I Don’t Have OCD

For the love of beer
The perfect place and beverage to share some casual conversation.

If we were having a beer, you’d start picking on me about some habits

“It occurs to me that I bought your beer last week, and the week before.”

“Thanks. You’re a nice guy.”

“That’s not my point. I think it’s your turn to buy.”

“Fair enough. Cheryl, I’ll have a Yuengling please.”

“What about him?”

“Yeah, what about me?”

“Probably a glass of Meiomi.”

“Not today. Today, I’ll have Woodford Reserve on the rocks.”

“Because you’re on my tab.”

“That’s true, but I did buy your beers two weeks in a row.”

“Yes, but as you once pointed out, two beers cost less than your wine, far less than that bourbon”

“Which you said didn’t matter…”

“Enough already. You two sound like an old married couple. Here’s your beer and here’s your bourbon.”

“Here’s to change.”

“Said the man drinking yet another Yuengling.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“Just that I’ve never seen you order anything else.”

“I’ve ordered lots of other beers.”

“That’s true, when the Yuengling tap kicked, he had Sam Adams, Boston Lager.”

“When the tap kicks.”

“I’ve also seen him order Corona.”

“I don’t recall him ever ordering Corona”

“He orders it when he’s not feeling well. He calls it his ‘light beer’ “

He, and him are sitting right here…just sayin.”

“Does he see a pattern forming? Yuengling most days. Sam Adams if there’s no Yuengling. Corona if you’re not feeling well.”

“So, I’m predictable. What’s wrong with that?”

“It’s called OCD.”

“I don’t think preferring one beer over another, raises to the level of a mental disorder.”

“It’s not just the beers, you’re predictable in most things.”

A, I’m not sure that’s true, and B, how would you know? I don’t do most things at this bar.”

“That’s a good thing; we run a class act here. You boys want any food today?”

“I’m going to take…”

“…some wings home. And, I believe he prefers barbecue sauce .”

“Big deal, I like their wings. They happen to be very good.”

“He does sometimes get the specials.”

“OK, maybe I’m being too hard on him.”

“Here! Him is here! You don’t have to continue talking about me in the third person.”

“OK, let me ask you a simple question: when was the last time you tried a new beer?”

“Last Thursday.”

“It must have been good, for you to remember so clearly.”

“It was very good.”

“What beer?”

“Naughty Nurse.”

“We have that here. I’ve never seen you order it.”

“You have the IPA, Cheryl. I was drinking the Amber.”

“Have you been cheating on me? Where were you doing this drinking?”

“Easy Cheryl, remember he travels a lot.”

He does, but Naughty Nurse is a local brew.”

He, rather, I was at ADNET Technologies 25th anniversary cocktail party. They had a ‘tasting’ event. Wine, cider and beer. City Steam was there.”

“Eric? Was Eric there? He’s our sales rep. He does those tastings all the time.”

“He was, and he said he loves coming to this bar.”

“What’s not to love?”

“Hang on a minute. At this ‘tasting’ event, what all did you taste?”

“Naughty Nurse, Amber.”

“That’s it? No cider? No wine?”

“Eric was kind enough to keep pouring the Amber. I liked it.”

“Uh huh, Naughty Nurse Amber, a.k.a. Thursday night Yuengling. Seriously, it’s called OCD.”

“Speaking of Yuengling, could we get another round, Cheryl.”

“You can have as many rounds as you like, unless you’re driving. I want to make sure you can get back here next weekend.”

“He’ll be back. One beer while we talk. Then the second beer. When he’s halfway through that, he’ll order those wings. He’ll finish the beer as the wings arrive and he’s gone.”

“OK, enough is enough. I’m right here, I periodically have three beers, some times I eat here. You cannot predict my every move.”

“Really? I’ll bet you the next round, or the imaginary third round that I can name three things you did last week.”

“I’m already buying the next round.”

“So, you have nothing to lose.”

“OK, three things, but not things like ‘ate dinner’ or ‘walked the dog’, right?”

“Right, even though I’m pretty sure I could chart the course of that walk with Maddie better than your GPS.”

“Maddie is a creature of habit.”

“Said Yuengling boy.”

“Let’s go, while we’re young.”

“Before your recent flight, you purchased a copy of Discover Magazine, Fine Wood Working and a pretzel from Auntie Anne’s.”

“That’s true, but that’s not three things. It’s ‘reading material’ and ‘food’ “

“It’s not ‘food’ It’s an Auntie Anne’s pretzel. You never Tweet about eating anything else.

“I had breakfast at Wendy’s”

“Wendy’s isn’t open for breakfast.”

“They are in the west.”

“OK, so Wendy’s is your west coast Auntie Anne’s. You establish territorial ruts, but you’re the only person I know who regularly reads Discover but doesn’t have a subscription.”

“I like buying it before I travel. If I had a subscription, I’d read it at home.”

“You could set it aside for when you travel.”

“I don’t have that much self-discipline. I’d read it.”

“Willpower, my young friend. It’s what separates us from the rest of the animal kingdom.”

“I don’t think reading a magazine or buying a pretzel is on par with standing in a stream, eating salmon ‘til I’m ready to sleep for three months.”

“You never can tell.”

“Speaking of Salmon, it’s one of our specials today. Still want those wings?”

“Yes! BBQ sauce, please.”


    1. :) It’s isn’t that I drink Corona when I’m sick, but if I have recently been sick and want something lighter and less filling, I turn to it. The small craft breweries come up with some inventive names. I do like salmon, but you have to be careful around here, it’s not always good, so I’m cautious.

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  1. What a Saturday, Dan. Thanks for the “Beer.” I needed one this morning before I even finished my coffee. (Fortunate for me, I guess, that I don’t exactly like beer…) I seem to have established some ruts of my own. I used to like to order something different every time I went to a restaurant. Then egg allergies made a huge dent in that. So I order the same dish at the Chinese place. Then the brew pub has the one I order there… you get the picture. So here’s to territorial ruts and beer (or ale for me). Have a superb Saturday.

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    1. Thanks Teagan. I’m sorry you need a beer so early, but, it is Saturday, so I think those silly limits are on hold.

      I do have comfortable ruts, but I don’t think it’s a problem. I just like what I like. Enjoy your weekend. By the way, now I want Chinese :)

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    1. Thanks Norm. I do find it hard to break away from what I know will be a good thing. If I’m only going to have two beers, I want to know that I’m going to like them. Still, the bar does offer samples. Maybe I should try that route.

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  2. I had to laugh at “Naughty Nurse,” as we have a brewery in Door County that makes “Naughty Girl.” I wonder what would happen if I mixed the two together? Would the wines be confused as to which one is naughty?

    I can identify with your OCD, but not with beer and most foods…although I do tend to order the same thing at one or two restaurants only because the dish is so good. I think if you can stray from Yuengling once in a while, I can stray from the Schnitzel once in a while.

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    1. The tap handles for Naughty Nurse are collectors items, but the beer was pretty mild. The IPA is even one I could drink if my only other choice was Bud Light. I tend to stray a little when I travel. I like to sample some of the local beers, but I prefer lagers, so I don’t go too far off the path. Mmmmmm, Schnitzeeeeeelllllll – I’m hungry now.

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  3. I tend to order the same dishes when dining out. I’m in a food rut I know, but it’s a delicious one.

    After reading this, and looking at your images I’m starving! I’m going to have my usual cup-a-tea, toast fingers, and oatmeal. I may throw in some raisins to be unpredictable this morning! :)

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    1. See, this is why I don’t put food photos in the mix, Deborah, I schedule these posts for 6:04 am. People want beer, food, pretzels and I’m getting hungry! I am in a rut, for the same reasons. There’s a restaurant in Hartford that has great food. I’ve been going, once or twice a year, for over 30 years, but I always order Cioppino. They give you so much seafood, and the sauce is just the perfect amount of spicy. Now I’m really hungry. How’s that oatmeal working?

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      1. I did add raisins so it wasn’t as boring and bland as usual, but that Cioppino would have been better!

        I haven’t had Cioppino in ages! It would be good today b/c it’s cold and raining. RAINING! Lightly, but it’s a start.


  4. Good read over my Saturday morning coffee:) Habits can be good and comforting. I wouldn’t say they were OCD…unless you get in fits of anxiety when those things are not perfectly arranged or in a certain order. Then maybe… However, some OCD people are incredibly gifted and use that OCD to their advantage in certain settings, or so I think I have heard and have no proof of, lol.


  5. Hold on a sec … I saw a Dos Equis in one of your pictures. Where does that factor in?
    As for Corona … blech. Gotta get you a better Mexican beer for those days when you aren’t feeling well.


  6. Funny! The poor waitress at my “Cheryl’s” tries to figure out what I’ll order, but I switch it up just often enough that she can only come close. There are about five or six beers I prefer, now that the rotating tap is always stuff I don’t like. Even with $1 off draft on Thursdays, I have to buy a bottle of stuff I like better than anything on draft. Nothing wrong with sticking with something good. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.


  7. The whole post amused and delighted me today. :)
    I like when people are talked about and repeat, “I’m right here!” I enjoy patterns of behavior and this is not OCD, Dan. Just a pattern; which is like wearing a comfortable sweater or purchasing same kind of glasses. Fun times and in almost every restaurant, I listen to the Specials and I then proceed to order one of my three favorite dishes. Very few times do I ever vary my habits in eating.

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    1. I’m glad you enjoyed this, Robin. These are so challenging for me to write, but I keep coming back to the bar.because it’s so much fun. We’ve been picking on each other at work, lately about our OCD tendencies. Mine aren’t strong, but they make for some interesting comments.


  8. I think there’s a difference between OCD and just being comfortable in a certain routine. If it works, why change it? I tend to order the same foods when out, mostly because of my dietary restrictions, and I tend to do the same types of things at the same time each day – mostly because it’s just easier that way. Does that make me OCD? I don’t think so because on weekends the routine is different than the weekday routine.

    As for cute names of alcoholic beverages – I don’t drink beer, so I wouldn’t know about that. But my husband buys Kiss My Ass wine and loves it. The first time he came home with a bottle, I thought “WTF is that?”.

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    1. Thanks CM – I do think it’s more a matter of a comfortable routine and relying on decisions that have yielded good results on a consistent basis. I’m happy in my various ruts. Kiss My Ass wine? That is one interesting name :)


      1. It is. It has a picture of a young lady kissing a donkey on the nose. I tried it once, but it was too sweet for my tastes. I mostly like dry wines – well, except for Prejean Tiger Lily. That tastes just like pink grapefruit juice, and has become my go-to wine for that evening sip.

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  9. You’re right, it’s not OCD. Besides, it’s hard to trust unpredictable people.

    I agree, Corona is a good choice for light beer, and it’s a very good beer for eating, because it’s so light and refreshing.

    I tend to order the same things wherever I go. Always black pepper chicken at Pandaspress, always dumplings at Chinese, always volcano roll at sushi, always lobster ravioli at Carrabas…the local pizza place doesn’t even ask me once I give my phone number, they know. I do mix it up now and again at Los Rancheros though, but only between three dishes, and always with a bowl of queso and Mr. Pibb.
    There’s nothing wrong with knowin whatcha like!

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    1. Thanks. I agree, nothing wrong with knowing what you like. Those all sound like good choices, except I don’t like sushi. We have a new restaurant in town. It’s only been open about 2 months. A friend went there with 3 others. They got an order of lobster ravioli for the table, as an appetizer. It was cheese ravioli in a “lobster” sauce, but the was no actual lobster meat. I don’t see a bright future for that place.

      I haven’t had a Mr Pibb forever. I remember liking it though.

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  10. Ugh. Talking in the third person when that person is standing RIGHT NEXT TO YOU!! Corona Extra? Slide that down to my buddy, Pel I Can. I think I told you I was bringing him and his buddies with me today….we’re a little late to the party, though.

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  11. Dan, stay in your comfort zone (rut). It works for you! I’m a creature of habit & like it! Your Saturday SOCs are great. I don’t drink beer or eat BBQ chicken wings, or even go to a bar! But I enjoy the back & forth banter & fun in your posts! Have a great October weekend. 💛 Christine

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        1. Yeah. I do enjoy the SoCS prompts but it’s so hard to get the dialog right, right out of my head. I go back and read it and the transitions are too abrupt or it’s not clear who’s talking.

          On the posts that don’t involve much dialog, the freedom of not editing is refreshing.

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  12. I would agree with Christine above that dialogues are the best part of your posts. They are so fluid and funny at times. I want to try this format on my blog, but I would not try it until I feel I can do justice to it.


    1. Thanks Sharukh. If you go back to when I started this periodic series, you’ll find that I didn’t always do it justice. I still struggle with these, which is why I often abandon the Stream of consciousness attempt. My problem is I like writing both, and SoCS is by nature, on Saturday and I like to get to the bar on Saturdays as well.

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