monday was Thanksgiving up here, so I put some turkey bones out the next day for the birds to pick off. Late yesterday afternoon, I heard this strange thumping noise. I opened the door just in time to see my squirrel with this enormous turkey leg bone in her mouth (carrying it dog-style), trying to stash it in the corner of a window. It was the funniest sight seeing her run around with that thing in her mouth — it was bigger than she was!

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    1. Thanks Kirt. The squirrels have to work extra hard this year, due to the drought. This guy looked pretty happy. I was hoping to catch the railroad bridge emerging from the fog, but I couldn’t wait long enough.

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  7. Great pictures. I love the fog. It reminds me of Lonavala, my sister’s place. Vasai, also gets a bit of fog early morning. I love winter because of the entire feel it brings along. Although, I’m not Christian but I love to decorate the Christmas tree and light up the star on my apartment balcony. I love to walk out on chilly nights with Sarah, have some ice creams and cakes. There’s this huge valley in Khandala and since Sarah hadn’t seen a fog ever before I took her on the topmost point of the valley, her eyes closed and when she opened it she was thrilled to see a fog valley. It was clouds stuck between two mountain ranges. We stayed there for almost an hour and Sarah so happy. So fog in a way reminds me of many good memories.

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  8. I LOVE these photos Dan! The fog shots are perfect and love that “in flight” squirrel jump. Geeze your squirrels eat anything. Ours turn their noses up at bread. It’s nuts, berries or nuttin around here. 🙄

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    1. Thanks Cheryl. It’s been a tough year for these guys. The drought condition haven’t left them with many nuts, and the acorns are very small this year. He was just so cute.


  9. Oh I loved so many of your images in this series Dan! The foggy forest paths, the fog on the river, and the boat launch to name several.

    Watching squirrels eat or hide their food is so entertaining isn’t it. Great timing on the “get away!”. All four feet in the air is awesome.

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    1. Thanks Deborah. I love the fog. I was hoping to get a photo of the railroad bridge peeking out, but I couldn’t stay long enough, but the fog around the trees was interesting.. That little guy was so cute, but he was trying to get across that parking lot quickly (but not without that roll).

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  10. The impulse to take pictures of the morning sometimes cause me to be nearly late to work, Dan. The fog was an amazing force in these photos, grabbing attention, while hiding the bridge which you desired to capture.
    I liked all of your photos but the one which is my very favorite was on the left side of your gallery, with half fog lying across the water and covering the sky, with the blue sky peeking out. Love this one!

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    1. Thanks Robin. Some days, it is hard to get back in the car and head to work. I was heading home this day, but I still couldn’t stay long enough. I like the photo you mention. The fog is so mysterious, it’s hiding the entire city in that photo.


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