A Little Personal – James Sharp -A tribute

I don’t often reblog posts, but there aren’t many of this generation left, and I really liked reading about this man. If you have a few minutes, give a look, you won’t be disappointed.

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I recently went to Detroit to participate in the memorial service for my Uncle, Jim. He was the last of three siblings and died suddenly at the age of ninety-four after a life that included lots of love, some heartbreak, and mostly good health. This post is not about his passing but rather a reminder of the kind of people that his generation represented.

Uncle Jim was a pilot in World War II. He joined the army after Pearl Harbor even though he had a wife and little boy at home. When asked why he joined his response was simple, “I have some talent that should be useful.” He was also only twenty years old. This first photo is Uncle Jim in high school. The dedication on the photo is to his sister, my mother.

Uncle Jim

He was a swimmer, football player, and played a pretty mean game of golf. He married his high school…

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19 thoughts on “A Little Personal – James Sharp -A tribute

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  1. Glad that you reblogged it. I commented on John’s blog. However, I had this funny thought in my mind that heroes like Uncle Jim risked their lives for that one image of the enemy area and today we live in a world obsessed with selfies posting on social media. One guy taking pictures for the honor of his country, another guy taking pictures for glamor of his profile. Just a weird thought.

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    1. They were, Joanne. My father died over 30 years ago, and I don’t actually know much about his story. We’re loosing these men and women, very fast. This story captured the spirit of that generation very well. I’m glad you liked it, too.

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